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Nature photography has become a huge part of me over the last 5 years. I enjoy all the missed shots as much as those I capture just to experience the event unfold in front of me. I am in the United States Air Force with just over 3 years until retirement where I plan to start a career in Photography.


Various Nature and Wildlife


Taken on the very edge of the little sahara sand dunes in south western Utah. These brown eyed susans were growing quite a ways into the sand dunes, but the further into the sand the more stunted they were. This was a single bloom I stumbled on in an area free from visitors. The dune here is only about 5 feet tall. A super wide angle lens gives the feeling of a vast landscape.

Sunset over the missouri river near Ft. Randall dam in South Dakota.

Taken in the western plains of South Dakota. This antelope buck has grown used to my presence as I am out with him quite often photographing the plains

This coyote frequents a prairie dog town that I photograph regularly. He is thinking he will be getting an easy meal, however the town comes alive with warning barks from the prairie dogs whenever he comes near. In seconds they all dissapear and he moves on. I have also witnessed this when a raptor of some sort fly's overhead.

A whitetail fawn on a private farm just outside of Custer State Park, South Dakota

Canada goose amongst reeds

A yellow warbler serenading me with its presence.

Taken on a trip to Indiana to spend fathers day with my family. This eastern bluebird is a regular visitor to my parents gardens

Turkey vulture drying his feathers in the early morning sun. This guy would great me every morning I shot in this location and watch me work with the smaller birds in the area.

Canada goose portrait. This shot was taken in Canyon Lake Park, Rapid City SD. This mothergoose spent quite a bit of time around me looking for a handout as I shot the various ducks in the park.

Sunrise near Harney Peak in the Black Hills of SD

Wood duck at Canyon Lake Park. I sat perfectly still on the shore for almost an hour before this guy would come close enough to get some decent shots.

This is one of my favorite ram shots even though he is not very large in the frame. I love the graphical nature of it and the composition. I also have a broad range of closer shots of this guy and another ram that posed for me that day. I started out quite a ways off with the 600mm and worked my way closer taking shots as I went just in case he ran off. That way I would at least end up with something. I was pleased with the results.

Taken in the Black Hills of South Dakota on a sub zero morning several weeks before spring could get a firm grasp in the Hills

Young Pronghorn Buck in Custer State Park.

Backyard Visitor!

This fawn surprised me while I was looking at some unique rock formations on the forest floor last week in the northern Black Hills. I stayed motionless for what seemed like an eternity, and he came in to within 6 feet of me at one point. An experience to remember!

Young Whitetail buck munching on some leaves

The Beauty of Jasper

This majestic beast offered me the oportunity to photograph him at his peak during the breeding season.

Coyote on a mouse hunt


Young and energetic