David Cuttler

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Single Photos

Reno Air Races 2002


Kolob & Bryce Canyon

Steam Trains from 1959

Bicycle Frame Building



A Big Guy

On the Flight Line

Flyby A nice mix of new and old

Flybay segment


Out for dinner

Oliver's Haircut

Kolob Canyon after a storm

Bryce Canyon While Snowing

View from Kolob Canyon & Passing Storm

Another view at Bryce Canyon

Fenced Pathway


Engine Oiler

Engine Siding

Steam Box


I didn't have a yellow filter for the lens when I took it, so I added some sky. It just goes to show that drinking and Photoshop don't mix. Maybe I'll stick to drinking and driving.

Freshly coated with clear

Frame with fork

Prior to clear coating

Side view of completed bicycle with home built frame

Bottom Bracket detail

Front dropout detail

Headtube detail

Rear Dropout detail

Seat tube detail

Front of bike

Seat lug detail

My son Noah holding both bikes on a ferry crossing.

Myself on the levee road - Delta Century

Adjustable support & gauge made from t-slot nut and short bolt with non-harding locktite

Checking complete triangle alignment prior to tack brazing

Aligning rear dropouts with string, aluminum plate, and clamps. Note the all thread & nuts to hold the rear deopouts.

This is how I set up the chain stays prior to brazing. The small C-clamp on the right was used to swing right and left to get the whole thing aligned. I measured the distance between the 2 strings and the seat tube to get it in line. I laid a piece of aluminum plate across the chainstays to act as a surface for my bubble protractor, and the bevel protractor when setting the included angle between the stays, and the seat tube.

This is a closeup of the t-slot nut with a short bolt and non-harding locktite The bolt is hand adjustable, and will not move on it's own. It makes the perfect gauge, and support. It ia also cheap.