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I became an amatuer photographer at 17 and continued pursuing this hobby avidly until about age 30. Getting married and raising a family diverted my attention for the last 20+ years. But in late 2001 I returned to my long-neglected hobby.

As part of that return, I've discovered and started to collect and use rangefinder 35mm cameras from the Former Soviet Union. Staying ideologically consistant, my SLRs include a number of East German Prakticas. In late 2002, I bought a Canon A-40 digital camera (2MP), which I'm realy enjoying. I now find that by far, I shoot most of my photos with the digital camera.

I am a self-taught photographer, but in July 2003, I took a fantastic workshop with Karen Schulman. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who would like to move their photography to another level.


Single Photos


Photos from the '70s



Early Morning Starbucks

Mausoleum Door Anatomy

Tombstone and Ivy Study No. 3

Hydrant, Red Curb

Garden Shed Detail

Early Morning Harbor Queen

Sunday Morning Coffee at City Dock

Sunday Morning Crabbing at City Dock

Miss Anne 2 Head On

Miss Anne 2 Anchor Hole

Miss Anne 2 Tied Up at City Dock

Cigarette Study No. 1

Perfect Red Coil

Perfect Blue Coil

Maryland Flag on Boat's Pulpit

Taxi to the Dhingy Landing

Dhingy Landing Dawn Glow

Stanley Norman Bow Reflection

City Dock Outfitters

City Dock Outfitters - Naval Academy Souvenirs

Yin Yankee Cafe

Yacht Club Dock-Corner Garden

Eastport Drawbridge

Racing Sailboats at Yacht Club Annex

Stacked Boats Reflections

Stadium Ramp

USNA Stadium Seats and Stairs

Row 17 Shadow Study

Shadow Study No. 9

Dockside Ducks

Yacht Club Annex at Sunset

Little Girl Drinks at Fountain, Rome

Chair in Rain, Jardin Tuilleries, Paris

Other Side of E. 83rd Street

Bump Tile with Leaf

Dentonian Standing Wave Pattern

Dockside Ampersand

Stack 'O Boats

Dockside Reflections 1

Abstract Taylorcraft

Citabria Tail Sunburst

12-Step Window

Grave Ledger with Rose

Cable Reel

Cousin Karen's Deck

Ready on the Right!...

Barrels of Light

Man on Bench 1

Man on Bench 2

Dog on Shoulder

Montmatre Steps

Autumn Leaf on Shrub


Customer Parking

Maryland My Maryland - part of mural depicting Maryland flag near U of Md

Neon Rain

Neon Green Coffee

Manhole Ripples

Subtle Chaos

Leaves and Bench

Contemplative Nephew

Ginko Leaves in Fountain

Front Porch Wind Chimes

Diner Reflection

Bangkok Delight Umbrellas

Face-Painting Par Excellence!

36 Dreydles


Eastport Freeze

Wintering Over in Annapolis

Office Building Late Afternoon - Baltimore

Pink Neon Time

Grate Expectations No. 9

End of the Line


Hacienda Rota, Numero 9

Jar in Window

Duck on Bulkhead

Dragon Boats

Grate Expectations No. 9

Rivers of Color

Concentric Convergence

Girl, Bike, Spanish Steps

Double-T Dusk

Mass Transit