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I'm 21 years old, male, pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology at the University of the West Indies (Trinidad West Indies), and enjoy both photography and post processing. I have been told my pictures are attractive and different as far my memories can recall as a youth. This was the cause of being interested in photography but couldn't explore in depth because of money constraints growing up. The money I have now allows me to live comfortably but not enough to splurge on a couple of pricey items and I still don’t have a digital camera. I drifted from photography to digital post processing because of: - not having a digital camera of my own to take control of how I want the picture to be - the abundance of computers and access to them - free image software such as GIMP (the imitation Photoshop) The hardware and software I use for digital post processing are the minimum and not the best but I believe that these hardware and software are just tools and it is the person operating the tools that decides the outcome. I hope being part of this site helps me to become more versatile in reaching my goals and understanding what paths to take to obtain those goals. I’ve seen names like Justin Grant appearing in this website and hope that one day he might give me some tips. After obtaining my degree I look forward to ‘catching-up’ and learning both photography and digital post processing.


First attempts at Digital Post Processing

Saving the Turtles


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