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When I joined here, I had just reverted to film--medium format--after several years running high-end Olympus digital SLRs for pleasure and contributions to publications. Now am fully digital with Oly OM-D E-M5, a PEN E-P3 and a crazy little Fuji F20. All the Rolleiflexes and Leica Ms and tons of German glass and brass have been sold--mostly to China.

Country: US


Albany NY Views

Figures, Posed

B&W Landscapes

Landscapes Color

Rolleinar Lenses on Rolleiflex 3003

All About Eaves: Upstate New York Architectural Shots

City Scapes

Fire and Ice Show: HTC

Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza

Firelefanz Gallery, Albany; 9/11 5th Anniversary Show: ESP Security Art for the People

Saratoga Springs


Erie Canal at Waterford/Canalway 06/07




PPSNY 06 Tony Sweet Workshop, Finger Lakes

HAF VACANCY 06 Show Entries

Lake George Intl ACBS Wooden Boat Show 07

Along the Hudson, 30 years, Rensselaer, NY

Tony Sweet PPSNYS Workshop '08

Altamont Fair (Albany County, NY)

Albany Shows, Fall '08

Horizon 2011 Workshop Santa Fe, Taos, NM

Mt. Desert Island, ME; July 1-8, 2011

Western Buckles Belts Boots

Montana Horizon 2012 Workshops Adventure

The Agent's House

Dunnsville, NY, October 2012, US 20 Wetlands

HORIZON 2013--Route 66, Joshua Tree, Mojave Desert, Salton Sea, Vegas


Seal Harbor, ME 2014

1955 Chris Craft 22' Continental

ACBS International '14 Skaneateles CC

Boatswain (Bo) of Bath and Truman December 2014

Adirondack ACBS Show 2015

El Lagarto at Tumblehome

Lake George Gold Cup Boat Race Festival 2015

Gold Cup Festival Dockside

Carpenter Gothic, Lake George

Lunar Eclipse Super Blood Moon Sept 27, 2015, Rensselaer, NY


Washington Park Lake House

Corner of the Egg; Empire State Plaza

Albany City Hall

NY State Ed Bldg

Reflecting Pool, Rockefeller Empire State Plaza

Rockefeller Empire State Plaza

Agency Buildings, Rockefeller Empire State Plaza





Miracle Gro

Western Rim

Western Wall

Western Face

Dusk Bath-on-Hudson

Magnesia Spring (cast-iron pavillion)

Sunset, Bath-on-Hudson (Vert)

Howe Caves Quarry, Stack 1st Place, Assignment Competititon Schenectady Photographic Society

It's All Art: Fire & Ice Arts Walk Firlefanz Gallery

The Last Elm's Last Winter

Hoosic Valley

B&M RR Switchhouse

No Polo Today

Don't Tread on Me Thorn weed (macro)

Walmart Sunset

Hudson River Twr

Hoosic River Valley, NY

Vine Fence, Olana

Vine Fence, Olana. (Distant)

Albany Downtown Skyline

Rockefeller Empire State Plaza at Low Tide, Mar 2003

Moonset over Albany

Cultural Education Center SW Stair

Chenango Pink DeVille

Entryway Arch Frieze

Wahington Park, Tulip Festival

Bard College Fisher Performing Arts Ctr Designed by Frank O.Gehry; West elevation

Cobleskill Farm

Bard College Fisher Perf. Arts Ctr. Frank O. Gehry Design Southern elevation/main entrance

Bard College, Fisher Perf Arts Ctr. Frank O. Gehry design; Southern elevation.

Bard College, Fisher Perf. Arts Ctr. Frank O. Gehry, Arch.; Western elevation

Sunset behind the Catskills

Big Shed, Cobleskill Stone Products

Minox version of Catskills Sunset

Hudson River Ice House Remains

Hudson River Ice House Rollei

Dew at Dawn

Empire State Building, Evening

Chelsea Fire Escapes

Low Tide at Sunset, Upper Hudson

Deer along creek


Artist Reclined

Kitchen Module '03 HTC

Kitchen Module Front HTC

Corning Corner

Corning Tower Reflected

Cultural Education Center, North Facade

Alexander Calder Triangles and Arches, 1965


Life as a series of events HTC

The Ledges, Harriman Reservoir



X Wrists

Alfred E. Smith State Office Bldg. under renovation

Cultural Ed Center SE Stair

CulturalEd Cntr Terrace at Night

Cultural Ed Cntr Terrace Coffered Ceiling




November Upstate

November Harvest

NYC Railroad Bridge over Hudson West Pier

Kitchen Module

Kitchen Module; one wing

Crew and "Halvmaan" at Albany

Sugarman's "Trio" at Sign of Tree




Nutten Hook North

Nutten Hook South

Northwest Bay Brook NY Rt 9N (Lake George)

Amtrak Winter

Tree, field's edge


DMV Arches

Sunrise, Cultural Ed Center

River Roots

Winter Sky

Nutten Hook South

Vermont Roadside Birch

Shadow on Nutten Hook

Northwest Bay Brook NY 9N Lake George

Rupert, VT

Sandman A

Sandman B

Vine Bench, Olana

Up Escalator

Lamped Post

Agency 1-2 Corridor

Egg Lobby

Madison Avenue Tunnel

Egg Over Sign of Tree

Foot of Congress Street

Catskill Clove Trickle

Iron Shadows

Egg Escalator

Egg Lobby

National History Day New York State Museum

Rail Shadow New York State Museum

Egg Escaltor 2

Corning Tower

Shoulder View

Pendant Buds

Corning Tower from Washington Park

The Egg

Army Maneuver

Dancer Portfolio Cover



Tide Spotting

Greener on the Other Side

MoMA meets NASATKA Photo Poster 20x30, framed black alum.

Sculptor's Mark (cast metal) 6x4 photo, framed in black.

Ever Eastward 4x6 card

Cathedral Day 4x6 card

LOB Lane 4x6 card

Ten-Way Stop 4x6 Card

"The Empire State Collection: Art for the People" 1987 Dust Jacket Cover, SCAN

Oklahoma Track 7 a.m.

Off to Work

Trackside Observer

Off Duty

Backstretch Kids

Foggy Workout


Angles, Corinth, NY

Darrow School

Centennial Hall; Lamp

NYS Court of Appeals New Addition

Centennial Hall

Harvest Moon Marble Portal

Egg Escalator, Concourse

Plaza from Egg Lobby

Nutten Hook Tree (south)

Nutten Hook South Cove

1 Englewood Place

Albany Housing Authority Crane 2

Sky Hook

Contact sheet 400

Washington Park Lake Bridge Frederick Law Olmstead

Contact Sheet 100


Julia Memorial


Pilings at Lock 6

Lock 6 wall

Nutten Hook Elm

Rowers, Early Morn on Hudson at Albany

Sample obverse text on 6 individual cards

Center detail


One of 6 card bins containing various 4x6" ESP "Security Sculpture" views, with comments on obverse.

Front View

Left View

Framed print 19x28

Right corner detail

Sitting 1

Sitting 1

Sitting 2

Beach Boys and Board

Albany Skyline from Bath

Dov Ready to Swim

Best Barn

Burden Lake Second Dyke

West Stairs, Dusk

Corner Cathedral Cropped

Parking Deck Terrarium 2nd Place Metroland Photoland 9/11

Welcome to Albany

Hunters' Moon

American Bridge

Chinese Chippendale


Katrina Spotlight

Welcome to Albany

HTC Boston

Rensselaer Waterfront Hudson River

Rensselaer Riverfront Hudson River

Winter Sunset

Lawrence, Mass Bridge

Merrimack Window

Bugatti Atlantique

Tree 3

Tree 2

Tree 1

Standing Cathedral Rock

Falls and Cove

Standing Cathedral Rock

Standing Cathedral Rock

Falls to Basin

Water Lily

Above Falls

Behind the Falls

Beside Falls

Snoozing Rock

Mooring Post

Mooring Posts

Vineyard Boots

Grape Press Caster

Four Clothespins

Stainless Steel Band, Wine Vat

Victorian Birdhouse


Yellow weed

Dragon Fly, Above Water Lilies

Pink Day Lily

Yellow Day Lilies

No Curtains

Seneca Mills

Pressed Jeans

Abandoned, but Beautiful


Bobby Short, Albany, ca.1983

Spring Reflections

Waterford Flight

Evening Paddle

Snow Bay

Lock Master's Controls

Erie Barge Canal Lock 6

Seneca Knitting Mills

Nobody Home

63 Northern Boulevard

Arch (Triptych #2)

Red Trumpet Creeper

Mt. Marino Apple Trees

Spring Runoff

Arc Wall, West

Arc Wall Arch, North

Arc Wall East

Shazzams Sna k Shop, Reflected

Cappuccino Flowers

Shazzams Sna k Shop, Oblique

Rising Lily

Bird-Spattered Barn Door

Christmas 2006

Early Buds Catch the Glaze

Winter Farm Field

NYS Teachers'Retirement System Bldg

Empire State Bldg Dawn

NYC Watertank, Sunset


Hurricana (Sanford Stud) Farm, remains

First Hay Mow

Adirondack Pond

MAB:a Canadian Gentlemen's Launch (Dual-cowl, rear cockpit)

MAB, a "Gentleman's Launch" from Toronto. Sign noted that orignal 6 cyl power was not enough to plane, so a V-8 was installed. Wonderful restoration.

Faye & Bowen elegance

Wicked (Period) Speedster

Tonto 1959 Chris Craft Silver Arrow

Truant II from Tahoe, GarWood (36'?) dual-cowl

Van Dam (new)

Aristocrat; new Gar-Wood model

MAB; My favorite of the show; Canadian. Note yellow bottom paint matches yellow leather. And those V-8 exhaust trumpets!

Chris-Craft Capri (early '50s)

VanDam Stern

Another Day in Paradise (as recalled from early 60s)


1955 Chris Craft Continental

1955 Chris Craft Continental 26'


Chris-Craft SeaSkiff 28

Egg Through Portal

D&H/SUNY Administration Building

See my Brushmarks

Handheld: Facade by Streetlights

Merry Christmas 2007

The Hudson from Kykuit

Winter Sunset Over Hudson River at Albany, NY

Fogged Power Tower

Bent Twig; So Grows the Branch

Fence Along Hudson in Snow

Lock 4 Stairs Reflected

Fogged Eastern Erie Entrance

Lock Master Controls

Early Morn Paddle

Tree, North end

Fence and Tree

Fenceline in Snow


Picnic Table Beside the Hudson


Gull Takeoff

Valve Wheel stem

STOP:Dead End

Hudson Sunset with Glaze

Glazed Fence

Yellow Bokeh

Chimney Bluffs Pinnacle Lake Ontairo

Stop; Water Hazard, Lake Ontario

Chimney Bluffs

DC 3 In The Woods

Horned Lily

Grated Cheese, Anthony Road Vineyard

Blueberries, Anthony Road Vineyard

Red Flower, Grace Gardens

Bugs Do It; Grace Gardens

Blue Flower, Grace Gardens

Inner Space, Anthony Road Vineyard,


Shed, Grace Gardens

Slip 68 Seneca Lake State Park Marina



Team Pals


Pale Face



Dish on a Fan



Sumac Seeds


Rusty Door Shadows

Morning Moon

Thistle Home

Albany Skyline from Rensselaer HS Site D&H/SUNY Hdq Building in foreground

Albany Skyline from Rensselaer HS Site Empire State Plaza at Sunrise

120 Washington Ave, Albany, New York; Frederick Furniture and Undertaking

ESP Inner Space I Egg Concourse Lobby

ESP Inner Space II Madison Avenue Tunnel

ESP Inner Space III Cultural Ed Center: Excelsior!

Sweet Corn

120 Wash Ave

ca. 1870 120 Wash Ave

Merry Christmas 2008


Lake Champlain South End

Adirondack/Champlain Valley Farm

Agency 3

Blue Yonder; CFLs from Hell

Curved Wall; Square Tree

Egg Core:CFLs from Hell

Egg Escalator Profile


Egg Elevator Entry

Egg Elevator Bank

Southwest Gallery

MadAveTunnel; CFLs from Hell

NYWS&B RR Co Sun-Lit Sign (New York, West Shore & Buffalo Railway Company)

Rupert, VT 1st Place SPS "Summer" Competition

Bath on Hudson Sunset

Pilgrim Holiness Church The Catskills

Washington Park Japanese Maple

Hoosick Fan Pediment

Hudson October Morning

Lockmaster control switches

SuperSizedMoon, Albany

Blue Doors

NM Viet Nam Veterans Memorial

La-Z-Boy: Love It, Leave It

Spring Runoff Outside Taos

Tent Rocks

Smoked Arch

Switcher, Cumbres and Toltec Railroad

Tent Rocks Passage

Tent Rocks National Monument

Good Gulf

Pine Roots Swirl

Blue Star Boat, Miami, OK

Athens or Washington?

Slot Canyon, Tent Rocks

Movie Entrance

Roadside Attraction (mutual)

RR Snow Blower Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

Ranch Kids EX UU Ranch

Kids Boots and Saddle EX UU Ranch

Magic Sky

Cole and Dad EX UU Ranch

Cliff Adobe

Abiquiu View

Echo Amphitheater

Gifted Hands

Guaranteed Service

Longhouse Cliff Dwellings

Napoleon Garcia, Abiquiu, NM

Steve Gottlieb, Horizon Workshops Director

No Gas Taos Dawn

Tent Rocks National Monument

Petra West

Slot Canyon, Tent Rocks

Lito's Ballroom

Rio Grande Gorge



Home, Upper Canyon Road, Santa Fe

Tire Repair

Spring Bristles

Mission House Abiquiu

Off the Hook

Abiquiu Arches

Echo Ampitheater

Bikini Buttress

Engine 492 Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

Ghost Ranch Boundary

Rivets and Bolts, Steam Engine Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad

Horseman Bart EX UU Ranch

West, Beyond the Rio Grande Gorge

Smoke Signal

East Buttress SanFrancisco de Taos

East Buttress

Mission House

Portrait of the Artist OCULUS by Sherm Levine. Background: Railroad Snow Blower

South across the Rio Grande Gorge Handheld Pan, 6 Frames Merged

Broken Shadow

San Francisco de Asís IV, Ranchos de Taos

Feds Love It, Leave It

You are here -> Route 66 Diner, Albuquerque

Elephant Foot

Buttresses, East


Baker Island Light_7061653

Morning Fog Wise Acre Deck_7051601

Seal Harbor Morning Fog_7051592

Seal Harbor Morning Low Tide_7051611

AROC IV _7011485


Morning in my Maine Office 045




Bar Harbor floating billboard

AROC IV with Mt Desert's Cadillac Mtn as backdrop. Baker Is.

Honey For Breakfast

Jordan Pond, Dusk


Yard Weeds

Dance Floor Rocks, Baker Island, ME

AROC IV Captain

AROC IV on SHYC Mooring Baker Island

Cowboy OCULUS by Rhoda Levine

Crab Apple Forbes Ave Pumping Sta.

Butte South of Choteau, MT

Flathead Lake View West

White Cab-Over-Engine Wheel Miracle of America Museum

S-Curves US 89

Subway Manager's Dedication

Bridge View Swiftcurrent Lake

Two in the Back

Falls, Cedar Trail Lake McDonald Lodge

Grisly Yearling Swiftcurrent Lake Glacier National Park

Lonely Peach in a Cherry Orchard

Buckin Bronto Two Medicine Dinosaur Center

Choteau Silo

Black Bear MT 49 Swiftcurrent Lake

Shed Door Bowman Cherry Orchard

Roadblock National Bison Range

Tree Blossom Supermarket Lot

Grisly Yearling Swiftcurrent Lake

Montana Signature Scene

Stacked Rocks Lake McDonald Cedar Trail

Angry House Trailer Facade Calico Cat

Trillium, Cedar Trail Lake McDonald

Giving Mother Nature a Hand

Lone Pine

Moon Over KCFW-TV

Deed Registers Flathead County Clerk's Office

Swiftcurrent Lake Many Glacier Road

Wild Mile, Swan River gorge

Cherry Blossoms Bowman Orchard

Garnet Ghost Town Mailbox

Prong-Horn Antelope

Hotel Ghost? Garnet Ghost Town

Swiftcurrent Lake

Camouflage Paint

East Glacier Park

Horseshoe Cactus

Newel Post Flathead County Courthouse

Landing: Miracle of America Museum

Shooting a Shooter

Mission Range Reflected

Garnet Eaves

Army Latrine Outside Ft. Missoula Fox Hole

Area 51 Miracle of America Museum

Green and Red Logging Tractor

Many Glaciers Lake McDonald

NinePipe National Wildlife Sanctuary, West View

Look Behind You, Rhoda....

Reaching for a Shot

Margaret Aims and Shoots

Cowboy Rappell in Kalispell

Garnet Ghost Town Visitors' Center

Used Cow Lot

Kerr Dam (Taller than Niagara) Foot of Flathead Lake

Ninepipe National Wildlife Sanctuary

Falls Beside Highway 35

National Bison Range Herd

Flathead Lake Looking South South of Big Fork

Early Morning Lobby Kalispell Grand Hotel



View West from St Ignatius Motel Parking Lot

Logging Wagon, State Logging History Site, Ft. Missoula, MT.

Silhouetted Shooters Flathead Lake; OCULUS center; photo by Margaret Verhey


wBoatLaunchAlbP7251331 (1 of 1)

US 20 Wetlands

Wetlands Open Water


US 20 Wetlands NW

US 20 Wetlands, North

North Wetlands Algae

US 20 Wetlands

US 20 Wetlands, Southwest

First Frost

Fall Floral Seat

First Frost B&W

First Frost

Winter Solstice Rainbow Over Hudson

No Mayans in Rentlur

1959 Mercury Commuter

Culls (Green Peppers), Imperial Valley

Salton Seaside Town

Stenciled Sign

Hoover Dam

How Many to Shoot a WC Door?

Mojave Selfie

I do…..

Valley of Fire Beehive Rock

Pillbox Overlooking Hoover Dam

Pet Desert Tortoise

Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park

Shack View BNSF freight train

Ventian Hotel Canal, Gondaliers

Venetian Square, evening

The Venetian Hotel

Puffy Blooms

Cactus Buds

Cactus and Bush Blooming

Cactus and Bush Blooming

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

Purcell Rock Murals

Animals, Minerals, etc.

London Bridge Palms

Phoney Franken Palms

Locker Changing Rooms

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park

Machinegunner Pillbox Hoover Dam

Window Shopping Wild Burro

Study the Past, Goffs School Historic Site


Deserted Desert Shores

How Hot Was It?

Rt 66, Oatman Road

Lone Joshua Tree

Standing Rock

Cactus in Bloom

California Desert Road

Roy's Motel Cafe

Joshua Trees

Goffs School Display

Ben and Dad

BF Goodrich Porch

Lake Mead Tour Boat

ElGarces Hotel

Sometimes you're the windshield...

Route 66 East from Sitgreaves Pass

Goffs School Triangle

Anne,Rhoda, Sherm

Steve, Historian Goffs School

Lava Tube Oculus, Margaret

Lava Tubes Road Pano

Horses AZ, Roadkill Cafe, Rt 66, Seligman, AZ

Date Palm Grove

Faultline Oasis

Abandoned Rt 66, Kingman, AZ

Cactus Punctuation, Abandoned Rt 66

Rock Cut, Abandoned Rt 66, Kingman, AZ

Valley of Fire, Nevada State Park

Blue Hearth

Italian Gelato, Venetian Square

Joshua Tree Forest

Squashed Bug

Locked Latch

Apologies to Edw. Hopper

Bristol Lake Salt Bed

Beached Land Yacht

Crevice, Joshua Tree National Park

Drink Coffee

Early Wetland Spring

Early Blooms

Spring Growth

Spring growth

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush Aerial Ground Hog

Ground Hog in Tree

Aerial Ground Hog

US Rt 66 (Sears) Bungalow My Favorite Image of Rt 66

'The Kismet' Sears, Roebuck & Co. 1928-32 Catalogue Sears and Rt 66 Originated in Chicago

Another one launching on Hudson, 7/4/2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Barnett Shoddy Mill Overhead Fixture





Twilight Over Hudson River

Half Dome, Vernal and Nevada Falls

Olmstead Point Vista

Mark framed by Joshua Tree

Esther, Bill Death Valley

Tuolmne Meadows

Rock Folds

Godzilla Was Here

Living in a Crack

EL Capitan, Morning

Iron Door, Pacific Foundry Casting, SF

Justice Unmasked (Jan, 1913, NYC)

Bronc Rider, Reno Rodeo

Mechanical-Bull Rider

Little Cowboy, Reno Rodeo

Linda Supporting 4000 year-old Bristlecone Pine log

Bill, Bristlecone Pine Forest Vista

Yellow Cactus Blooms, Bristlecone Road

Death Valley Selfie

Eureka Dune Edges, Close

Eureka Dune Top Edge

It's Alive! 3027, 3028, 3029...

Kissing Rocks

Edge, Eureka Dune

Eureka Dune, Death Valley


Sunrise, Meadowcliff Lodge Cliff

Shell Gasoline Pumps

Gates to Hell: Miners' Elevators

Lone Building, Bodie

Black-Face Sheep, Great Pyrenees Dog Herding

Esther, Emerald Bay Vista

Linda at Emerald Bay Vista

Rhoda, Bill, Tallac Historic Site

SutureSelf, siding, abandoned shed

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

The EYES Have It

Baldwin Estate Beach, Tallac Historic Site

Trunk Detail, Brtistlecone Pine

Bristlecone Road Vista

Green Growth Eureka Dune

Weathered Shingles, Bodie Ghost Town

Post-Forest Fire

Steve Gottleib, Dir., Horizon Workshops El Cap Valley

Tunnel View Vista

Reno Riverwalk Portraiture

'The Mobil's' Famous Fish Taco

'The Mobil' View of Mono Lake

Spitting Heads, Reno Riverwalk

Curry Camp Grounds ca 1918


Bowling Stadium Seats

A Few Lanes

Pothole Dome, Tioga Pass Rd

Mono Lake from Panum Crater Plug

Olmstead Pt View of Half Dome

Seal Harbor in Sudden Fog Bank

Foggy Marsh

Full Moon over Seal Harbor (Hand-held)

Navigating Fog Bank


Porcupine Island, Bar Harbor, ME

The Anchorage, Crowinshield Point Fog Bank

AROC Captain and Crew

Rounding the Mark, NEH Fleet

Southwest Harbor

All Blue

One Cloud Each

Lake Marsh

River Marsh, SWH

New Growth


Fisherman House

The Anchorage, Crowninshield Pt Fog, Southerly View

Tacking NE Harbor Fleet Race

Joshua Tree

Bristlecone Road Vista

Bristlecone Pine Forest Vista

Mono Lake from Crater

Eureka Dune Panorama, Death Valley National Park

Convict Lake

Bow from Cockpit

Aft Seat, floor

Engine Cover w/ frmr Roots Blower intakes on a Chrysler Hemi engine.

Windshield and deck detail

Overhead View of Interior

Turn Stbd

At Anchor



Wright 1969, Ham Fish, Owner

Grey Gar Wood (new)

Larsen Falls Flyer

Chris Craft, Great Top

Chris Craft Cobra

Boat Tail

Boat Tail

T-14 Stern

Ultimate Trailer (SxS)

Boat Tail

Yellow Jacket!

Sedan aft

Sedan Detail

Riva Junior

Miss 1000 Islands II

Hacker Craft Omega

Miss America IX, First 100 mph Boat

Chris Craft Continental 18'

ChrisCraft Capri

1969 Wright

Skaneateles Country Club

Slope Deck Chris Craft with Unique Top

Early St. Lawrence Rowers and Canoe

Early Elegance

Docks at Skaneateles CC

Skaneateles Country Club and Village

Re-commissioned as Sterling, V in Hull Family Boat Tradition

Port Bow, topsides, canvas, trailer refurbished

55F=Warm Christmas Greetings

Frozen Sunset

Adam's Retirement Plan

Chris Craft CL22-032 mfg DATA sheet w/accessories noted

'Beverwyck', Seat of Wm P. VanRensselaer, East Patroon

Patroon Agents House From AlbanyRivP50200

Bath-View-of-Albany, engraving

Albany Sunset from Beverwyck

Albany Glow from Bath

Winter Albany Skyline from Bath

Bath Sunset to Albany, 1990

Soaking Up at Hall's Boat, stern

Shakedown Cruise Preliminaries

Lunch at the Sagamore

Cockpit, Chris Craft Continental 22'

Sterling V Arriving

Sterling Drive-by

"Skunk" in W.P. Gates' "Lake George Boats and Steamboats"

Crusader 502 CID Big Block GM

Blue Water Manor Lunchtime Admirers

eBay Convertible Top, Erected (OEM was white)

Bolton Landing ACBS Mini Show, Sterling, V, center

ACBS Show Parade from Sterling, V

"Caprice," Henry B. Nevins 1926

Number Boat (22) 1910, JE Kelly

Center Docks; Not Forgotten, Show Winner foreground

East Dock

Classic Plastic, Glasspar G3

1914 Consolidated Launch

Center Docks

People's Choice '50 Holiday


Bow, LGC Birgees


G 18 ***


Packard Engine


Reis-Monogrammed Cockpit

Rudder, Prop, Exhaust

Helicopter Over Parade

Baby Gar at Speed

GarWoods on Parade; MV Morgan

Baby Gar in Parade

Parade with Chopper at Sagamore

Parade with MV Morgan

Chopper Over Parade Chop

Miss Detroit, III

"Lulu" Black Gar Wood

Fish Brothers, G18 El Lagarto2

Jacqueline at Speed

Jacqueline, at the Sagamore


"My Buddy," Dan Hogarty

G44, Adam Retersdorf


"Jacqueline", Chris Freihofer

T-14 at Sagamore Hotel

"Not Forgotten" Hutchinson Commuter



T-14 in Morning Sun off Bolton Landing

"Stern Drive," ca 1920s

Race Day Morning

Early Race Day, Bolton Landing

"Not Forgotten" Hutchinson Commuter (Media boat)

JUNO Packard Engine

JUNO Pilot

JUNO, 1937 Ventnor



1930 IMP,II

Are the Green Gator Seats "too much?"

"Thunder" Cup Holder

Sunrise at Green Harbour, Gold Cup Race Day

Fireworks over the Sagamore

Friday Evening "Mohican" Fireworks Cruise

Lake East Lawn

Lake View, Huddle Bay, Clay Island

West Elevation Light

North Approach

North Elevation

North Light

NW Porch Corner

West View from NY9N

East/Lake elevation

Total Eclipse, Rensselaer, NY ~10:30pm

Flight Path Across Fourth Shot

Emerging Eleventh Shot

Tenth Shot

Eighth Shot

Seventh Shot

Fifth Shot

Third Shot

Second Shot

Eclipse Visibly Begins ~9:15pm

Nineth Shot

First Fall Color Along Hudson

Originally Called "Skunk" Still Dazzles in 60th Season

Sandy Bay Profile 1955 Chris Craft Continental, 22'

End of 2015 Season Cruise

Headed for Performance Overhaul

Hauled 10/4/15

Piers Brutal

Bath-On-Hudson Sunset '15

Bath Sunset

Bath-On-Hudson Sunset

November Sunset Over the Hudson at Albany

FlyByACBS 2016 Show

RWHflyby ACBS Show 2016

SteringVBolton Show2016

ACBS Meeting Blue Water

Bath-On-Hudson Sunset

Patroon Agent's House and Office, Bath-on-Hudson, NY

New Panamera

Tres Outlaws Gator Combat Boots