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No formal photographic training. Just eyes wide open and a fascination for light.

I stopped uploading my work to Photo.Net, disillusioned, on Feb 10th 2007 after almost five years of active participation.


Castles-my personal vision

Views of the world

Alberto's last upload



Sunday morning prayers

Treasure hunting...?

Sunset at Eiffel's pier

Locked up

Learning to love Peace

Golden fortress

Going back in time

Older times


Deep Blue

Moonrise over Monreal

Glowing Clouds over Albufeira


Basking its Might

Gloomy Future for Royalty

El Cid's Castle

Hard to Plough

Spring in Castille-Resubmit

Spring near Madrid

Cliffs, Clouds & Wilderness


Looming Danger

Castilian Sunset

My "Horse"

Arriero Andaluz

Souk des Teinturiers

St Cuthbert's Cemetery

Matterhorn = Monte Cervino

Icy Ring

Friendly Party

The Courtyard

El Escorial Gardens

Circles on the pond

First foggy day of 2003


Craddle of Conquistadors-II

Santa María la Blanca

Cristo de la Luz

To Atle and Palmer, with thanks

A Medieval Town: Hita

Ayllón main square 30 years ago

The Dumb

The Rascal

The Rascal & The Dumb

The Rascal & The Dumb-II

Imperial Cornerstone

Late for the Party

Nobody's Alley


Thursday at the Souk


32 years ago in Andalusia

Ommayad Mosque



Luzás (Huesca)


Plain of Beret

January Blues

What For...?

The Public Threat

Olivares de Jaén


Introducing Alhambra

Alhambra's Torre de Comares


Tower of Comares (Alhambra)





Molina de Aragón

Molina de Aragón

Campillo de Dueñas-II

Campillo de Dueñas

Castle of Zafra

Campillo de Dueñas

Castle of Zafra

Idillyc La Digue

The Bush

Back from the Beach

Invicto Zafra

Castilian Sunrise in Winter

Winter sunrise in Medinaceli

Majestic Fortress of Zafra de Molina

Winter scene in Guadalajara

Un Castillo en Invierno


Dawn at the Portuguese Border

Vall d'Aran


Portrait with a Hat

Portrait with a Wall

Inside the Ommayad Mosque


Rello's Church

Walking Out of Rello

La Vall d'Aran-2

Eastwards view

Spring Sunset in Los Grelos - II

Spring Sunset in Los Grelos-V

Castle of Calatañazor - II

The Moncayo mountain (Soria)

Fields around Magaña

¿Lilium Bulbifera?

Castle of Vozmediano

The Witches' castle

Campos de Magaña-2


Raining over Vozmediano Castle

Spicy Souk

The Rags Seller

So cheap, Ma'am!

Healthy Goods

Valley of Tejeda

Rocky La Digue

Back to camp

Lillas River in Spring

The Ocejón

Guadamur's Colourful Sunset


Sailing In!

Prayings in the Castle

Castle of Marialva

Sunset on Monsanto's Castle

watching the Sunset

Calatañazor with a 50 mm lens


San Martín de Trevellu-1

In the Beginning


Old basket weaver-2

The Medieval Fair

Leisure in the evening

The City Rider

Far Horizons

Auld Medieval Stones

Dancing with Bulls

Milano Bonito

The Enclosure

Hold Fast!

The Bullring

Strolling thru Gata's old streets

Winter rural path

Vista of Gata

Almenara Castle

Almenara Castle-2

Castle of Trevejo

The Haunted Castle

Relics of past glories

Reaching the Photographic Top

View of Gata

And now I'll watch a DVD!

Would she be home?

Oops... He almost captured my soul!

The Mistery of Olea Oleander

Velvia 100's shadowy and cold greens

Dame of Gata

Dawn in forgotten Ciria

Castle of Ucero

Sunset at Ucero Castle

Osma castle from Uxama's tower


Castle of Jarque

Castle of Almenara

Castle of the Star

Medieval city of Casares

Hisn Cannit

Almonacid of Toledo

The Moorish Queen's Castle

Victorious Tolosa

Rain in Spain falls mainly...

Vilches from Guadalén lake

Giribaile Castle

Jaén, late winter

Vilches from Guadalén - B&W

Almonacid de Toledo

Zahara de la Sierra

Unknown Castle


Windows Pass

Barrios de Luna Lake


Peñerudes Tower

Uclés' Donjon

Hommage to Asturias-II

Cazorla Castle

Castle of La Iruela

Hommage to Asturias-III

Maderuelo's entrance gate

Sightseeing's tiresome...

Bercimuel's church

Dawn in Upper Manzanares River

Storm over Malaga

Alcazaba de Malaga-2

Southern Jaen

Castle of Ucles


Early spring morning in Luna valley


Stormy evening at Burgalimar castle

Paca Aguirre, poeta

Lupe Grande, poeta

Felix Grande, poet

Mi amigo Juan

Unfaltering Faith!

Castle of Los Ares

Castle of Villel


Grazalema river



Still much to do!

The soul of a lyric poet

Tender Irresponsibility

Father, poet and writer: Mark Walford

Mother and daughter

Fall Mood

Fall Mood-II

Castellar de la Frontera - I

Castellar de la Frontera-II

Cortijo el Cañuelo

Continental divide... in Europe!

Hozgarganta River

Belalcazar castle

Castellar de la Frontera

So hot...

Andalusian rural house

Castle of Loarre

Lepiotas and walnuts

Young Macrolepiota

Majestic Loarre

Mula castle

Lepiota Helveola

The Vélez Blanco Castle

The old city of Alcaráz

La Iruela Castle

Espejo at dusk

Castle of Montemayor

My son

Blue sky in Tamarit's beach

Old islamic city of Albarracín

Lost in Teruel

Door to serenity

She flew high and away... and left me in the ruins

Kyoto Now!

Watch over the river

From older times

Who's in Command Here?

Vista over Turia valley

Family portrait

Alpuente. An Independent Islamic Kingdom

Castle of Moya

Passerby with Toledo Street in background

Feeding pigeons in Plaza Mayor

A Painter in Plaza Mayor

The far away railroad

Jimena de la Frontera

Might and Power Displayed

Sunrise Light

Lords and Serfs

Lands of Molina

The Sea Inside

Come up here, if you can!


Barony of Chulilla

Alfajarin castle

Belly Dancer-B&W

Belly Dancer in colour

Hisn Velad-al-Abyadh

Castle of the Black Rock

Almonacid Castle



Faithful Rock Castle

Prairie in Spring

Faithful Rock in B&W

Moya, abandoned city

Faithful Rock Castle-II

Alcantara's Roman Bridge

Lands of La Mancha-I

Old mill in Galicia

Lands of La Mancha-III

Lands of La Mancha-IV

Lands of La Mancha-VI

Boundless Pride

Castelo de Pambre

Marquis's Hill

Castilian sky

Castelo de Pambre-II

Castelo de Pambre-III

Sunset at Fuentiduenya de Tajo

Come and visit Aledo


Veva & Sia

Veva & Sia


La Huerta-1

The Rule of Thirds

Munera Castle

La Huerta-2

Camino de La Mancha

Grelos' table

Grelos' pool

Grelos' snow storm

Castillo de Monteagudo


Sunset in Mar Menor

Business Opportunity

Rushing to work

Fira d'Agost in Xátiva

Holydays 'r Over

Evening in La Mancha

Rural Solidity

Rural Tranquility

Fira d'Agost in Xátiva-2

Summer Afternoon Meditation


Castilian Plains under the Summer Heat

Trial and Error

Just another door

Concert at the castle

The Diamond

Manuel's vineyard at dawn

Driving to the workshop

Baena,in Cordoba

Espejo,in Cordoba

Luis Marin, shepherd

Iznalloz in Sierra Nevada

Mota del Marques

Sunset portrait of my friend German

Abu's cafe

Samira's Happy End

Campos de Jaen

Cabo de Gata landscape

Cabo de Gata beach


Castle of Sax

Monsul beach in Cabo de Gata

Las Negras beach in Cabo de Gata

Monteleva Beach at Cabo de Gata

Baron's Island







Curra y Enrique

La misma ruina!

Portus Magnus

Hell's castle - III

Castillo del Infierno (Xiquena) - III

The Exhibition

El Castillo del Infierno (Xiquena)

Enrique, Susan y Guillermo

Susan y Guillermo atentos a los argumentos de Curra (no se convencieron...)

Belén pide lo mismo y aquí, Alberto, se porta mejor...

Enrique, en honor de su Curra, luce colores a tope

Curra nos da el argumento definitivo: Abandonar lo analogico!!


Manuel explica como se usa una Hassy...

Oblivion with chair

Oblivion with a bidet

Oblivion with rust and blinds

Oblivion with door

Oblivion with chair and matress

Oblivion with bolts

Oblivion with barbed wire

Oblivion with wire

Oblivion with a slight breeze

Oblivion with caged pretty girl

Oblivion with European conquistadores

Oblivion with window

Oblivion with photographer

Oblivion with a sad story

Farewell to oblivion with past glories

Windmills in Campo de Criptana

Fields in Toledo

Windmills in Campo de Criptana-II

Windmills in Campo de Criptana-III

Windmills in Campo de Criptana-IV

Festival-danza-Boadilla-212 color








Festival danza Boadilla-193

Festival Boadilla-2Gb-155

Fest. Boadilla-2 Gb-237




Alba en Palacio-14

Trujillo street

Castle of Montanchez

Walking uphill

Heavy Metal

Ashes Mountain

Summer evening


Windmills of Consuegra

Heavy metal-2

Hommage to winemaking Manuel

Fields in Salem

Almansa at Dawn

Yanguas castle at dawn

Rodalquilar Landscape

Rodalquilar Dining Table

Rodalquilar Summer Villas

Good Friday procession in Cehegin-1

Good Friday Procession in Cehegin-2

Good Friday Procession in Cehegin-3


Kio Towers

Sunset in Sotuelamos

Sunset in Honrubia

Escombreras at work

San Ginés de la Jara

Cehegín Good Friday procession

Vineyard in Las Mesas - 3

Vineyard in Las Mesas - 4

Guijosa fields

Bujarrabal fields

Manuel's courtyard

vineyard in Las Mesas-6

At Manuel's Winery

The fork

La Mancha sky

San Roman de Cameros

Autol castle in La Rioja

Enciso castle in La Rioja

Caracena in Soria-1

Caracena in Soria-2

Caracena in Soria-3

The Bridge of Tordomar

The Bridge of Tordomar

The roman bridge of Tordomar-3

Mazuelo de Muñó castle-2

Avellanosa de Muñó

Castrogeriz castle

Villasandino's sunset

Olmillos de Sasamón


The Bridge of Yanguas-1

The Bridge of Yanguas-2

Last Fall in Yanguas-1

Gormaz castle-2

The Bridge of Yanguas-4

The Bridge of Yanguas-5

The Bridge of Yanguas-3

The Bridge of Yanguas-6

The Bridge of Yanguas-7

Last Fall in Yanguas-2

The Bridge of Yanguas-8

Last Fall in Yanguas-3

Last Fall in Yanguas-5

Esta es mi leche-2


Moradillo de Roa-2

Moradillo de Roa

Moradillo de Roa-3

Moradillo de Roa-4

Peñaranda de Duero-1

Xiquena in B&W

Jadraque in winter

New Year in the desert

Waiting for her

Sunrise in The Ashes Mountain

Portman Bay

Almenara de Gata

Almenara de Gata - 2

Trevejo in Gata

Grafitti in Granada

Almadraba de Monteleva

Winter dawn in San José Beach

Winter dawn in San José Beach-3



Almería's Alkasbah

Fall colours of Catalonia (Tweaked by Pat Minicucci)

Solsonés with Ribelles in background

Tower of San Miguel de Cabo de Gata

Castle of Vélez Blanco