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Hi There It is now about 5 years since I picked a camera for the first time, and my passion and interest for photography continues to increase with each passing day. My initial interest in photography come from the inspirational landscapes that my Son in law produced. I was completely spellbound by the beauty of his works,and still am to this day Although I know he won't want to be named, I have him to thank for creating that initial spark of interest and suffice to say that since then, he has helped me enormously in my quest to produce landscape photographs worthy of his recognition. Landcsapes were my first love and continue to be my favoured genre, although I do love street photography too, and whilst I don't have the time to diverify too often, I can appreciate the brilliant works of others on this site has also played a great part in developing my skills with sound practical advice from a multitude of talented photographers. It also showcases the most awe inspiring photographs and gives an incredible insight to otherwise unseen worlds and environments. The depth of knowledge and seemingly limitless pool of information available here is a constant source of revelation and inspiration Sincere thanks to all visitors to my portfolio, I hope you will find something of interest and enjoyment Best Regards Alf

Country: UK


Single Photos
Antony Gormley "Iron Men"
Architecture & Buildings
All Creatures Great & Small


Lifting Mist
Perch Rock, Lighthouse
Xmas Robin
Flower or Thistle
Eyes Down Look In
A Cold Night
Muddy Moods
After The Rain
Hold tight
In A Whirl
Electric Blue
The Old Lifeboat House
Scared bird
Fungi in My Lawn
I Remember
Hadlow Road 2
Soft Spikes
Fishing Therapy
Catching Flies
I See No Ships
Headlight 2
Are we Human ?
All At Sea
Sinking Sand
Lost At Sea
Moonlight Shadow
Salthouse Dock
Night Shift
Pier Head 2
Pier Head (Toned Version)
1 Fell Over
Growing Wild
The Palm House
Hardknot Pass
Talacre Lights
Missed Mist
Paint Pallette
Ribblehead Viaduct
Bala Night Lights
Llandwynn Dusk
Divine Light
Near & Far
The Path To The Church in The Sea
Church Bay Twilight
At Rest
The Church At Marbury Mere
The Other Photographer
Hades Landing
Christmas Eve At River Cottage
The Boat House
The Chapter Room
Tough At The Top
Melting Point
Pretty Wrecked
Sticks 'n' Stones
A Millers Tale
Mystery of the sunken forest
Cross Street in Soapy Village
Old Red & The Lighthouse
Time To Reflect
DARK AGE (B & W Version)
Annie At Rest
Waiting For Summer Mk 2
Stretton Water Mill
Alone On A Hill?
The Fishermans Secret
Old Colwyn Pier (The other side)
Angel Fish Sunset
The Blue One
Sean The Sheep
Goodnight Talacre
Docklands & Derricks
To The Moon and Back
Bending Light
Bending Light (Portrait Version)
Stoney Broke in Whitby
DAD! Is it my turn yet Dad!!
Windemere Waiting
There and back again
Just out of the blue
Evening Dippers
Moss Valley Bridge
The lady Chapel
Vera & Marina
Perch Rock Pools
Big Storm At Black Rock
Misty Eye
Highland Red Deer (view LARGE)
Spirit Of The Forest (view LARGE)
Guardian of The Glen ( view LARGE)
Fringe of Dawn
Prince of The Mist
Loch Sheil Longing
Waiting For The Hangman
Yule Log Robin
Ice Cold In Bala
Pure as the Driven Snow
Ice Ripples
Red Riverside-Rambler
Silent Prayer
The Mane Attraction
Dreams of Tranquility
Buttermere Pines
No Mans Island
Royal Tribute
HIgh Land Dew
Pain in The Groyne
Dark Remnant
Holding Back The Storm
Ups 'n' Downs
A Well Earned Rest (Click to View Larger)
My bit of heaven
Council Of The Dwarves
Harvest Storm
All About a Boy
Gradual Silence
Veils of Derwent (View Large)
Tiny Islands
Pontcysyllte Cottages
Catching The Early Flight
Black Rock Dawn
Black Rock Dusk
Caberfeidh B & W
The Bwcle
There & Then
Come-On-Eileen (B & W)
Come on Eileen (Colour)
Beyond The Hidden Glen
Broken Dream
Warming Up
The Cold Light of Dawn
Frosty Friends
Little me and the big BIG tree
AVENUE (View Large)
BETWEEN (view large)
The Way Home
Past Times (View Large)
Hide & Seek
The Lighthouse, The Thief and The Hairy Accomplice
Blue Bells Blur Bells
Blur Bells
Some Seed Fell on Stoney Ground
Loch Lomond Trip
Last Breath of Winter
Le Truck
Soft Rock
SG Blues
Split Ends
Rock of Ages
Time & Tide
Puff Daddy ( View Large )
Meadow Orphan Colour ( View Large )
Meadow Orphan Tint ( View Large )
Morning Rush (View Large)
Through The Looking Glass (View large)
Sunday Rest (View Large)
Shadow Of The Crow
Deep Thoughts & Shallow Margins
Sunday Rest B & W
Out There
Of Dragons & Dungeons
Heart of Stone ( View Large )
The Waking Of The Rock Lord
Battle Weary
The Bane of Bogle Wood
The Morning Post (Larger View Available)
Perch Rock (Larger view available)
Lindasfarne (Larger view available)
Bright Ideas (Larger View Available)
Lunch With Friends (Larger View Available)
HIGHLANDER (Larger View Available)
Lonely Planet (Larger View Available)
Cold Fingers (Larger View Available)
Ice Queens (Larger View Available)
Moon Lightin
Dinas Dawn (Larger View Available)
Later that Day (Larger View Available)
Listen To Reason
Mystix (Larger view available)
The Faintest of Echo's (Larger View Available)
Lost (Can be viewed Larger)
Falling Out (Click to enlarge)
Snow Ponies (larger view available)
Island Pony. (larger view available)
The Great Escape (larger view available)
Awakening (Larger View Available)
Sleepy Town
Virtual (Larger View Available)
Vanishing Act (Larger View Available)
Vague Recollections (Larger View Available)
Speed King (View Larger Option)
Nibbler on the roof (Large View Option)
HIghlander (Large View Option)
Home of The Troll (Larger View Option)
Libbas London (Click for larger view)
A Summer Place (Click to view larger)
Silent Passage (Click for larger view)
Bedtime Story (Click for larger view)
Retreat (Click for larger view)
Ways of Old (View Large)
To Pastures New (View Large)
Tiny Bouquet
Needle soft
Counting Crows (Click for larger view)
Stoney Silence (Click to view larger) )
A Cool Reception (Click for Larger view)
Summer in The City (Click for larger view)
Gods Country (Click for Larger view)
Down to Earth (Click for larger view)
Skyfall (click for larger view)
First Light (View Large)
Sun of a Beach (View Larger)
Chase for Grace
Interlude (Click for larger view)
Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed ( view larger)
Visions of Home (Click for larger view)
The Dead Zone (Click for larger view)
Resident Evil (Click for larger view ....if you dare)
The House that Jack Built (Click for larger view)
Hush (Click for larger view)
Take a Bough ( Click for larger view)
DRIZZLE (Click for Larger View)
Thirsty Work
Mr Crabtree goes fishing (Click for larger view)
Lonely as a cloud (click for larger view)
Hidden Depths (Click for larger view)
Wuthering Heights
Mary Bateman's Tree (click for larger view)
Pirates of the Irish Sea (Click for larger view)
Dead Mans Chest (Click for Larger View)
Childs Play
LEGEND (click for larger view)
The Horse Whisperer ( Click for Larger View)
Vogue B & W (Click for larger view)
Mouth Watering Duck (Click for larger view)
"Bobbin Along" (Click for larger view)
Cold Comfort (Click for larger View)
Alternative View (Click for larger view)
Melt Down (Click for larger view)
Stumble (Click for larger view)
Marsh Mellow (Click for larger view)
Picture This
Light comes creeping
Letting-off-Steam-FS (Click for Larger View)
A Moment of calm (Click to view larger)
Connected (Click to view Larger)
Sea Bed
X Files (Click for larger view)
Harvested (Click for larger view)
Mary's Golden Shell (Click for larger view)
Soft Shoe Shuffle (Click for larger view)
Last Sanctuary (Click for Larger View)
Highland Flow (Click for larger view)
Laid Back Loch (Click for larger View)
The Gathering ( Click for larger view)
Brothers-in-Arms (Click for larger view)
CHILLED (click for larger view)
Beyond The Fringe (Click for larger view)
Mono Monday Morning (Click for larger view)
Dancing on Icebergs (Click for larger view)
The-Mirror-Cracked (Click for larger view)
5 Bar (click for larger view)
Murky-Morning-at-Mill-Wood (Click for larger view)
Bleak-House (Click for larger view)
Grim Reality (Click for larger view)
All That Jazz (Click for larger view)
Get back Zak (Click for larger view)
Alfie (click for larger view)
Windscape (click for larger view)
Backward Glance (Click for larger view)
Audience (Click for larger view)
Time & Tide (Click for larger view)
Dark Cloud at Black Rock (Click for larger view)
Moon Bathing (Click for larger view)
Descent (Click for larger view)
Barmouth Lights (Click for larger view)
Follow (Click for larger view)
Pirates of Parkgate (Click for larger view)
Sweetness-&-Light- (Click for larger view)
Forest Fables (Click for larger view)
Dream Boats (Click for larger View)
Perch Rocks
Eileen-Donan-Castle (Click for Larger view)
Pony Perms (Click for Larger View)
Exposed! (Click for Larger View)
Turned to Stone (Click for larger view)
Jog - on
Last Legs (Click for Larger View)
Fairy Pools (Click for Larger View)
Orchestral Manoeuvres
Church Bay Sunset (Click for larger view)
Houdoor (View Large)
The Darling Buds of July (Click for larger view)
2-Squared (Click for larger view)
Reaching-Out (Click for larger view)
Long Forgotten_(Click for larger view)
Plain-Sailing_ (click for larger view)
Ghost (Click for larger view)
Waiting-to-take-you-away (Click for a larger view)
Footbridge (Click for larger view)
All-Along-The-Watch-Tower- ( Click for larger view)
Dunstanburgh-Dawn_(Click for larger view)
Sunburst_ (Click for larger View)
Battle-Break (click for larger view)
Wiggy ( click for larger view)
Inside-Job (Click for larger view)
The Blue Lake and Visitors (Click for a larger view)
Wheels-of-Industry_(click for larger view)
Fallen (Click for larger view)
Walk-on_(Click for larger view)
Forever-Winter_ (Click for larger view)
Highland-Rush_(Click for larger view)
Mr-Majestic (Click for Larger view)
Stag-Ridge- (Click for larger view)
Mr-Majestic 2 (Click for larger View)
River-Cottage_ (Click for larger view)
Enchanted-Circle_ (Click for larger view)
This-Beautiful-Wreckage_(click for larger view)
Silent Witness
Scaleber Force