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P Dear friends of, for a while I will not be posting here. This new interface is not something I am comfortable using. Also, the reason I have continuing to post here has to do with maintaining some contact with people and works I have high esteem. From today on all that want to contact me or see my work could do so here: BR A href"" target"_blank" BR A href"" target"_blank"flickr//A BR A href"" target"_blank"facebook/A BR Take care all, -- Mário Azevedo BR BR BR /P TABLE WIDTH700px TR TH ALIGNcenterPersonal webpage/TH TH ALIGNcenterFlickr webpage/TH TH ALIGNcenterMy book/TH /TR TR TD ALIGNcenter A href"" target"_blank" /TD TD ALIGNcenterA href"" target"_blank" /TD /TD TD ALIGNcenterA HREF"" IMG SRC""border0/a/TD /TR /TABLE

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