Javed Shakoor

I am a professional accountant/financial manager who has been taking photographs for the past twenty years or so. Photography is purely a hobby for me, although I have sold a few of my photographs to local magazines, etc. I used Nikon manual focus equipment for a long time and had two F3HPs and one FM3a, with about a dozen MF nikkor lenses and various other attachments. Later I replaced the above cameras with a Nikon F6 and also bought a Nikon 5000ED scanner. Since a couple of years I have switched to digital after selling the F6 and the scanner, and now use a Nikon D700, which I bought very recently after selling the D200 I had been using for some time. I have a number of AF lenses but have also kept some of the very high quality manual lenses I have had for years. I do a lot of close-up work (flowers,etc) and landscapes. Have tried my hand at portraits but have not had much success so far.