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Became interested in photograph at 11 when taking a "Graphic Arts" course in seventh grade. We built pen-hole cameras in that course and processed our own film in the darkroom. My first camera was bought around the same time, a Yashica "44" TLR. In college I bought a Pentax Spotmatic with a f1.4 50mm Pentax lens. Later I bought a 200mm "preset" Takamar lens. I never got giantly serious about photography, but was always taking pictures, but off and on and pretty casually. I owned film cameras, including a couple of 35mm PS camera and didn't get into digital until a couple of years ago, buying a Canon G7. I moved up to the G9 in 2008. With the new found freedom to process on the computer, I found myself taking several hundred images per month. In December of 2008 I rewarded myself with a Canon 5D MkII with the 24-105 f4L IS lens and the 70-200 f4L IS. I felt like I was back into medium-format, where I'd started decades before, with that first Yashica. I now enjoy running my images through an AppleTV onto a 1080p Sony Bravia HDTV. My wife and I go on an outing and I've got the pictures up on the screen the same evening.

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Low Bridge

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