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I am an amateur photographer who loves travel. I try to experiment with all types of photography, and have an ideal that one should be able to extract a good photograph out of any situation (easier said than done...). I wish I had more time to devote to this art; for now, I take, edit, organize and post pictures as I can... My knowledge of photography has grown in large part due to feedback read on this website; my thanks to all those who participate here!


Paris 2002


Nova Scotia 2002

Puerto Rico

New York, New York

Florida 2001


Adirondack Mountains, NY

Greece 2003

Australia 2003

California 2004

Canadian Rockies 2007

Hawai'i 2008



Dusk at Plantation Key

Capturing Eiffel

Paris at the turn of the century

Arc de Light

Urban Fallscape

Last Stop...


Mornings are usually not my favorite time...

Morning Reward

South View 01

Awaiting the Sun

Peggy's Puddle

Lightning Strikes Twice

You Can Judge A Book By Its Cover...


Sunday Best

Electric Pei, Detail

Eiffel's Innards

6th Avenue at Dusk

Fall Seascape

Fall at its Fullest

Peaceful Sunset in Vieques

New York shows its Mets colors!

All Five Boroughs, NYC July 2001


Christmas Tree

Winter in Central Park

Winter Swans / Central Park

e pluribus unum, Brooklyn style

Midtown Sunset

C Train Arrives at 59th Street/Columbus Circle



Eastern Newt - Notophthalmus viridescens

Joe McEwing lays down the bunt...


Leather Jacket


Trump's Tower (one of them, anyway!)

Flying above New York

Bamboos in El Yunque

New Stilletos

Heaven and Earth

"Vous pouvez embrasser maintenant la mariée!"

Le Cri (Rodin)


Sum of their parts?

Dusk at Plantation Key, Redux

"Give me your tired..."

Independence Day

Vader on the Prowl

Foggy Ducks

Blue Skies

Bride Awaits Groom

NYC Sunset

Dawn, Peggy's Cove

Happy July 2nd!


Rush Hour, Florida Keys

Moon IN Manhattan

July 4th 2003, New York City [2]

59th and 9th

Manhattan Aglow

Not Alone

Another Day Begins

Rushing Home

Rani I

Rani II

Oía at Dusk

Sunset at Poseidon's Temple, Sounion

White Wash

The Acropolis at Sunrise

Staircase in Pink

The Cross

Bars & Clubs

Uluru (Ayer's Rock) 1

Twelve Apostles in Fading Light

Twelve Apostles II

Loch Ard Gorge

Uluru (Ayer's Rock) Detail I

Pinnacles Sunset

Cape Leeuwin

Light in White

The Three Sisters, Sunset

Cubes in Fira

Decisions...starting a new life

Smile! You're on Camera!

In Search of Quixote

It's Curtains!

Twilight in God's Country

Australian Savannah

Not much farther...

Uluru Detail I

Dawn, Emerald Bay


You Lookin' at ME?


Lights, Camera, Action!

"A" Bay Sunset

Close Encounters of the Turtle Kind

Christmas Eve 2005, Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Mist - Filtered

Red Centre