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I was born in Southern California toward the tail end of the “Baby Boom Generation“. I have since seen or lived in much of this Nation, portions more of this continent, and a thin slice of Europe. Yet there is so much more I wish to see. --- I am a professional photographer. For livelihood though, I work for hire performing medical imaging X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. But I also shoot outside of hospital walls, primarily landscapes, seascapes and wildlife. There, in my personal works, I have in-fact won several awards, make odd bits here and there in sales of prints, and occasionally do some outdoor portraiture. I even shot weddings for a short while, but gave that up as a bad idea --- I began my endearment with photography in the early 1970's with a Kodak 126 Instamatic bought and paid for with income from my first part-time job. In high school I got my first taste of a 35mm SLR while on the annual staff, with a Minolta and a 50mm lens. My first SLR was an Olympus OM1-n, I purchased while in Germany. In the 1989 my Oly had given up on life, and Olympus seemed to be leaving the OM market, so I moved to Canon. I had a short flirt with Fuji when photography went digital, but returned to Canon with the 30D. Now, I am firmly entrenched in the Canon "prosumer" line and EF-s products. Beginning in 2013, I have expanded my way into the pro glass and full frame arena, with a 24-70 f/2.8L and a 6D. --- I am here to share my work, acquire opinion, guidance and increased knowledge from others. I will in turn share what I have learned as well and offer my opinions, so we may gain each other‘s wisdom. I do not shy from constructive criticism, so have no fear in your attempts to enlighten me. My skin is thick and I have an open mind, but I may not always agree. --- More of my personal work can be seen at www.DLAndersonPhotography.com

Country: US


Single Photos

California Coastal

California-Nevada Alpine




Disneyland Resort 2010

B & W / Sepia

Photos That Have Won Prizes or Prints Have Sold

2 : 1 'Scapes

3 : 1 'Scapes

Super Panoramas

Studio Stills

Colors of the Carnival

Why So Negative

California Central Valley

When The Majestic Fall


iPhone Photos


Digital Alterations


Study In Yellow

The Reader 001

White Oleander 001

Driftwood 002

Lake Tahoe 001

PA Wave 004

Tahoe Breakfast

Storm on the Reef (Color)

Wysteria 002

Glass Beach Panorama (photomerge)

Calm Before the Storm 01

Summer Sunset 001 (name change)


Driftwood & Sea Rocks 001

Driftwood 004

Oak & Sunrise (best viewed large)

Naked Blush

Cliff 004

Blustery Bluff

Silver Lake 001

First Snow 001

Thunder Mountain from Silver Lake 2009 - Four Image Photomerge

Kirkwood Meadows Fall 2009 - Better Large

Feeding Squirrel 001

Silver Lake 001 - Please View Large

Silver Lake 003 - View Large

The Barbara J

Manchester Dunes

Lichen 001

Emerald Bay Sunset 003 - View Large

PA Wave 003

PA Wave 005 - Best Large

Storm on the Reef 6x17 in BW - View Large

Storm on the Reef 6x17 - View Large Please

Sunset 010

Sunset 007

Happy Holidays 2009

Storm Waves on a Lilac Sea - Best Large

Sharp 001 - View Large

? Finch ?

King of the Hill

Best Buds 001

Watching Me, Watching You

Who Am I?

Pelicans Four

Storm Waves on a Lilac Sea 02 - View Large

The Rock 001 - Best Large

Crash - Large Please

Pacific Apparition (Even Better Large)


Wave 009-Desaturated-View Large

Green Fresnel & Lamp

In Memorial

1st Order Fresnel


Rogue 02 - Best Viewed Large

Reclaimation: The act of nature taking back from man

California Poppy

Wild California Poppy

Hibiscus 003

Hibiscus 004

Hitchin' A Ride

Grande Lampe

End O' The Line

That Ol' Spring Break Fun

Disneyland RR 01 (Best Large)

Misty Cool

Baloon Vendor

Spring Is In The Air!

Reclaimation 02

Erosion 004

Poppies & Rails

The DRR Number 4

2010 FFA 001 - Sac County Fair

2010 FFA 002 - Sac County Fair

Navarro Cove 03 (@ Best Large)

Navarro Head 04

Consumption (Better Large)

Posturing 01

The Watch 01

The Watchers 00

Slice of Life - View Large

New From Old 001 - Better Large

Wood Cliff 003 - Better Large

Pine Row 01

Dr Pierce's Medical Discovery

A Seal Break 001

Fruit and the Vine

The Horticultural Circle of Life - View Large

A Seal Break 002

Purple & Post

Violet Foxglove 001

Ripening Napa Valley Grapes

Ripening Napa Valley Grapes

Redwood & Ferns

Into The Light

If a Tree Falls in the Forest...

Share? - Please View Large

The Stare - View Large Please

Age - No Option

Watching Me, Watching You 02

Navarro Head 05 b&w - 1200px

Gull's Gaze 004 b&w - Best Large

Paddle-Wheeler to Emerald Bay

Strawberries 001

Kirkwood Valley 01

Fort Ross Chapel 01

Giraffe In Your Face

Orangutan Mother 01

In Her Sights - Best Large

Sleepy Head

Snack Time - Coquerel's Sifaka - Best Large

Commin' Home

Wave Progression

Calm Before the Storm in B/W

Carson River Gold

Carson River Gold 004

Fall Aspen

Carson River BW

Erosion 010

Life & Death 010

An Entish Oak

Into The Light 005

North Fork American River 001

Oaken Tree 1 of 3

Framed 0010 - View Large

Pinecone 001

Early Rain on the North Fork

A Dashboard Vacation

Lick It Up

Red Lion 010 - Better Viewed Large

Red Lion 004

Red Lion 002

Red Lion 005

Red Lion 001

Red Lion 003

Hula 010

Sunrise 20110213a

Sunrise 20110213d

Sunset 20110213b (Click Image - View Large)

Rainbow Wave (Click on Image to View Large)

Light Station Sunrise 20110213e

Light-Station @ Sunrise 20110213g

Light Station Point Arena

Cliff-Face A'Flower (View Large)

Zamoobafou 01

Coquerel's Sifaka 02

Zamoobafou 03

Zamoobafou 04

Zamoobafou 05

Zaboomafu 06

Kiddie Tractor Pull

Really, It's a Bee

Just Pop Three...

Fair Fare 02

Say Chauncy...

Just So...

Downright Disturbing

Faire Fare 001

Greeeen 01

Feeder Goldfish, The Hard Way

Bust One 001

Bull Ride 01

KMA 004

KMA 003

Faire Food 003

The Burning Canyon 01

Feeder Goldfish, The Hard Way 02

Oaken Tree 1 of 3 Reversal

Benches 006

Time-Tunnel 005


Midway Color 022

Midway Color 023


Wildflowers 006 (Best Viewed Large)

Wildflowers 008

A Lovely Place to Rest

Purple & Tower - Best Large

187 to 1

Beach Foam 001 - 1200px

Beach&Dwood 014

Beach&Dwood 015

Beach&Dwood 016

Beach&Gulls 001

Driftwood 021

Driftwood 023

Mendocino 003

Pt Cabrillo LightHouse 001

Foam and Sand - Best Large

Sea&weed 004 BW

Seaside Beach 002

Slot Cove 003

Sunrise 20110213g - Best Large

Keep Out 002

Keep Out 003

Vineyard 007

Bull Kelp 002 HDR - @ Best Large

Slot Cove 002 @ Best Large

Vineyard 007 HDR @ Best Large

Manchester Beach 016 HDR @ Best Large

Deer Creek 001 @ Best Large

Deer Creek 002

5 Strand Fence 002

Deer Creek Dawn 007 (View Large)

Deer Creek Dawn 010

Oaken Stand 001a

Tuscanoid 002 (Best Viewed Large)

Stately Oak 002

Deer Creek Dawn 011

Deer Creek Dawn 007 HDR

Stately Oak 002 BW

Winter Oaks 002

The Fallen 006 BW (View Large)

The Fallen 007 BW

North Fork American River 01 BW (Best Viewed Large)

Oak Woodland Sunset Panorama 001 - Best Viewed Large

The Fallen 008 - Best Viewed Large

December Morn 01 - Best Large

The Fallen 003 - Best Viewed Large

The Fallen 003a2 BW

The Fallen 006

The Fallen 008 BW

Incognito 000

Incognito 001

Get_Ere_Done 001

Curious 001

Deer Creek 004 (@ Best Viewed Large)

Daffodil 002

Plum Blossoms 004

Plum 010 (@ Best Large)

Orchid 001

Faux Maw

Orchid 008

Daffodil Three 001

Drenched 001

Free Form 0002

Legacy 001

Brook 001

A Ranch Lays Sleeping (Best Viewed Large)

Sparrow in the Bokeh

Aphids 002

Fold of a Rose

Beach&Gulls 003


Iron Curtain 01

Olde Ludwigsburg-1982-001a


The Watchers 02

Belle 004

Meat on a Stick (BBQ Turkey Drumsticks)

It's Good to be The King

White-Tailed Kite - click picture to enlarge

White-Tailed Kite 02

Spooked - Click Image to Enlarge

Turkey Hen 008

Captured Logistics

It Is Good To Be The King (ver. 2)

Red-Tail Hawk On Point

Man's Historic Quest For Power 001

Red-Tail Fledgling in Flight (Better Large)

Flamingo 010 - PNet

Flamingo 012

Flamingo 013 - PNet

The Steal 000 - PNet

The Steal 001 - PNet

The Steal 002 - PNet

The Steal 003 - PNet

The Steal 004 - PNet

The Steal 005 - PNet

The Steal 006 - PNet

The Steal 007 - PNet

The Steal 008 - PNet

The Steal 009 - PNet

The Steal 010 - PNet

Morning at the Salon

All That I Can See, 'Tis Mine (At Best Large)

All That I Can See, 'Tis Mine (At Best Large) Vr. 2

Black Phoebe_8609


Orangutan 007a



Black Phoebe_8606

Orangutan 008

Crane 8908

Sandhill Crane NR

A Sheldon Sunrise

Under Siege

Simple Pleasures

Receding 9346

Tonight We Dine

Under the Blanket

The Fog Rolls In



Wood - Wrecked & Weathered (Even better viewed large)

The Point Reyes 0850 (Even Better Large)

The Point Reyes 0630

The Ship's Aground Little Buddy

Happy Accident?

Decaying Barriers

I Command All That I See

Wave 9589 (At best viewed large)

Alone (At best viewed large)

Flaps Down... Now Level Out

Terrapin Backwater 0931a




Summer Bloom

From Whence It Came

Fort Ross Chapel

Morning Beside The Tidal Navarro

Lady Zoom

"Overgrown" - Best Appreciated When Viewed Large

Overgrown 3 - Click for Large Viewing

Bucolic Memory

Helmsman! Hard to Port!

Lady Zoom - At Rest

Paint Me, Like One Of Your French Models.

Calm Waters and Low Tide

Antiquated Woode Shoppe

Gone with the Grapes 020

Colors of Fall 1273

In The Shadow of the Burning Ridges

Go-na Fly Now

Lady Zoom in Dinner Light

Lady Zoom in Defense Mode

Zoom Zoom - In Reverse

Lord Zoom - Princely Dressed

The american coot (Fulica americana) 0540

Northern Pintail (Anas acuta)_0515

northern shoveler (Anas clypeata)_0402

My Only Friend - THE END (@ Best Large)

Momma's Pet

A Long Time Ago; In A Land, Far, Far Away

LIFE is a highway

A Kiss Upon The Mouth Of The Navarro

The Point Reyes 0693 (Ever Better Large)

Beauty - In the Little Things

Resigned From the Road

Sunset on the Oxbow (Best Appreciated Large)


The Maw of the Leopard Dragon

Reflecting On Spring

Reflecting On The Thaw (Best Viewed Large)

Ladies - The Entertainment Has Arrived

Mr Goldfinch Feeding

Mr Goldfinch

Over Here Pretty Ladies


Royal Bloom

Wrecked and Forsaken

Vibrant Dereliction

Big Bogus Moon

Pulpit of the Woods

"Sunset Kissed" (Click to Enlarge)

Sea Cruise (Click Image to Enlarge)

Endless (Click to Enlarge)

"LIFT" (Click Image To Enlarge)

Sunset Primeval (Click Image to Enlarge)

Turn The Page (Click Image to Enlarge)

Standing Tall

Here's Looking at You


The Close-Up

End of the Road

Simple Pleasures IV

Here Comes the Sun

Vapors II

Waves and Flames

Cloudless Sunrise CCXII

May I Interrupt Ladies (Better Large)

Electric Dream (View Large)

Summer's Gone

The Party's Over

OLDE 001

American Kestrel 006

Death On Wings (View Large)

Fire Sky

The Morning After

Barrel O'Life (View Large)


Cousin Abelii


Who is Watching Whom

Morning Preen

Cotton-Candy Sunrise

Race the Brume (At best, viewed Large)

A Damp Retreat (View Large)

Old Iron & New Life

High Brew

2Tone Pastoral

New Day Breaking

Visiting Xanadu

The Family Stump

Smoke on the Water

Through the Reflecting Pool

Aspen Study no.003

The Old Snag Resurfaces

A Rocky Perspective (View Large)

3 Old Stumps BW - better large

A Rocky Perspective BW - better large

A Misty Sunrise 0420

Daybreak at the Watering Hole

Deer Creek Sunrise 025

Ta'ta Haunting the Navarro

The Adventure Begins