Tony Di Zinno

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From Air Jordan to the Dalai Lama, global photographer Di Zinno's assignments cover six continents in over 58 countries world wide. Easily at home on Hollywood's studio back lots and on the foothills of the Himalaya, this self proclaimed 'photo-sherpa' has made his bones on propaganda by producing iconic images for Nike, Adidas and The North Face among others. Now as a faculty member at the Art Center College of Design, near Los Angeles, CA (his alma mater, PHO 89), Tony teaches various hybrid classes multi-discipline in nature. One example, a prototype class based on working with non-profit foundations was inspired by the U.N.'s millenium development goals. As a result of the works Di Zinno and his co-instructors for the class were invited to attend the United Nations 5th annual NGO conference where the best of the students works with non-profit groups were shown. Recently, Tony was invited on the board of Mountain to Mountain, a non-profit foundation working on projects in Central Asia, (Pakistan and Afghanistan). Previously, he had worked with M2M currating for a traveling photo exhibit called the 'Views of the HImalaya' benefiting a village in Nepal. The following project took Tony to Kabul for the upcoming "Views of Afghanistan" exhibit to benefit the AINA* photo photo agency. * AINA: (the 'mirror' in Farsi) was founded by Iranian born photographer Reza, a 30 year veteran of National Geographic. The focus is on the education of young journalists in Kabul (video, radio and photo) with an emphasis on young women in the roles previously prohibited by Taliban extremists.


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