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Single Photos

Infrared Images

Cracker's Pics


Full Moon Over Lake Minihaha

Lotus in Reflection

Quick Silver Drops

Lotus Blossom and Bud

Lotus Flame

Florida's Vietnam Memorial


Whitewater Falls

Two Feet at 200 Feet

Me at Watson Lake, Yukon Territory

Early to Work

Pilleated Woodpecker

Sunlight in the Cypress

Canna Lilly

Florida Hospital


Summer Skys

Autum Leaves

Colorful Parachute



Log Cabin


Dibrom Spray Calibration

Rain Frog

Canoe Camping

Sunny Hill Road

Hwy. 59

Bigmeadows Lodge Skyline Drive VA

Clay Country Road


Pik Dogwood

Trumpet Blossom




Skyline Parkway

Cracker House

State Capitol

Pitchers and Pinks

St Marks Lighthouse, Florida

St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

Cirrus Clouds Over the Gulf

Pines Reach the Sky

High Tide, High Contrails

Lighthouse in Infrared

Motel 6pm

Lone Pines

Red Road

Pine Creek Baptist Church

Pine Creek Cemetery

Farm View

Graves of Pine Creek Church

St. Marks National Wildlife Preserve

Dawn's Early Light

Florida Dragonfly. More information and dragonfly images:

Gardenia for the Month of May

Gardenia Bud

Southern Magnolia

Wildlife Refuge

The Sky is the Limit

IR Sky, Colorscape

Beck's Tulip


Okra Blossom

Pelican Perch

Romaine Montage: A Study in Still Life

Altocirrus Afternoon

FSU Stadium from the Capitol Building

East View from the Capitol Building: Appalachee Parkway below.

View from Appalachian Trail on Blue Mountain

Altocirrus Afternoon

My Cat Frisky in the Nightvision Mode

Georgia Peach

The Big Bang

Dock on the Bay

Ferns of Sunny Hill Road

Solarized Orchid in Solar Greenhouse

Maggie Valley NC

A Good Morning to Dive for Scallops

Clay Canopy Road with Dogwoods

View from Rocky Mountain NP Alpine Visitor Center, Colorado

Car Camping in Colorado

San Juan Panoramic

FSU Westcott Building in Morning Light


Wright Lake Road

Black and White East River Pool

Lake Talquin, Florida

St Marks River at Newport, Florida

Snapping Turtle

Florida Supreme Court Building


Sequence Photography Image 1

IR Mounds Pool 1_Panorama1

Florida Trail Hikers

Morning Salt Marsh

East Pool IR_Panorama1


PS Mounds Pool 1 Panorama1

Salt Marsh Panorama1

Mounds Pool 1 Panorama

IR Lighthouse St Marks

IR Lone Pine 5 Horses copy SQ

IR LP Horse Tele 2004 Sig