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I'm a Web designer by trade and have a deep interest as a musician, composer and outdoor enthusiast. Needless to say, I'm an advanced amateur striving to be a professional photographer some day. I'm formerly a professional counselor for over a decade and feel I can use that to my advantage in the future when photographing to evoke emotions that are messages I want to portray. I'm not quite there yet and love receiving advice. I currently reside near Houston, Texas, where I was born and raised, but have lived in the panhandle of Texas and near Denver, Colorado for a combined 10 years and wish I had taken time to hone in on photography skills back then. I'm an expert with Photoshop due to my work and advanced training in addition to Macromedia's full suite of Web building products. I am willing to do some contract work at a bargain rate if it's primarily front end to help finance my growing photography indulgence. By keeping my rates low, I get more work and more to add to my portfolio. Hence, if you would like to chat more about doing work with me, e-mail me!


The Midway Carnival


Single Photos


Babies in Bluebonnets


Texas Hill Country in the Spring - April 9-10, 2004

San Antonio - April 2004

Brazos Bend State Park - May 8, 2004



Alberta 2004

Deep Forest

Spring Shots - 2005

Seabrook, Texas 2005


Midway carnival ride called the "Evolution."

Midway carnival called the "Sling Shot."

"Evolution" on hold.


Sunset at the Midway

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Up!

Buck off!

Living Fast

True Grit

Tom Bass Regional Park - 1

Tom Bass Regional Park - 2

Tom Bass Regional Park - 3

Mallard Hen after Sex

Tom Bass Regional Park - 5

Tom Bass Regional Park - 6


Lauren in the Bluebonnets near Brenham, Texas

Lauren in the Bluebonnets near Brenham, Texas

Lauren in the Bluebonnets near Brenham, Texas

Babies in Bluebonnets



Mountain Man

Bluebonnet Highway II - Willow City Loop

Bluebonnets and Wildflowers

Bluebonnets and Wildflowers

Bluebonnets and Cattle

Colts in the Pasture

It's Spring!

Bluebonnets and Wildflowers

Bluebonnets and Windmill

Wildflowers in Texas

Dam Waterfall at Lady Bird Johnson Regional Park in Fredericksburg - II

Enchanted Rock at the Blue Hour

Enchanted Rock at Dusk

Enchanted Rock at Dusk II

Enchanted Rock Macro on Granite

Enchanted Rock at Dusk II

Enchanted Rock Oasis

Poppy Field at Wildflower Seed Farm

Stormclouds at Dusk

Sunrise at Enchanted Rock II

Sunrise at Enchanted Rock III

Sunrise at Enchanted Rock V

Sunset on Enchanted Rock

Sunset on Enchanted Rock II

The Alamo

Old Oak Tree at the Alamo

View from Inside the Alamo Walls

Building Lit Up during "Fiesta" in San Antonio

Building in San Antonio

Church at Night

Dried Up Sea Life

Acadia Ntl Park Gate House

Grave Situation in Machiasport, ME

Schooner in Bar Harbor

Market in N.B., Canada

Home near Acadia National Park

Barn in Maine

Carriage Road Bridge - Acadia National Park


Church in the Country

Draft Horses along Carriage Roads in Acadia National Park

Flower Bud Spriral

Swamp in Arboretum

Japanese Sand Art

The kids...

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Moss in the Forest

Colourful Wall

Green Caterpiller

American Alligator

American Alligator

American Alligator


American Alligator

Park Forest

Silver Lining

Hopperstad Stave Church at the Hjemkompst Center - Moorhead, MN

Hopperstad Stave Church at the Hjemkompst Center - Moorhead, MN

St. Mary's Catholic Church, La Porte, Texas

Church in Red Wing, Minnesota

Catholic Church in downtown, San Antonio, Texas

Abandoned Barn

Inside Splitrock Light

Duluth Lighthouse

Duluth Light

Splitrock Light

Splitrock Light

Splitrock Red

Inside Splitrock Light

Inside Splitrock Light

Duluth Skyline

Kayaking Voyageurs

Twilight at Voyageurs

Voyageurs Sunset

Before the Storm

Before the Storm II

Total Lunar Eclipse

American Beautyberry

Forest Floor with Red Wild Mushroom

Forest Floor - Wild Mushrooms

Wild Mushroom and Millipede

Curious Raven

Lake Louise

Canadian Rockies in Autumn

Mountain Stream Falls

Last Light

Pre-Winter in the Rockies

Clark's Nutcracker

Canoeing Lake Louise

Living History

Autumn Loneliness


Mount Rundle - Overcast Dusk Skies


Castle Mountain Panorama

Mount Lawrence Grassi Alpenglow

Searching for Serenity

Elk in Spray Valley

Canadian Rocky Autumn

During the Snow Storm

Texas Bluebonnet

Verticle Bug

Desert Bloom

Life from Void

Rusty Silhouette

Spring Contrast

Strained Love

Desert Duo

Pretty in Yellow

Spring Inspection

Brown Pelican at Goose Island State Park in Texas.

Great Heron

Backlit Subject No. 2

Backlit Subject No. 1












Ivana Iguana


Butterfly II

Juvenile American Alligator

Close Encounters

Calcasieu River Dance

My Son

Seattle Moon - 2005

Maroon Bells

Uncompahgre Unparalleled

RL Ranch

Western Sky