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I have been taking photographs for a long time now, even made a living from it a few years ago, but now I just enjoy myself, take photographs of the people and things that I want to photograph. Photography for me is a wide medium, I have met and made many friends, some of them on here, they share, as do I, a love to capture the things we see, and share them with everyone who cares to look. I will keep adding my work, as long as people still care to see it, and many thanks to everyone, who takes the time to rate, and critique my work, If not for you I would not grow and learn. Many thanks to all. Giovanni.

Country: UK


Single Photos
New work from 2011


My Father Taken in 1938
I don't take Photographs like this
Net & Stocking 2 Model: Gemma
So Alone
Vicki In Rome
Casualty of War Model: Kim
Roxy Tank Girl Model: Roxy
INGSOC 1984 Themed Shoot Model: Star_Light
The Party Faithful Models: DJ. Whitepasta & Star_Light
Breath Model: Star_Light
The Lady Killers Models: Avelyn Fia & Yazi Bathory
My Baby Model: Yazi Bathory
9...10 Coming Ready Or Not !! Model: Avelyn Fia
The Beautiful People Model: Avelyn Fia
Avelyn Fia Model: Avelyn Fia
Freedom Model: Avelyn Fia
Time To Grow Up Model: Yazi Bathory
Char Grilled Jackson
329360_391827437537198_558035528_o (1)
Portrait Of Sol