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Born and raised near Harrisburg Pennsylvania (and still there) I got interesting in photography sometime about 16 years of age. I had been amateur painting and writing poetry since I was 12 and longed for another art outlet. My parents bought me a Pentax Super Program and Pentax 50mm lens for graduation. It was a really cool camera at the time. Eventually my interest waned and I got rid of the camera after years of neglect. I was in and out of money for a few years, so went photograph equipment-less for about 10 years. Eventually my brother got into it and peaked my interest again. I did some research and eventually bought a Nikon F100. I had more money then so purchased a few lenses, filters, tripods, ball-heads, etc. I was fascinated by rangefinder type cameras and added a Contax G2 and two Zeiss lenses. I was photographing anything and everything, especially macro subjects. I was studying everything I could about lighting, techniques, film and developing. But once again I slowed down and took only a few pictures for a few more years. Finally about 2005 I decided that digital technology had finally caught up to film technology and I needed to get back into in and go digital! The savings in film development alone would pay for the camera eventually. So I sold the Contax (oh that was painful!) and the Nikon F100 and purchased a Nikon D50, highly regarded at the time. I still had my old Nikon auto-focus lenses so that was a plus. I still use the D50 but have added two more lenses. I also own a Nikon D300s now. A fabulous camera. Once again I am thoroughly enjoying this hobby! I wish there were more outlets to publish work without so much competition! I see it is still one of the most expensive hobbies on the planet, even without the film costs, so I only slowly gather what I think I need. I wouldn't mind making some extra money off of this hobby but I am a very shy person and have a hard, if not impossible, time marketing myself. I continue to paint and draw as well, in my attic make-shift studio, as my other hobby and mostly prefer Abstract Expressionism as my outlet. Some of my artistic influences are Motherwell, Kline, Jasper Johns, Pollock, Klee, Kandisnsky, Van Gogh, Gauguin and William Turner. A visit to my house would reveal my hidden private gallery full of paintings sure to make you think! My wife actually agreed to let me hang my pieces up. Some day I may actually get a printer to print some decent photos for framing or selling. Right now the computer is my gallery. I mostly subscribe to the Moose Peterson style of wildlife photography, only with most of my photos on any subject. He doesn't photoshop his wildlife photos to be unrealistic. Photography is realism to me more than anything. While I do play with Photoshop and Capture NX2 I mostly try to bring to my photos what I saw or what emotions I felt. In many cases this means only increasing saturation, contrast, clarity and using a few filters. I want people to see what I saw in my mind. To me that is photography.

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