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I live in Nova Scotia Canada and work for Microsoft. I have jus tgot into photography but I love it. I have spent about 5 years in the army prior to my new job...Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and view my work...my email is terrymccully@hotmail.com if your interested in prints. I can also be found on Better Photo.com by clicking “- Here -”


Color Photos

Black and White & Infrareds

Pinhole Photographs


a local lighthouse here in Pictou Nova Scotia

another of my favorite lighthouse

~ Zoey ~

2:45am 30 second shutter

A smile

Highways 101

Abstract of colors

The Ship Hector

The bell on board Bluenose 2


Devon 30 second shutter...

Not so "Itsy Bitsy"

Night Boats2

~Wierd Colors~


Friday the 13th/Oct 31


~Turn and run~

~ Having a BAD day ~

~A L O N E~


Pictou, Nova Scotia


Trenton, Nova Scotia, Canada...15 sec shutter speed, Sony F-707..Thank you all on your last comments!

~No Parking~

Pictou, Nova Scotia

~Alone 2~

~Wierd Colors~

~ A touch of Birch ~

~ Winter Light ~

~Cold Fire~



~Parks Falls~

Another of the old Griss Mill

~Miss MOFO~

~Miss Mofo 2~

Paul's Wedding


Morning Glow

Softly Dance

~Another Lighthouse~

Jumper # 1 GET READY !!!

~ Little Miss Mofo ~

Infrared Barn

Westville, Nova Scotia

Old Barn

~Little Mofo~


~Ship Hector's Bell~

IR of Hector's Bell

Infrared Bar

~Cloud Maker~


~~AHHH!!! Get it OFF!!!~~

~Water on the Move~


~Say Cheese~

~Things She Loves~

~10 hour Shutter~

~Lest we Forget!


~Liquor Store~


~Alexander Keith's~


~Labatt's Blue~


~Cold Fire2~

~Pinhole Dreams~

~Moon Rise~


~Holga Tuff~


~Beach Wedding~


Alan and Kelly 2003

~Haunted Hospital~

Craig & Alicia 2003




~In Flanders Fields~


~Summer lighthouse pinhole~

~ TIME ~

Three Sisters

Look up...

ME ! ! !

~ Rainy Day ~

~Plastic Barn~

~Scab !!!~

Angus and Thistles