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current occupation: building on a liberal arts background and going to SAIT in Calgary for photo & journalism

backgrounder: when I realized I'd never paint the next Mona Lisa, let alone a good rendition of adventures of stick-man, I picked up a SLR camera six years ago and for the last three started to been doing paid photo gigs

famous clients or prestigious awards: one award so far for my front cover shot at the college newspaper, but I'm open to nominations for more... lol, I've been quite serious in learning as much as I can about the photographic craft, not to mention going through loads of bulk film like a fish through water, getting some pretty fine and not so fine results from it, the not so fine are hopefully becoming extinct, I'm happy when anyone pays me for a shoot

education: yay for self-taught and, am hanging around a commercial studio during the summer learning from an older photographer while staying out of his way, had an apprenticeship under an excellent local wedding photographer for a summer, learned tons being a yearbook staff photographer in my senior year, been volunteering for the tow and a half years for the Nexus college newspaper with some high quality demanding awesome editors and writers

style: although influenced by Karsh and Lange and open to adding subtleties from art history and english lit classes and learning about other cultures, my style is fairly unique as I instinctively spawn thoughts from my creativity

seen through my viewfinder: landscapes, architecture, sports action, social issues, abstracts, and all sorts of portraits: college photojournalism, musicians, children, theatre, and families... a wedding or two

location: if an idea comes to mind, I'm out the door with my pentax k-100D gear, I'll be back in a couple hours, generally around Calgary AB, Canada or wherever anyone will graciously let me stay around the globe

critiques: rarely given, i'm still becoming self-aware of my own learning path and will be the first to admit i would love to know more, and have enough time to do a more complete job of critical thinking then merely glancing at someone's work, deciding it's good and and writing nice shot!! 7/7 without saying why and wondering if it could still improve... whatever... next photo... i could never do that... but i will always return favours and try my best to critique for someone who's taken time to look through my stuff

super-ego: don't think me to think i'm superior... far from it and hence i'm out shooting to improve from my own creativity and will wander in when i get stuck and start asking technique questions...

thanks: most to God for the gifts and skills giving me crazy friends and family to support me, put up with me shooting them occasionally, dragging me out to the pub or pushing me at the nearest couch or bed when i forget to relax or sleep and eat, and most of all they keep me laughing and hugged, i'd be nowhere without them

peace out


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