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Lord Mayor's Show 2000

ICU Rag London Raid - 20 March 2002

Single Photos

Lord Mayor's Show 2001


Jason McKee (RCSU President) on the wrong float...

Who are they???

Waiting to go...

Tom Medland in tights.

Tom and Chris getting into the mood of things.

Khilan - looking happy as ever!

Sarah with some other mugs.

Sarah in hysterics.

Rope Bo' up.

Richard, with the mess we left in Room 109. D'oh!

Another shot of the mess left in Room 109.

Rob Cooper spraying fire-retardant stuff on the float.

Rob and Mark struggling with Spanner Mk 3.

The ramp is heavy...

Pulling Bo' up on to the float.

Pulling the generator up (3)

Pulling the generator up (4)

Pulling the generator up (2)

Pulling the generator up (1)

Got that generator up there - at last!

Got Bo' up there!

Richard Tang using a hammer.

Peter using a hammer.

Richard demonstrating correct use of a tape measure.

Me being a psycho with the hammer.

Pulling Bo' up (4)

Pulling Bo' up (3)

Pulling Bo' up (2)

Pulling Bo' up (1)

Getting ready.

Pulling Bo' up (1)

Peter making some last minute adjustments.

Musicians rehearsing (Carina *not* hiding).

Musicians rehearsing (Carina hiding).

Our Marshall - chatting to the RCS Motor Club.

Our Marshall - looking worried by the camera.

Khilan proud to be a Roman.

The view down London Wall as participants get ready.

IC Juggling Soc convention.

IC Juggling Soc practicising their stuff.

Jez and Clem line up behind the Guilds float.

Getting Jez ready before we set off.

Jez forming up in the procession.

Hamish chatting to "Scully"

The Guilds / IC cohort, getting ready.

Side-shot of the float on the morning - while waiting for the procession to form.

The Guilds float (finally) ready the night before the show.

Night before the show: the float starts coming together...

An IC security guard keeping watch as we start putting the float together.

So, how are we going to get Bo' up that ramp?

The float taking form in front of the Science Museum.

View from the float, while forming in procession.

Carinval Queen and Princesses passing by.

Jez attracting attention

Clem, lined up behind the Guilds float

Army keeping watch on our drivers!

The day started off pretty quiet...

BRS drivers looking very worried.

View from the back of the float.

Neil trying out the Barney costume.

Next year, we'll have to find a better way of getting musicians on the float!

Getting the back of the float ready.

Edward Piggot - drenched.

Me - drenched out.

Oh dear!

At least we got the cash buckets to the Union office safely!

The toilet (no, seriously!) in Mansion House - official residence of the Lord Mayor of London

Dismantling the "body".


Going home (2)

Going home.

Younger participants leaving. (2)

Jez sets off home.

Younger participants leaving.

Worshipful Company of Mariners

Packing up the skyscrapers