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Photography has been my passion from a very early age, my father is to blame and for that I thank him He bought me my first camera and taught me everything about processing and developing and at 12 I had a darkroom below the stairs. With my love of walking and climbing landscape has dominated most of my work and living within easy reach of the Southern Highlands and the Borders gives me many opportunities to chase and try and capture the elusive but all important unique Scottish light.

Country: GB


Single Photos


Evening Glow

Evening Glow

Perfect ozone

Highland Morning

Pastel colours

After the Rain

The wide view

Scottish Grandeur

Light in the Glen

Shadow and Light

Hebridean sunset

Natural beauty

First light

Nature's Beauty

In the fading light

In the fading Light

Highland water

In the Evening glow

Golden Evening

Natural Symmetry

Dramatic Light

Bubbling Isla

My Highland Mood

Coffee and cream

My favourite old wreck

Early Light

Light in the Glen

Morning in the Glen


Glen Falloch Sunrise

Flowing through the Glen

Green and Gold

First Light

Winter Light

Rising Sun

Evening Glow

Wilderness shadow

Nature as Sculptor

Swan Sunset

Autumn Warmth

A touch of Autumn Colour

Ardvreck Castle

Frozen Beauty

Etherial Loch Lomond

Between a rock and a landscape

Winter Path

Beautiful erosion

King of the glen

Rannoch Moor

The giant above

Highland water


Green and Gold

My Highland paradise

Kilchurn castle

River Etive

Placed by Nature

Glencoe Mood

Sea Gold

Sun between the rain

In the still of the morning

Highland flow

Morning silence

Ebb and flow

The curve

View to the Horizon


Pristene freezer

Mountain Magic

Highland Heaven

Ominous Beauty

Golden reflection

Ice Glow

Final glow



Golden Bouquet

The Inlet

Golden Light

In with the Flow

Ominous Beauty

Simple Beauty

Highland Surge

The great escape

Water of life

Nature as Sculptor

Perfect Atmosphere

Pastel Glow

Etive Curve

Shadow of the Castle

The Perfect Berth

Hidden Grotto

Hidden Grotto

The perfect start

Guarding the glen

The Guardian

Reflections of Glencoe

Light in the dark


Glen Etive morning

Parallel Lines

Strange roundup

Woodland Light

Once Perfect

Warm Summer Light


Sculpted by Nature

Highland Summer

Bathed in Warmth


Swirling Sea

warm early light

River carved

Autumnal Light

Autumn Glory

Autumnal Rays



Light in the forest


A touch of Tea

Highland Geology

Towards the Light

Smooth Pastel evening

Highland water

As the sky developed

Smoke on the water

Interlocking Nature please view large

The Guardian

Woodland Light

Light through the canopy

Frosted Landscape

Pastel coloured falls


Etive Mood

Mood Lighting

Orchy falls

The Enchanted Wood

Ribbon of light

The Final Glow

First Light



The Sun kissed Rocks

A New Day Dawns

The Perfect Mountain