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I live in Willebroek, Belgium (Europe). After Art School, where photography was one of the sections, I worked 35 years as an Art Director in advertising and allready 15 years with Photoshop, to realize the ideas. Now my hobby and passion is creating experimental/surealistic photomontages. I sent those images to International Experimentaal Photocontests with success. With differents shootings I try to ceated my own personal image. What I make now, is a logic follow-up from what I did professionaly. Maybe those images are not accepted by everybody, but the last years they are eddited all over the world in magazines and books.


Single Photos

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Muse museum

Sur Mesure 1

Stouny encounters

One stage

Gate of eden

Art Square

Strange influence 1

Fatal attraction

Painting the spring

Windows of consumption

Sky high

Full moon


Last drop

The fugitives


Magic in the air 2

Stony encounters 4

the valley 1

Black art museum

Black art museum 2

Hand made

Colours of the air 1

Tinned freedom.

Sea-gulls 1

Sea-gulls 2

Revenge of the ants.

Fisherman's-tale NEW

Time is money

Time flows by...

Endless time

Stranger in the night



Eye seduction

The nightmare

Lago de las nimphas


Feeling blue 1 #3

Feeling blue 2 #3

Feeling blue 3 #3

The forest falls asleep

Natural shelter

An angel for you


Sweet home

Refuge à la mer

The chosen one

Silent heights


over-built coast

The survivor


It's a real nowhere man

Autumn walk

This night had thousand eyes

A star... lonely at the top


Feeling of emptiness


Eagle's nest

The guardian

Fallen sky

Out of love

Secrets of the sea

Deep breath


May they survive!

Coast guards

Remember august 2006/2


Heartbreak hotel



She beleaves

Stormy kisses

Bad times, good times

The unfinished symphony


King for one day

The impossible, made possible

Green for green

Haevy sky

Catch the power of communication

Happy Eeaster

Like a virgin


I don't like vegetables

Singing in the rain

Light in the darkness

Heaven's gate

Drop of prosperity 3 # 4

Drop of prosperity 4 # 4

A souvenir from the coast

Broken heart

Out of the crowd

Time to go

Spring will be there soon

Global heating!!!

IQ levels


Music makes free, if you realy want.

Above all troubles


Cold and rainy, make your choice888

Love and sorrow


Half blind and still happy.

Energy, we need.


Stone headed visitor

Take a seat

Sure mesure 3


Drawing leaf

Le printemps se déssine.

Oxigen 1

Oxygene 2

Oxygen 3

Oxygene 4


Story of the very beginning (reload)

Cracked mind

It all started with this...

The land of antopictica


Day and night... ships go by.

The land of antopictica ( 2)

The land of antopicitca (3)

Up to an higher level.

I think, I'm a dreamer

Who is afraid of a tree?

Sexual hang-over.

Stairway to heaven.

The sun-bay watch

Look at the bright side of life

Of course, an apple a day...

Man and the moon ... the last one who passed shut the light.

Wicked wood

Farewell my love

At an hight level.

Time is money

Lost roots.

Only OPENS, when open for fantasy.

If we had wings, we could fly... i wish I could

Kilroy was here

Changing views

Living in decay 5

Of course, Mr. Professor (Reload with corrections)

Enlighted town poet

Longing for the spring

Her VERY highness returns back home

Big city exodus

Welcome, refreshing source... after a few months without rain.

Voyage to the light.

The supreme court

Some moments in live, can be a heavy burden.

Autumn impression.

12h12... time to take control over your life.

For most of us, it stops here.

A very windy day at the coast.

The inspector.

For you're eyes only

Sealed with a kiss.

Playing Icarus

Break out.

Departure for a time travel

May the light shine bright in 2013

The observer

The killer rest

Spring greetings from Holland

Recycling we must!

The acrobat

Wishful thinking

Big brother is watching you

Prisoners of fashion (New version)

Extreme skyscraper.

Blind date

A home

A boy's dream (new)

An heart world and nature (new)


Colors of decay.

Deerhunter (new)


Faceless New

Floating in a dream.

Forbidden fruit (new)


I wan't take the risk !

Make love not war.

Oeps ...he can't wait?

Overbuilded coast new

Prisoners of fashion

Refuge a la mer.

Small juggler, at an high level.

Summer feeling

The killer takes a rest New

The refusal

Under very close surveillance.


Phantome ship

Rainy day

Trouble view

Street flower

Mind phaser

Colonial souvenirs.

Art lover

Wrapped in red with love.

Top manager.

Funky winter cut

Privacy please

The power of survival

Ecological freedom

Love an sarrow.

Globe ice is melting...

... hope it last longtime

Unreachable top

Art and the city.

Africa is moving..

Time controler

Open you horizons

Garden beauties

Follow the guide (at your own risk!)

Moving again

Source of life.

Leave us some green...

Break free

Spiral of life 2

Spiral of life 1

High, dry and potected.

Eye catcher

Golden herbarium

admiring the black beauty

Lady zebra


Silence please


Animal holiday resort

With comfort...

The flight

Peace writing

Proud as a peacock!

Mind blowing

Between light and dark

Autmn leave collector

Big dreams

A new song grows


Tower of strenght

Essence of life




locked up



Open book

Keep cool


Time stressed


Eye catching

A little is enough when thirsty.

Save house

Trough the frame

Scary voyage

Get out!

Cry to the moon

Searching cooling

Fabtasy meet fake

Jean and Jeanette : duo

Antwerp shipping


Catch a cloud!

Cloud stop

Repairing my world

Time stressed

Time driver

Treasure island

Full colour expressionist

Air conditioned

Blind date

Forest walker

Branched mind

Dark zone 1

Dark zone 2

Dark zone 3

Dark zone 4

Eye catcher

It's summer