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I became interested in photography sometime in 1967 when I was in my college library studying for an English course and found a stack of Modern Photography and Popular Photography magazines. I remember what I learned that night: I learned what a "reflex" camera was. I think I also read some Edward Albee. None of that was prep for the English class. I got a Konica P&S that year for Christmas, and the next stepped up to a Nikon Photomic Tn. I've been a Nikon user since and I still use the 50mm Nikkor H I got with the Photomic (gathering dust in a closet). Mostly I have shot travel pics, but with the advent of digital have gotten into processing. Would love to know more Photoshop, but LightRoom suffices for now. Grandchildren and motorcycle travel and blogging take my time now, as I am slowing down after almost 40 years of Anesthesiology practice in the New Orleans area, my home. A trip to is a daily excursion for me to learn and be inspired to try harder.

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Mardi Gras 2011 French Quarter New Orleans

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Devils Tower