Brian Kim [dried_squid]

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E100G April 2009 Relaxed

(PKR, KM) April 2009

Older Kodachromes, ASA 25, KM

Nov 2008 - Jan 2009


Ala Moana [1] canoe

Ala Moana [2] canoe

Ala Moana [3] canoe

Sky and water

finishing the roll

Walking east [1]

Walking east [3]

Walking east [2]

KM 25 for old times sake [3]

KM 25 for old times sake [1]

Ala Moana [4] beach

Ala Moana [5] lagoon

KM 25 for old times sake [2]

im02002 cacti 2

im02001 cacti 1

im06104 magnum



im03003 arthuriums

mx0107 kitchen counter

pk0111 Diamond Head, inside the crater back at the parking area 35mm f/2,... Taken Sep 08

pk0117 Diamond Head, inside the crater, Rainbow shower

pk0231 Residential area

pk0334 Diamond Head, at the top, inside the crater with the steps

pk0416 Hibiscus orange

pk0521 roadside memorial - Old Pali Rd

pk0533 residence - Makiki

pk0536 canoe - Ala Wai Canal