Don Boyd

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I'm a 69 year old retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant. Spent 31 years in the Air Force traveling the world. Bought Canonflex RM equipment in the military exchange in Japan in 1962. Carried them around the world (Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Ethiopia, Thailand and Vietnam). Wore them out in time to buy a new F-1n and nFD 100mm f/4 Macro. Continued around the world (India, Australia, Malaysia , Thailand (again), Vietnam (again), England, Germany and the rest of Europe). Made many thousand slides. I'm in process of screening and scanning them at present. Have a photo gallery on Flickr. Currently have F-1n, EF, AT-1 and T-70 bodies. Have FD lenses from 24 to 200mm. Love to take photographs.