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Sunrises and Sunsets

Boston - Assorted

Travel - Assorted

Boston - Swan Pond

Travel - Beaches

Old Saybrook

July 4th - Boston Harborfest


Spain - Barcelona

Loire valley France


Single Photos


Sunrise over Southwest Harbor

Sunset in Oahu

Sunrise at Waikiki

Moonrise over Backbay

Footbridge in Public Garden

Hancock Tower I

Hancock Tower II

Hancock Tower II

Beach in Provincetown

Bermuda - Architecture

Geese Parade

Duckling Family

Flapping Swan

Megan Beach

Beach on Turks & Caicos

Boston Harbor

Provincetown Lighthouse

Provincetown Lighthouse

Log in the dunes

Gull taking off

Old weathered post in the sand

Sunset on the breaker

First Guard

Sunset Parade

Sunset Parade



First Guard

Boats at Provincetown Public Pier

Sunrise over Boston Harbor - 4

Sunrise over Boston Harbor - 16

Musican in Barri Gothic (Barcelona)

Casa Mila - Warrior chimenys

Sagrada Familia at night

Sagrada Familia during day

Sunrise over the harbor.

Moonrise at sunset panoramic

Double Carribean Rainbow

Double Rainbow St. Thomas

Full Moon, Clouds and Hancock Tower

Sunrise at Daytona Beach with Seagull

Sunrise at Daytona Beach

Snowy footbridge

Pelican in Flight

Eerie full moon over Daytona Beach

Stunning sunrise at Daytona Beach

Watching sunrise at Daytona Beach

Fantastic Sunrise over Boston Harbor

Sunrise at Barcelona

Sunset at Waikiki Beach

Sunrise over harbor

Sunset over Hudson

Sunset over Hudson - lanterns

Sunset over Hudson - Statue of Liberty



Chenoceau front

Chambord Inside

Chambord front

Chambord Roof

Boston Skyline at Sunset

New Toy/Old Toy

Old Saybrook Sunset

Old Saybrook Sunset

Old Saybrook Sunset

Sunset Old Saybrook

Sunset Meditation