Bob Linscombe



I have decided to move my images to the site Photostep. My albums are located at


As a result of a discussion on the Site Feedback forum, I have decided to remove my images from this web site. I'm not sure if I fall into the group of people that should "pony up" for a subscription simply because I use this web site, so to remove that doubt, I removed my pictures. needs to decide whether it is a subscription site or a site that accepts donations.. The people that upload photos and contribute to the site make, not the other way around. No one should feel bad for using a free service for free, and if doesn't want them to use it for free, they shouldn't let them.

My personal web site (yzero) is currently down, but it will be back up eventually, and my images will be placed there. Thanks to everyone that did give me feedback.


I'm a college student studying Computer Technology with Information Systems specialty. I have only recently gotten into photography, after discovering the decent macro capabilities of my digital camera.

My web site contains a more extensive collection of images, not all of which are as good (some are downright bad) as the ones here. But, I am interested in gathering photos for display as well as identification (hard), so sometimes I keep one even if it isn't the greatest.