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Leping Zha lives currently in San Mateo, California. His passion in photography is concentrated in grand landscapes and fine natural patterns, mainly with a Pentax 67 medium format equipmet system but also worked with Nikon 35mm, Fujifilm, Cambo, and Mamiya medium format, and Cambo, Ebony, and Toyo 4x5 cameras. Trained as a Ph.D. physicist and working currently as a medical imaging scientist in San Francisco Bay area, Leping Zha worked in black and white when he was in his home country China, and became serious in color landscape and nature photography since 1996, centering his field efforts in a few dedicated and well researched trips, plus many weekend outings every year. He devotes the rest of his time mainly scanning chromes to produce poster sized archival fine art prints on the Lightjet enlarger of Calypso Imaging, Santa Clara. Leping has learned from masters including David and Mark Muench, Charles Cramer, Bill Atkinson, John Shaw, and John and Barbra Gerlaches. Combining well balanced compositions, quality lights, and strong use of color with attentions to fine technical details, Leping's work has earned numerous regional, national, and international awards, including the 2000 Cemex International Photography Awards as well as Grant Prize of Earth Day 2000 Photo Competition "The Ultimate Image of Earth", displayed in local and national galleries and museums including the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C., and appeared on book and national magazine covers, as well as in books, calendars, and photographic magazines such as Nature's Best and Nature Photographer to which he is a field contributor. In August 2001 he was awarded the "Artist of Year" title in San Mateo County Fair. He also received two Founder's Awards, one for the best color print and one for the best slide, in PhotoClave 2001 in November. Leping Zha plans to update his photo.net presence soon, and his new images can be currently seen in his personal web site at www.lepingzha.com. Leping Zha can be contacted via E-mail at leping@att.net.

Country: US


Portfolio One: Autumn Symphony

Portfolio Two: Canyon Rhythms

Portfolio Three: West Impressions I

Portfolio Five: Plateau Lights I

Portfolio Four: West Impressions II

Portfolio Six: Southeast Dreams

Portfolio Seven: Huangshan Mountains I

Portfolio Eight: Huangshan Mountains II


Sugar Maple Forest

One Shy Young Maple

Fallen Leaves and a Fallen Birch Trunk

Fern and Maple in a Birch Forest

Maple Forest after Light Snow

Chapel Falls

Melting Snow on Fallen Leaves

Forest Floor

Red Jack Lake

Wagner Falls

Two Birch Trunks

Autumn Rhapsody

Bryce Canyon

Rhythm of Canyon Wall

Sandstone Melodies

Canyon Light

Canyon Wall Curves

Corkscrew Window

Teraweep Point at Sunset (Colorado River flowing out West End of Grand Canyon)

Maple at Entrance of a Side Canyon

Russian Thistle Bush over Horseshoe Bend of Colorado River

Paria River Drainage Sunset

Bush Grown out of Canyon Wall under Corkscrew Window

Mummy Window

Glowing Tufa Pinnacles at Sunrise

Garrapada Mist

Carotene Covered Monterey Cypress

Flowering Dogwood over Merced River

Sunset Cascade

McWay Cove Waterfall

Tufa Island at Sunrise

Upper Yosemite Falls

First Sunrise Stroke Mount Dana above Mono Lake

Eagle Creek, Downstream of Punchbowl Fall

North Fall (136 feet)

Half-Buried Driftwood

Millennium Sunset over Mono Lake

Ponytail Fall

Alabama Hills, with Mount Whitney (14,494 feet, the highest in 48 continental States) in Background

Spring, Lichen Covered Rock and Tree Trunk on a Coreopsis Dotted Meadow

Buttermilk Bend

Pinnacles Framed by Monterey Cypress

Half Dome Framed by Mistletoe Dotted Black Oak

Aspens along the Shore of Cushman Lake

Clouds Entering "East Sea" under the "18 Disciples of Buddha" (left) and "Prime Minister Watching Chess Game" (right) Formations

Desert Granite Shapes

Moon over Cook's Meadow

Sunrise over Huangshan Mountains

Balanced Rock in front of Jail House Rock

Rock, Bush, Cracked Soil, and the Factory Butt

Desert Sandstone Formations

Calf Creek Falls

Near Sunset, Sedimentary Layers

Sandstone Hut in Desert

Hickman Bridge

Coral Pink Sand Dunes at Sunrise

North Goblin Valley at near Sunset

Flowering Harriman Yucca against Desert Rock Cliff

Bushes and Animal Footprints on Pink Sand Dune at Sunrise

Utah Yucca on Cross Hatched Rocks

Lone Saguaro on a Hill Full of Mexican Gold Popies

Castke Rock above Oak Creek at Sunset

Brittlebush and Pipe Organ Cactus

Yei Bi Chei and Toten Pole behind Sand Dunes at Sunrise

Pipe Dreams

Stone Petroglyphs of Prehistoric Hohokam Indians (A.D. 300-1400)

Oak Creek Canyon

Hillside with Saguago and Mexican Gold Poppies

Goblin Valley near Sunset

Half-lit Saguaro Cactus

Sand Dune at Sunrise

E.T. Faced Desert Sandstone Mushroom

Lights and a Spiral

Surging Cloud Falls at Sunrise

The Buddha's Fingers

Sunrise Spectacle

Sunset Silhouette

The Finger Peak above the Cloud Sea

The Heaven's Capital Peak

Splashing Clouds into the East Sea Valley

Rocks and Clouds, West Sea Valley

Sunrise around the Peaks of Eighteen Buddhas

Huangshan Pine against Rocky Cliffs

Three Peaks out of the Cloud Sea

Cliff Layers and Lone Pines

A Study of Three Peaks

Peaks, Rock Formations, and Clouds

"Whale Head Emerging from Surf"

Morning Veil

Stills and Movements

Trees in Fog, No.1

Trees in Fog, No.2

Trees in Fog, No.3

Trees in Fog, No.4

Trees in Fog, No.5

The Silhouette of a Huangshan Pine