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Sorry folks for not having my images posted in this site. I had to pull out all my images because of some unpleasant experience with the rating system and the way some abusers handled them. For me suggestions, critique or rating should reflect in a way to help members to hone their skill better and better. It has become common practice for some abusers to utilize the weakness of the rating system. is an awesome site that helped and helps many photographers grow vertical in their professional path.. Let it be career or just for enthusiasm. In that way, I've to admit I enhanced my skills with the contribution of this site and with the help of many Genuine members. I sincerely thank all of them for their support and encouragement. Though I don't have any of my postings still I'll contribute my part to help others like how others helped me. I usually pick the best of photos to rate and I judge the photos based on uniqueness, lighting, composition followed by techniques. So most of my ratings would be either 6 or 7. If I see some images don't deserve top rank but had a chance, then I won't rate. Rather I'll just leave a comment stating what went wrong how it could been made better. Another common practice what I've noticed is exchange of gifts.. Means for example when I write a comment It doesn't mean that other member owe's me something in return. I honestly rate and comment because I liked it. Not necessary I am expecting a 6 for 6 or 7 for 7. Since there's no predefined law on how to photograph a scene or a subject, whatever I share it can only be my view and thought and I do not expect them to be universal. Still for visitor who wish to glance thru my work can visit my personal website and can generously contribute you honest and valuable comments. Any comments are welcome. Thanks Sreehari Sundararajan free counters