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I have been with for sometime now and quite a few here may know me and what I stand for but for those of you coming here for the first time let me say a warm welcome! Thank you for taking the time to view my images and thank you also for those of you who commented and gave critique, I appreciate both. For many years now I have dedicated my life to social awareness and ensuring fairness, tolerance & understanding is given to those whose only wrongs are differences in circumstances that are beyond their control. I have worked with and alongside many charities, organizations and individuals to see about changing our society for the better. The thing that keeps me going is the beliefs that if I can help just one person then I have made a difference and perhaps that one day they will go on to help another too. The work I am doing can be very draining and at times upsetting, moral support helps as it lets me know that others share the same sentiments, so if you believe in what I am doing please leave a comment with any of the images you see in my 'On The Streets' folder or any other relating to social awareness. we can make a difference to the world all we have to do is but try, when a new viewer sees the comments (footprints) that his/her predecessor has left it sends out a clear message of hope and for some this can mean everything. If you would like to know some more about who I am, what I am doing and why, please feel free to e-mail me and I will only be too pleased to assist you. I would like to thank P.N for bringing a first class service that enables photographers, visual artists, and creative individuals from around the world the chance to show their work, interpretations of life and all that goes into it. Although we may not share the same tastes/views we acknowledge that variety/individuality is the essence which goes into making life that little bit more interesting.

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Dreaming of Nelson


Battersea Power Station

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'Right, you kick him, and I'll let the cat out of the bag?'

Meeting May (Story)

Blessed Are The Poor

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'Honey'I'm Horny!


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'The Mornings Glory'

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'The Rage'

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'Old Fisherman'

Dont feed the pigeons!

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'As Good As It Get's'

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Boy Meets Girl

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Remembering Yesterday

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View from Tate Modern

David Escapes

'Zi Rides By'

Clothes That 'GAP!'

Still waiting!

Watching the Watchers

The Enchanted Castle

'London Calling'

London 7/7


'Mr Dru & the Levis belt'


'Tucked Away'

'The Reluctant Rebel'


'Waiting On Joe'


'Sunset Lady'

'The Entertainer'

The last day of the routemaster

Last Ride (B+W)

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Dreams & Reality

Sleeping Begger Rome Italy

'Don't hold your breath'

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'The Kiss'

Chaple in the Mountains

Money Talks!


'winning seconds'

Balloon Boy B+W

'Dorethy Drops Acid!'



'Red on Blue Subway'

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'Blind Love'

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Polish Model Anna

Bella on Chair

Model on Chair

Ruby in the park

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Reflecting Rome



Friday I'm in Love

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Riding the Morning Worm

Lamp through window

Mr Silly.

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Lost His Trolly

Howrah Bridge Calcutta

'Madcap & Mayhem'

Room with a view

Will E Capote


Up Yours!


'Welcome to India'



Alex and the Curious Dog


Girl in Cafe Tel Aviv with frame

Mark Anthony

love on the streets of London (Oxford Street)


Eat This


Communi-ZEN (Colour)



Reflecting a Window of Opportunity

Play time


Boris Johnson, London Mayor


State of a Nation



Julian Assange at London's anti capitalist global protest


Face 2

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The Brick

Steve & Mother b&w sml

Steve Taylor portrait

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