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Having retired almost two years ago now, well past the usual "sell by" date, I have done some more extended travelling and am always considering the next trip. I am less willing to take a heavy Canon kit with me these days, but have a couple of smaller cameras, Nex 7 and a Leica which share a number of fine lenses. It's not the tool that counts, but the talent. But that requires more continual practice than I wish I did, or could do in the suburbs between NYC and Philadelphia. Here I am giving NJ a bad name. I am sure there is a special circle in Hell for those of us who do.

Country: US


Single Photos

street walkers, Lisbon

Hanoi after 5 by the lake

Calatrava architecture: railroad station in Lisbon



kids today

alex,ty, aj , and mom


old films found


gulls of Mt. Athos


China and HK



New Mexico



Glacier National Park, Montana

Canadian Rockies , Banff to Jasper

Wedding in the Cambodian countryside

After the Winter Storm of 2010

Florida '09


Saigon on cycles

icebergs and glaciers in Patagonia

holding pattern


Cambridge New York Boston

Iceland 2010

London 2010

January snow 2011 L'ville


China:The Great Wall

nature Canon and Nex

China: the people

China plus

new old Vietnam


spring and fall

California 2012

Portland, Oregon 2012

Washington Crossing Park on the Delaware River


New York City

art and architecture


winter trees


The Galapagos

Peru: Cuzco, Lima, and the Incas





India plus 2014

some of the latest

best of all


The doors of the temple are closed

blue flowers and friends

girl with yellow bird

red Sedona in March snow

oak creek in March

white on dark

roses and shadows

a walk on the wild side

red rocks after a storm in Sedona

Sedona before dusk

red rocks in a Sedona morning

morning bather with bike on the Ganges

evening bathers on the Ganges

young Brahmin priest on the Ganges

Tibetan monastery dormitory, Sikkim

man in a box on the Ganges

world cup fervor, Amsterdam

2 plus monkeys by the road on a wall

three boys in Jaipur

shopping mall in Melbourne

a cello recital in the Marais

a promontory in one of Norway's narrow waterways

a grim male in India

a photographer caught on camera

a group of happy kids in Bandora, India

flowers floating on the delta

a cruise on a dark stormy day

a red restaurant in Paris

walrus rock, Alaska

a bare tree and a threatening sky

man with a silver cup

elephant and child

Colorado summer

a boat on the Fjord

Kids crossing the Yamuna Rover

Alaskan summeer refelctions

refuse on the shore

Alaska in black and white

Denali landscape

a crevice in the stone forest of Kunming

outdoor Buddha Siem Reap

The Buddha of Angkor Wat

The entrance to the Buddha Temple at Kunming

revisited royal grounds

small Buddha and friends


ancient tree growing from ancient ruins

naked boy with watermellons in market in Siem Reap

boy at market in Siem Reap

girl at wedding in Siemn Reap

special trees sping or should one let mother nature be herself

a monk as teacher

a blind band playing at a temple

ship on thes lake

Kunming stone forest

the sacred and the profane

War Arun Bangkok

crown of thorns

photographers hide and seek near Angkor Wat

the new Paris on the hill




drummer on the right bank


What one ses out the back window, a hotel in Frankfurt



Kunming rocks

Angkor Wat on green background

lips in Paris

late afternoon at Peterhoff

casual in Oslo

St Petersburg church interior

still life with eggs

Hands off the scales and no smoking; someone's watching.



an older brother paying hommage to his younger sibling

chanedlier in the Queluz palace near Lisbon

the green door

a lady in front of her shop in Lisbon

butterflies in Lisbon


a tenement on a side street on the lower Alfama in Lisbon

green door in a pink wall

Lisbon railroad detail

a corner of the Calatrava railroad station in Lisbon

a lady in Lisbon on a Sunday afternoon

back alley behind restaurants in Singapore

the Garden of William and Mary in Loo


Green door nears Lisbon castle

Oriente Railroad Station, Lisbon, by Calatrava

the front of Calatrava's exceptional railroad station, the Oriente, in Lisbon

dancers in Singapore exercising on the slant

red flower in Lisbon

a lone pidgeon in abstract space, Lisbon

The northern coast of Portugal from Cabo San Roca, the most western point in Europe

dark to light

yellow wall hangings


park of natons casino plaza Lisbon

The Lui river flowing through Yangshouo

An active wall in Sintra, Portugal

an airport in China

an airport in the new vibrant China 2

a pink flower

The chirch of the Anunciation from bed

guard at the door

tree with pharmacy

a well advertised art shop in a corner of Lisbon's Bairro Alto

Blue Laundrey

earth, air, and water, Sintra, Portugal

Burma lads at market

The beautiful Shwedagopn Pagoda and a sad prayerful man

blue and white on black


a shop on a side street in Singapore

a few red leaves in a dry Autumn


Norway in the summer

Norway's water and hills

Norway in a deep summer night

Jaippur and the Maharaja's magic pot


the cave in Guilin

Meteora circle of buses

glass on a museum shelf

boab tree in western Australia

Alaskan glacier











Mt. Olympus

The dome of the Salzburg cathedral

relief sculpture on the walls of Angkor Wat

laundrey hanging from a Lisbon window

laundrey from Lisbon

Melbourne Arts Center

The Olgas in central Australia

reflections in Lisbon

reflections of the Tagus river

golden fountain in the palace garden of William and Mary in Loo, Holland

Norwegian glacier

Meteora monastery

small ruin of a temple near Angkor Wat




curtains at #12








a girl by the road in northern India






bearded man with can

tea lady in Darjeeling

mother and daughter in Varanassi

farm in Tasmania

view from the train

view from the roof

hang your noodles out to dry

alone on Halong Bay

balletic fishing on the South China sea

baby at Sunday market in northern Vietnam

two lads sitting by a lake in Hanoi


massage by the lake in Hanoi

Lady and rooster on the Perfume River, Hue

three cuts of a barber shop

siesta in Saigon

caught between the wires

Hong Kong architecture

seeing double in HK

Hong Kong old and new

power shirt dryig

traffic in Vietnam by a nose

ethnic minority colors in a Vietnam market

heading to market in Can Tho

senior citizen in Sapa climbing to market

fishing net in Hoi An

tailor shop in Hoi An

door in HoiAn


market day on pier in Hoi An


three sisters on the Sapa road

lady in the Hanoi market

flowers at a shrine in Hanoi

young lady on way to market in Sapa

reading her ledger on a rock

scene near Sapa Vietnam

farm and hills, Sapa

brother and sister in Sapa

farm house, tree,ricefield, and mountains Sapa, Vietnam

boat at a river market on the Mekong Delta

lady in purple, Mekong delta

silk and brick

ice cream in Hanoi

casual biker by the lake

caught in the line of fire

a flower from the market on ladies day in Vietnam

happy biker in Hanoi

one of many couples at sunset by the lake in Hanoi

another happy picture taker

waiting to serve lunch in the market

toward evening by the lake in Hanoi

toward evening in a Hanoi park

soft and hard

the big green bag

one of many young couples by the lake in Hanoi

one happy biker by the lake in downtown Hanoi

rice fields on a highway near Hanoi

green luggage

bus traffic in Hong Kong

French colonial style in Saigon

incense burners hanging in a Hong Kong temple

a single flower from a Hong Kong garden

the heart of Hong Kong


walking in the rice fields of Sapa

hills in a storm


lady with bandana and umbrella in northern Vietnam market

lady with ethnic headgear in Sapa

old lady in the rain at market in northern Vietnam

lady in green hat at northern market in Vietnam

temple in Hue

mops ready for cleaning Hue temple

blue boat on Perfume river

top of Hue temple

Meteora Greece from its valley

Hong Kong dawn

Hong Kong night

dredging in Halong Bay

Where's the Wurst

Sapa rice fields 3

boy not ascending a staircase

graveyard near Hanoi

farm at the very edge of rice fields in Vietnam

toy shop in Saigon

incense burners in a Hong Kong temple

balloon dolls preparing for Chinese Olympics

The Buddha through lavender

five buildings at least in a narrow Hong Kong street

wedding bouquet in Saigon

9:15 AM, Saigon time

balancing for bread

temple near Hue

monks in Mandalay

Hanoi house wrapped up

white flowers

Sedona in March

Tucson on a cool day in March


name this African bird

palace as hotel with guest and luggage

Jaipur palace on lake

four ladies at New Delhi mosque

Disney Concert Hall LA


business expo center, Lisbon

Taj Mahal in deep blue

Lisbon railroad station and laundrey

the elegant lines of Calatrava architecture

from the Calatrava railrod station to the Vasco da Gama mall in Lisbon

floating elevator 2 Calatrava station

two travelers with guide books

still life with beer bottle(empty)

rooftop in Lisbon

heading west down the Tagus river to the Atlantic

seemless flow across a street

heading to the future, remembering the past

to stop here or not to stop here

roofs over the railrod station tracks

pediment of temple in China

young Myanmar monk and friends

selling bread at a Mekong delta floating market

two monks in a bleak world

smaller at than Angkor

view on Halong Bay

young chefs on Halong Bay

floating village on Halong Bay

tourist boat on Halong Bay

ancient Chinese exercises on deck

exercising with flag

lonely fishing boat Halong Bay

old couple on Hanoi bench

Halong Bay boats

monastery on high

contemplating by the lake

couple contemplating in a a tree

senior contemplating by the lake

young man contemplating by the lake

young man contemplating by the lake

contemplating by the lake 4

contemplating couple by the lake 4

pediment of an antique home

Halong bay in black and white

Li River on a cloudy day

Sedona vista

meteora monastery cross

Safari guide in South Africa

red reflections

Kangaroo Island rock

Mt. Athos monastery on the coast

in the dugout

a flower pot on a Bergin street

just flowers

a shopkeeper at the Saturday morning market in Amsterdam

Wat in Bangkok from the street

monk with cell phone amidst Bangkok shrines

a path through the Saturday market in Amsterdam

a few adverts on a board in Amsterdam

Li river boat


crossing the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok

two bars on stilts in the Mekong Delta

sunset on a high corner of Wat Arun in Bangkok

a house in Greece

lone boat with family on the Mekong

Halong bay with white topped boat

monasteries large and small in Meteora

farm in the middle of rice terraces

a fountain in Oslo

Angkor Wat

a small temple in Cambodia

street scene

a masked mother

front yard flower

street scene Hoi An

the Chines bridge in Hoi An

boats on the river

strange red flowers


foothills of Mt. Olympus

temple flowers

a basic rockies view

a loaf of rock in many layers

the variety of a national park

Missoula sunset

Morning mist in Montana

Holland lake in Montana




dusk near Holland Lake

evening near Holland Lake

a random rainbow over Glacier National Park in Canada

a morning rainbow after a night's terrific storm in Glacier Natonal Park, Canada

weather in the rockies

streaks over a glacier

found in the greenery of a field of Jasper national park

how small our boat is

beauty amid the flowers of Glacier National Park

glacial water and backdrop, Jasper National Park

a valley in the rockies






trees and waterfall

Yet another view of Lake Moraine with boat. But where is there a more beautiful lake?

where fire once was in the Rockies

the fluid forms of nature

the beauty fire left behind

flowing water, flowing rocks




th solid geometry of rock

lonesome in the wilderness of water

barren tree, fertile ground

evening hail in Montana

hail storm in Montana


wilflowers and mountain foothills

mountains and skirt of meadows

Athabsca Falls, Jasper

Athabasca Falls, Creek

the feeling of Athabasca Falls, Jasper

a budding delicate whiteness



rainbow at Glacier National Park

varieties of rockies landscape

Glacier landsape

spiral staircase in an old hotel, Saigon

ranch in the Canadian rockies

island off Olympic Penninsula, Washington

Athabsca waterfall on the wet side


Canadian Rockies, view from a balcony



















Kunming stone forest abstract

Kunming stone forest with flowers

Kunming stone forest with tree

Alaskan ice

Canadian waterfall

woods in the Canadian rockies

Canadian Rockies in summer snow


Vietnamese dragon, Danang

Dnang: relief of flute player

sculpture garden near Danang scultpure factory and shop

Vietnamese relief : polo players

Wendy ty and aj



Tyler and the plastic pizza








Florida Everglades

alligator snoozing in warm Florida sun

nose to nose

gulf birds

perched in the Everglades

Everglade light and dark

Gulf of Mexico

Everglade reflections

early spring flowers

boating on the Mekong

flowers in black and white

red flowers on trees

white on black

red flower in Hue


Saturday market in Amsterdam

lunch in an abstract universe

tree in transition

Chloe and Noko


Chloe upside down

petals in space

bouquet on black

orange on black

emerging flowers

orange at dusk

birds on a cliff

seal on the cliff

four stages of growth

cormorant tethered to a Guilin raft

horizontal living in Paris

spring garden

black and white and color


an art deco tourist tower

taking pictures of the sky

yellow on black

flowers and a classical column

Montana bear grass 2

on the road to Holland Lake, Montana

on the road in Montana


found along the Oregon coast

orchid from a private collection


found along the Oregon coast

from a private collection


from a private collection, Yachats, Oregon


from a private collection

three boys headed for the dunes behind Cape Kiwanda

rushing water in Glacier National Park

family issues 2

a boy's best friend, a reluctant one

the sea and rocks of Cape Kiwanda. Oregon

Bear in Glacier.

Cape Kiwanda from the back with crashing waves

rock with a thousand birds, Oregon Coast

a view through the glass in the Seattle Aquarium

someone's dream of a summer vacation

family issues 1

above Starbucks, a notable piece of Seattle architecture

a closer view of the foam at Cape Kiwanda, Oregon

a distinct snow line in June in Glacier National Park


The hell with it. I'm leaving.

Windsurfer on the Oregon coast

windsurfer off Oregon coast

rocks off Cape Kiwanda

gentle sunset

barren tree on the shore

Lake McDonald in the evening

I'm damned angry at all the pictures being taken of birds!!

berries hanging in a green and grey woods

the rocky shore of Oregon

It's cold and wet up here, but I guarantee a drier picture later.

bird perch with limited seating on top

July 4th outside a home in Yachats

Yachats on July 4

flowers from a private collection in Yachats, Oregon



wild flowers on the Oregon coast



Newport Oregon bridge and harbor

harbor dock with bird

chapel on a stream


snow in late June in Glacier

Heceta Bay beech on a grim sunday afternoon


metal and glass




nature: Cannon beach at sunset

only one of these reflections is illuminating

street --famous old bar

several places to go in one evening







puffin under glass


What's a wedding without some fun?

Seattle Aquarium (no flash)

Montana bear grass 2

Montana bear grass 1

the light and the dark of late spring


Heceta Light

birds in the air, on the rocks, and, in the water

Glacier Park at the end of June

Montana in June

different rocks for different folks

the sign warns you to be careful


blue and wild



variations in the high desert

detail of St. Francis church in Taos

St. Francis church in Taos

two birds on St. Francis church in Taos

red rocks of Abiquiu

Taos pueblo

Taos pueblo church

black bell on tin roof

red cliffs near Taos

soft and rocky in New Mexico

high desert of New Mexico

painting in the high desert of Taos

Abiquiu plateau

Abiquiu cliff

Abiquiu tree

leafless but standing

dead and dying trees

bend in Abiquiu river

Abiquiu river detail

Abiquiu church resurfaced;it used to have a rich shade of adobe orange.

Trampas NM church


church bell

Denver airport great hall with flag

Denver airport waiting for a ride

Denver airport holding up the big tent

Denver airport waiting to be checked

Denver airport Colorado flag

Denver airport escalator

Denver airport canopy

Denver airport sculpture

feet on the ground, Denver airport

sand dunes in Colorado

the high desert of NM

New Mexico desert

Garden of the Gods 5

Garden of the Gods 4

Garden of the Gods 3

Garden of the Gods rock climbing

Garden of the Gods 2

Garden of the Gods 1

Oregon coast

sand cycling in Oregon

church bell in Abiquiu

dunes in Colorado with foreground

the dunes of southern Colorado in antique light


green and grey with flowers

wildflowers near Taos

door bell in Santa Fe

door design on Canyon Road

reflections of Canyon Road, Santa Fe

The Rio Grande

clouds over the red hills

pet cafe

canvas, brick, and aluminum

green door in yellow wall

pitcher in the window

red hills of New Mexico


Denver airport canopy


Holland Lake creek

bear grass in Montana

learning a skill at the Garden of the Gods

welcoming garden to a hotel

fine feathered fowl

cliff over the Pacific

pavillion under the clouds

black swan

broad cliff face in The Garden of the Gods

design in front of an art store summoning you in

capitalism at the edge of the Rio Grande gorge

rocky muffins near Abiquiu

New Mexico landscape

massive red cliffs of Abiquiu

walls of the Rio Grande

streaming past a rock

ghostly branches in the woods of Glacier National Park

a road in Glacier National Park

valley and mountain, late spring in Glacier National Park

layers of landscape in Glacier National Park

late spring inGlacier National Park

Glacier Park in black and white in springtime

Lake Macdonald in Spring

Yaquina Head lighthouse detail

What else to do on a warm spring day on the Gulf of Mexico?

pillars and cliffs of Abiquiu

blue sky, couds, and red cliffs

road to red

upside down for the camera

abstract on Seattle bay

Seattle with cars and boats

purple flowers on the edge of the Pacific

pelican on bay

Abiquiu pyramid

rock of many colors

Colorado dunes

a rear corner of the St. Francis Church, Ranchos de Taos

font in a rear corner of the St. Francis Church in Ranchos de Taos

sunset at 7500 feet

from a garden in NM


two shacks on the high plains

rugged and delicate at the edge of the Pacific

yellow on the Pacific


garden of the gods

balcony in blue

a home with mystical scribblings


alone on a Saigon Road



a dancer in Danang museum

portrait of a guide in India

monks at a Sikkim shrine

school for monks in Hue

Sunday at a shrine in Kunming

Glacier Village shops

toys for sale

gull 3 over Greek waters

gull grabbing bread tossed by a monk from a Mt.Athos ferry

gull hovering over a Mt.Athos ferry

gull over Greek waters

gull 2 over Greek waters



a June view of mountains in Montana

monks on Mt. Athos


sunset clouds in New Mexico

November in New Jersey

a hilly promontory on the river of Guilin

lady with basket in hills above Kunming

evening prayers on the Ganges

girls playing on a hill above Sapa, Vietnam

vertical snooze in a Vietnamese village


boy with boulder

young lad on a dusty road near a hill town in northern Vietnam

three travelers on a dusty mountain road in northern Vietnam










a waterfall passes a well veined rock

Sedona in March







market lady of the Mekong Delta

friends on a local ferry in Vietnam

houseboats on the Mekong


the delicate congruence of rocks

abstract on Kangaroo Island

Wedding in the Cambodian countryside #1



three children in Cambodia










cooking for a wedding in the Cambodian countryside







a monk going home in Siem Reap, Cambodia



love at a Paris museum

waiting in the rain at the Royal Palace in Hue

Onion Domes of St. Petersburg

woman in a hill town above Kunming

reflections in blue after a storm

refelctions in blue 1, after a winter storm

reflections in a blue pond

reflections in a blue pond 1

winter pond

reflections in a pond after the storm of 2010

a chair in winter

creek after the snowstorm

after the winter storm

survivors of a winter storm

Argentina: an iceberg near the Upsala glacier

a detail of an iceberg near the Upsala Glacier

floating ice near the Upsala glacier

a cafe with guests in Humahuaca

different points of view in Salta

landscape near el Calafate

landscape 2 near el Calafate

doors in Humahuaca

church in Santa

street corner in Bocca, Buenos Aires

a woman of Purmamarca

Perito Moreno glacier

hills in Purmrmarca

street gaucho

street scene in Salta

blue building in Salta


gaucho in el Calafate

Green tree near Cafayate

red masked salt sculptor

twilight in Bariloche

saleslady in Purmarmarca

yellow liquor store in Palermo, Buenos Aires

studded door and purple wall, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Perito Moreno Glacier 2

comings and goings in a local Patagonian bar

guardian of the front door in Patagonia

mother and son in Santa

hot and hot pink in Buenos Aires

Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia

dog posing in Boca, Buenos Aires

refelctions in Buenos Aires

lavender door in Boca, Buenos Aires

laundrey drying in Boca, Buenos Aires

front door in Boca, Buenos Aires

wall painting at a mall in Boca, Buenos Aires

blue bench in Boca, Buenos Aires

street scene in Boca, Buenos Aires

morning dance at a cafe in Boca, Buenos Aires

front entrance of a house in Buenos Aires

the typical color palette of Boca, Buenos Aires

green curtain in Boca, Buenos Aires

having a cigarette in Boca, Buenos Aires

street scene in Humuahuaca

the circus came to town

white awning in Buenos Aires

Calatrava bridge in Buenos Aires

changing of the guard in Buenos Aires

flamingoes on the edge of Lago Argentina

landscape near el Calafate

ostrich in a bar room

icebergs in Argentina

details of an iceberg in Argentina

details of an iceberg in Argentina

details of iceberg in Argentina

icebergs in southern Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier

falling snow from the Perito Moreno Glacier

a boat in front of the Perito Moreno Glacier

view of Perito Moreno Glacier from a boat

Perito Moreno glacier

the painted hills above Tilcara

purple shoes

a teachers' strike with a barrier set up on the main north-south road in Tilcara

plains outside el Calafate

jewelry and fabric from Humahuaca

miners selling salt sculpture on the salt flats in northern Argentina at about 13,000 feet on the...

rendevouz at 13,000 feet on the salt flats

mountains near Purmamarca in northern Argentina

Purmamarca hills

a tourist bus with a local fellow interested in one of the passengers

a windy evening on the shore

spray on a windy evening in Bariloche

wind and waters on a Bariloche evening

the waters of Bariloche

the waters and rocks of Bariloche





balladeer in a distant cafe








white door in yellow wall, Buenos Aires


argentina 2-56


Mt. Pelling, (third highest mountain in the world, a holy mountain not open to visitors)


Saigon biker

Can Tho Mekong-188

Can Tho Mekong-189

Can Tho Mekong-190

Can Tho Mekong-191-Edit

Can Tho Mekong-194

Can Tho Mekong-201

Can Tho Mekong-202

Can Tho Mekong-204

Can Tho Mekong-206

Can Tho Mekong-210

finished shopping in Saigon

Can Tho Mekong-217

Can Tho Mekong-221

Can Tho Mekong-225

Can Tho Mekong-226

Can Tho Mekong-227

Can Tho Mekong-228

Can Tho Mekong-230

Can Tho Mekong-255

Can Tho Mekong-261

masked biker 1, Ho Chi Min City(Saigon)

Can Tho Mekong-265

saigon mekong (101 of 297)

saigon traffic

saigon mekong (68 of 297)

Saigon: heading to the ferry

Saigon mekong-111

Saigon mekong-114

Saigon mekong-116

father and son in Vietnam

Saigon mekong-254



waiting for a wedding to begin on the beach

Buddhas in Ft. Lauderdale




shadows falling on a glacier


llama sticking out its tongue




tea and a chaser, an Argentine custom



driving sheep home


icebergs in southern Argentina

iceberg glow


pet ostrich on an farm

view from the front yard of a small estancia hotel

el Calafate evening

dark lamp on light wall

Everglades: bird on a branch

Evergaldes: bird and reflection



Can Tho ,Mekong Delta: father and son

Can Tho, Mekong Delta: washing clothes in the front yard

Can Tho, Mekong Delta: portrait of a young boy

Can Tho, Mekong Delta: market lady

door in a small town near Danang

heading back to Banff

fern a

reading and watching in a cafe in Salta

wood, water, and rock

famous hotel on its noble perch

rockies 4-376-Edit-2-Edit

Sapra whirling young dervish

Sapra: portrait of a mountain boy

Sapra: two lads wrestling in the front yard

gaucho on a small estancia

bartering in black and white


preparing for tango

Argentina, southern sunset

Argentina a piece of a glacier

curious critter in southern Argentina

Can Tho, Mekong market lady

the pig and the benchwarmers

Saigon chef

spring view in NJ, not near the turnpike

Can Tho Mekong-84



afternoon sighting in Adelaide

Saigon near lunch time





antique blooms

rustling in the breeze

argentina 2-44

St.Petersburg icon


stp food





Can Tho Mekong Delta

three routes through the rockies

Buenos Aires interior

the morning after in Salta, Argentina

interior, St. Petersburg Church

photographer in a bikini coffee establishment: less is more

a golden Buddha in Hue, Vietnam

pickles in St. Petersburg

as refreshing as watermelon

Thessaloniki, party on a Sunday morning after a baptism

speech over peaches in Thessaloniki

mother and son

wait until you get to the bottom line

this side US, the other Canada

outside a crowded shop in Palermo, Buenos Aires

a once elegant facade, Buenos Aires


the happy gardener in Buenos Aires

mustard wall


reflections of an Argentine bird

reflections on a farm: who is where?

siesta in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires shop


campus library

holding tight

the brightly colored homes of Bocca, Buenos Aires


a weary vendor in Saigon

a stream in the rockies

prickly and purple


rain on the Rio Grande

hong kong dawn


two doors in Amsterdam

a modest corner of Amsterdam

near dusk on a farm in southern Argentina

jumper under glass

nothing edible here

and he wheels it home when he's finished playing

sharp edges of a Gehry building

snoozing at the post office

choices on 33rd St.

1614 church amsterdam

Would you eat these animals?

two girls finding their way in NYC


I don't know where I am

refelctions in the Rockies

A corner of a Turner painting--"The Shipwreck"

Iceland fishing boat

Iceland fishing fleet

Iceland mountain geometry

Iceland west coast lighthouse

Iceland west coast

church on the west coast of Iceland

white house in Iceland western peninsula

Icelandic bird fishing off the western coast

Iceland bird heading for the rocks

brooding landscape of central Iceland

Icelandic horse

landscape in Iceland

church on a hill in Vik Iceland

landscape in Iceland

the sculptured hills of central Iceland in the mist

variations on a theme: Iceland hills in a mist

lava field and natural sculpture on the shore

Iceland: the way they lived

Iceland: rocks on a western peninsula

standing in a rainbow and mist

Iceland: church on the western shore

derelict home on the western coast

Iceland: small harbor on a western peninsula

the edge of a massive waterfall

Iceland: brooding western mountain

the top of a double waterfall

as the mists rise, snow caps become visible in central Iceland

distant mountains in southern Iceland

looking East from the southern coast of Iceland

designs of Icelandic landscape

London roof tops with pidgeon

London roof tops 1

Thai shrine in Wimbeldon- detail

lunch break in Leicester Square

formations of lava and moss in central Iceland

Iceland green hill and clouds

rainbow and waterfall in Iceland

Iceland-waterfall looking like falling ocean

silhouette on the southern coast of Iceland


noon in Chelsea

caught in the act


Piccadily on a Satuday afternoon




are they texting each other?

sandwiched between meals on wheels

view from a plane: distant mountains in Patagonia

landscape from a plane headed south from Bariloche to El Calafate

view from a plane: headed south from Bariloche

leaving Bariloche: view from a plane

the Rockies and evening clouds

from dark to light in the Rockies

Argentina, northwestern mountains

parallel lives in London

John Singer Sargent in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

update of a Greek statue

the entrance to a photographer's paradise

reverberations in Cambridge

still life in Buenos Aires

Iceland on a summer afternoon

sculptured landscape in Iceland


lone tree in the landscape

Cambodian boy 2 on the lake

cambodian boy 1 on the lake

balcony with dogs

lake, pines, and mountains

famous hotel on a famous lake in Glacier National Park, Canada

Lisbon cafe

red bridge to a shrine in Hanoi


elegance in lisbon

family working on the Mekong Delta

iceland double waterfall

iceland 1-35

iceland landscape

Iceland 3

waterfall in southern Iceland

January snow 2011

fan of snow and leaves

snow scene in the morning

snow in the woods

a walk in the woods

snow sculpture with tree and lamp

2011 snow on the steeple


2011 snow 2

2011 glistening branches

glistening tree 2

2011 hawk

2011 snow tree

glistening tree

2011 orange leaves 2

morning coffee after the storm

the foothills of Mount Olympus


prayer flags in the mountains above Lijiang

golden bronze temple in Kunming,China

The Summer Palace in a Beijing suburb

guard house by night, at a corner of the Forbidden City, Beijing

practicing in a Beijing temple park

architectural detail, Forbidden City, Beijing

lunchtime in a small town square

lunch time at the Shanghai zoo

lone worker in the Forbidden City, Beijing

reflections in the Forbidden City

red scooter and lady in black

The Bund, Shanghai

crossing the sands at the edge of the Gobi desert

What every well dressed tourist does.

wedding pictures being taken in the Forbidden City

hawk in the backyard

near Old Dali: entrance to a shrine

China: elegant altar in a temple near Old Dali

corner of the Forbidden City, Beijing

Shanghai monkey

China pig shrine near old Dali

China, Shangrila --suburban store


China: Xian, ancient wall ready for TV

Shanghai yellow monkey

China: original paintings under the eaves of a very old temple near Old Dali

China: painted panels under the eaves of an old temple near Old Dali

China Lijiang: mountain and shrine

China: trees at the edge of the Gobi Desert

Lijiang mountains

happy restauranteur in Kashgar

clothes drying on a Shanghai wall

sewing on a slope at 13000 feet

wedding picture on the Great Wall of China

Kashgar: butcher at the bazaar

gilded bronze temple

Does this need a caption?

boy on a red scooter in Shanghai

NOKO 2011

Shanghai bonzai

sitting by baskets

"I have the best driver in town!!"


November in NJ

Autumn at the Great Wall

Naxi (ethinic minority) style of commerce in a town near Lijiang

cocktails will be served momentarily

bullish in Shanghai

Gobi desert


card game in Shanghai

card game behind the gate

Shanghai's central Buddhist shrine

two generations in Shanghai

Shanghai art, poetry.............

Shanghai major temple

the ruins of an early dynasty

camels on a desert ridge

yellow on green

four icons of Shanghai

seven attitudes

even the lion must stand in line

modest fashion maiden

at the shrine

having his picture taken

a lady of the Naxi nation


family in Shanghai

bronze charioteer of Xian (taken in a very dark room in the Xian warrior museum)

card game in Lijiang park

different styles for different functions

warrior of Xian

goldfish in the darkness

last autumn color

menorah in Shanghai


looking into a royal bedroom in the Forbidden City

selecting the shots

a festive street in Old Dali

"cowboys" in the town square of Shangrila

the lake at Old Dali

fellow photographers in the National Park

the great kitchen of an old farmhouse in Shangrila with the owner's son

still life in an old farm house kitchen

old family farm house in Shangrila

autumn library

balance and harmony

lady of Shanghai

three Naxian ladies

bartering over the baby bulls


top of the highest building in China

cormorants and a losing fish

lady with basket (The show opened the following day.)

market lady 2

market theater

market lady

waiting dragon

hanging out in town

a stern look

father son and friend 2

father, son, and friend

proud cormorant

man with baskets

students at the Shanghai zoo


on the banks of the lake in Kunming where musicians gather

bargaining at the market

take it or leave it

birds of a feather

blue with moss

the road to Shangrila

bend in the river

small bright island


dining outdoors


everyone's favorite candied fruit

detail of palace courtyard tree

alone on the great wall

detail of the Forbidden City

Dining outdoors in Kashgar

steep walk up the wall

levels of Chinese architectural detail

"Can you repeat that, please?"

making cheese the old fashioned way

girl with the soft brown eyes

door to a guest house

driving west in China

Temple of Peace

they always seem like endless trips

a lady at the market

on the road to Shangrila

butcher, chef, and the meal

it will be served upstairs in a minute

oasis at the edge of the Gobi desert

reflecting trees

still life with barrel

tourists at MOMA

at the corner of Tianamen square

growing in the dark

still life on wall

a conversation

up, down, up, around, and up.......

back alley with window

before cloisone

a lady from Uzbekistan

a stage of cloisone

that one step

from clarity to high adventures

the high road west

red in Beijing with candy

bridge at midnight

two camera man

not for eating (soap)

if you can afford it, it's real

Royal Albert Hall

oasis in the middle of the new financial district east on the Thames from London

flowers at the front door

a bridge to somewhere

the light is welcoming

The Prince Albert Monument, Hyde Park

the wall behind (light 2)

the wall behind (light 1)

she's giving him a couple of coppers

the space between

from the Tate Modern to St. Paul's, not so modern

working in style at the Tate Modern Gallery

escalator at the Tate Modern


This is a pumped up version of the same photo posted earlier.


healthy from the countryside, no bull

it's the brew that matters

direct line to St. Paul's

geometry and finance

castle and glass


the beginning 0f.....

space at the Tate Modern

two way traffic

the seranade

What would Darwin have said? Fill in the narrative for yourselves.

abstract 1

renewed barn

sunset lights on

ship and shore


art nouveau in High Street

first day of Winter

canal in the Forbidden City


woman at her front door

woman with pitcher

Buddhist Shrine Wimbleton

the top of Kensington

Dali art and vegetables

sheaves of grain

barn geometry 2

taking pictures at an art show

selling at the food market

Dali Courtyard

street in a farming village

candied apples--everyone's favorite in Beijing


market lady at lunch

sad girl at the market

sheep for sale

shrine to horses and warriors

smoking not forbidden here, outside the Forbidden City

taxi and customer

taxi driver and son

young monks plus friend in Wimbledon

reflections on a pond

brighter trees

red bridge

three sellers, no buyers

modest Buddhist monastery in the mountains

card game on the street #1

that's what they eat out west

mud brick homes in Kashgar

bazaar lady

cooking up a storm?

temple in a grove

comings and goings

happy as a dumpling in Kashgar

feisty market lady smoking (Trust me. You see her smoking;I heard her being feisty)

bridge at the Summer Palace

pond with ducks


travelling through western China

Cambodian boy

hanging on at a Cambodian wedding

Cambodian girl

details in a temple


cormorant waiting for instructions

waiting for theparade to start

Monastery in the mountains

wall of the Yangtze River

telling dad where it's at

awe and beauty

small shrine

lady from Uzbekistan at the Great Wall

an attentive audience

many roofs of the Forbidden City

quiet corner of the square

card game 2

what's inside?

two camera man

offerings at a shrine

"what do we do next?"

red barn

rooster ready to roll

window in Beijing

early winter ice


conquering the lion in Trafalgar Square

bridge and market-2

trees in a winter pond

red barn

sheaves of grain

ships in Trafalgar Square

taxi 2


late afternoon

trees in the lake

Buddha's hands


sister and brother

snack time

late afternoon in the Gobi desert

private ritual at a remote shrine


pub time on an early summer evening




dragon parade in Old Dali

yellow truck with hood

cock of the walk

a man and his dog

curb sitting

the joy of photography

tourists in Beijing

window sill

flowers from a Beijing conservatory

e-mailing in the park


late afternoon in the rice fields

music and music lovers by the lake in central Kunming

two generations

portrait of a veteran

airport tower, Beijing

corn eater

the card game

still life hanging on a wall

the aging of a wall

butcher and chef, prime cuts

Dali Courtyard

a meeting of land and sea (at least a shard of land)

pushing against an oar

boy in red and grey

movement for health, Summer Palace, Beijing

outdoor buffet in a small town in south central China

oasis in the Gobi desert as the sun departs

Prince Albert Monument, London

girls studying at a shrine

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat 2

bridge and market

guardian of the Gobi

working the street in Hanoi




a flood of trees

London roofs



sharp peak

ships in Trafalgar Square


a tower of London Bridge


brother and sister, a walk through the bazaar

brother and sister in a bazaar


dog and mistress in a Beijing taxi


Rembrandt's trolley

Rio Grande near Taos

a walk on the quiet side


that one step


from right to left , 120 years


reflections (Sony Nex 7)

Carnegie Hall and neighbors (Sony nex 7)

architectural details


portrait of a man

boy from the Mekong

portrait of tourists in China

three generational walk in Vietnam

colors that could be

abstract 2

abstract ? is nature abstract? is there a narrative here?

Chagall and admirer

young, happy, and serious in Tianamen Square


art at an early age


portrait of a lady


18,000 feet and climbing



the Gobi as the sun starts to set


visitng a market in northern Vietnam mountains

Hue Hanoi-185

detail amidst the ruins

fixing up an elegant Hutong(side street) in 0ld Beijing


the Great Wall of China in the west that kept out the Huns

karst mountains on the LI river

lady in the market

Vietnam at lunchtime

trees in blue water

first lesson in "primitive" art--"What is the mandolin doing there?"

portrait of a girl in Vietnam




London bridges

scene from a Rockies road

rooster on the handlebars ready to roll

Saigon market

girl in Vietnamese hill town

There is Beijing(Peking) Duck and here is a Turpan Turkey

Saigon Market with cigarettes

being in and getting out of love

contemplating a painting close up

lonely in the woods

Cambodian brothers


Summer Palace dancing exercise

barely Spring

outside the UN

the corner of 5th Avenue

modern Manhatten living

aquarium abstract

first finger of Spring

khakis or jeans??

street theater intermission

Beijing dog and master


wall high

boy versus fish

Saturday in South Kensington

spring bough on blue

who owns this dog?

theater up against the wall

canal 3

canal 2

canal 1

canal at Princeton

flowers on the fence

late afteroon and soon to turn




mother and son in a Vietnam village

Beijing night restaurant: the menu might scare you

new angles in New York

town on the Yangtze river : woman descending a staircase

16,000 ft. and climbing in western China

Cabo da Roca

form and shape and color

late afternoon on the canal

bank of a canal in spring


a famous church in Abiquiu, NM

farm house in Westport

coast near Trinidad

large driftwood near Trinidad

Cape Mendocino near Ferndale

still life in Point Arena Harbor

street flowers in Ferndale

Ferndale Victorian building

a Victorian building on main street,Ferndale

climbing Wedding Rock

peninsula at Pt. Arena

mountains on the Yangtze River

portrait of a Vietnamese lady

moon rising on hikers in the Gobi Desert

waiting for a parade

flowers between the windows

Epoch Times

the yellow cup

a single red rose

roses from the city of roses

yellow and white

roses from Portland, Oregon, the city of roses

roses from the city of roses (Portland, Oregon)

the quickening end of sunset

slim red westerner

Point Arena Lighthouse

California northern coast

toothless in Beijing

flowering branches

a monastery in Greece

fountain in Lisbon

walking on water

ready to surf

rice fields and the farmers' homes in China

photographer as pushcart vendor in Saigon

baloonman behind bars in Saigon

window in Greece




hanging fabric in the shape of an umbrella

color at the edge of the Gobi desert

farmyard and still life from an old Chinese farmhouse

a mosque in western China

wanderers in the Gobi deseert

a family at the Temple of Heaven

a fish's view jumping up the falls

a valley in the Rockies


I prefer the locusts, myself

cliff and clouds

warriors of Xian ( There are thousands of more waiting to be exhumed. That won't happen until a...

window on New York from the Museum of Modern Art

Xian warriors lined up

chasing after a pellet

individual warriors of Xian in their museum (You have to click to enlarge this to see the...

Tianamen Square at peace

model from Lijiang


father and daughter

dragon and friends at the start of a parade in old Dali


the wall of ancient Xian in the mist

mother and son in a Vietnamese village

old farmer in older farm house in Shangrila

desert taxi stand


this kangaroo loves you too

the ancient monastery of Shangrila


jewelry for juniors

blue on green

a man and his dog

Halloween in summer

the sign says it all

not for sale in just any city

blue boat on a green canal

perfectly spherical glass balls for sale

farm in New Jersey

even in NJ

Moreno Glacia in Patagonia

gaucho on an estancia in southern Argentina

Moreno Glacier and tree

heroic statue Buenos Aires

balconies in Lisbon

grandfather and grandson

fair and fowl


street cleaner in Shanghai

white on black


he looks as if he knows he may get a shock on his perch

skyline of Shanghai

barbershop in Shanghai


roof in Beijing

Buddhist temple on the slant

crystal deconstructed

details of the Forbidden City

framing the bride on the Great Wall


white on black (Canon 5DIII and Leica R 35-70 F4 lens)


on the way from school through Tianamen Square

the tag reads "property of the Shanghai Zoo"

an architectural slice of the forbidden City in Beijing

dragon parade

lady picking over vegetables China

uncomfortable perch in the Shanghai zoo

pottery sculpture from a Beijing museum

a flamboyance of flamingos


couple at the Great Wall

cool in Beijing

bay in northern Greece

canal and bridge in Amsterdam

stain glass window in Amsterdam Church

Mekong boat with garden

Mekong boat house



wedding dishes in Siem Reap

geometry of a building in Amsterdam

dry dock

wheels down

house on the shore

derelict in iceland

Iceland- a western harbor

roofs of lisbon statuette-2







house at Washington Crossing Park

yellow door with can


washington crossing bridge





right of way

Siem Reap march

Siem Reap


salt for sale

sedona special

Angkor tower

Park in Siem Reap,Cambodia

the three fates(?) at the Amsterdam Western Market

a flamboyance of flamingos ...

boats on stream in cambodia

happy warrior


old Shanghai

skyscraper details

lunch break in the ForbiddenCity

signs and symbols

directing traffic for a foreigner with camera


Hopewell barn 2

Hopewell barn

Moma art

workers of the world

portrait from southern Argentina

portrait in a bar

students in Sapra Argentina

long gone beer

two guys in Beaubourg Paris


moveable feast in NYC

Xian Warriors

the second room


two photographers

Matisse: son at the piano (detail)

Metropolitan Museum: American Wing

Museum of Modern Art: lobby

sub strata swine

family entering the Temple of Peace

Bariloche rocks

Bariloche wind

glacier and mountains in Argentina

worried monkey

pot on the stoop in NYC

west side couple NYC

waiting for the trees to bud

green door

purple bay

lonesome walker

west forties, NYC

waiting for the conductor

golden nose

leaves of autumn

Australian southern coast

wrapped up in himself (penguin in the Shanghai Zoo)

Alaskan water

Colrado canyon

seal family in Australia

Norwegian fjord from lower deck

Temple of Peace

penguin in Shanghai zoo

man in red in Jaipur

man with a yellow turban

sitting by a shrine in Sikkim India

Mekong market


Pacific view

the burdens of age

cigarette break at the market

cormorants hanging out

Fifth Avenue at five (How many humans here?)

two yellow cabs


gift wrapped

picking over the produce

Canadian Rockies

Alaskan glacier


childrens shop in northen Argentina

Medical School in northern Argentina

narrow law school


boy with eggs in a Vietnamese market

travellers on the Mekong

grave marker with flower in Paris


red light

flower market in Amsterdam

banana seller


Taj Mahal


lonely trees

route to the cathedral in Prague

Frank Gehry building in Prague

18th century opera house in Prague where "Don Giovanni" was premiered

alley in Prague

potter in Vienna


Hapsburg Palace, Vienna

domes on the Vltava River in Prague

here's looking at you

watching the traffic go by

mother and child

Buddhist monastery in northern India

church on the edge

too big for the bag

young monk with bronze elephants



a trinity of sorts in NYC

unlike her "twin"sister she asked for money

Lisbon railroad station detail

natural statues

protected harbor in Iceland

in flight

Wall in La Boca

allet architecture

window and door

entertainers 2


web of trees

broom, chair, and curtain

rowing in Buenos Aires

mountain above Porto Moreno Glacier

windows in colonial far northern Argentina

pointilistic eye

soft eye

reflecting eye

sad eyes

marble eyes

eyes of wood


a store by any other name....

orange seller

geyser in the late afternoon

Halong Bay

Kashgar western China



resting in a park

cigarette break

Times Square




saxaphone on fifth avenue


garden on 57th St.


selling her wares on the Silk Road

Buddhist building on the Silk Road

saleslady in Dali

tall white

LiJang mountain

no one to talk to

Buddhist monastery in the mountains

lonely buck


two men from Buenos Aires

lighthouse on the Californian coast

happy couple

tailor shop in Vietnam

Arizona hills

flower in a Vietnamese garden

yellow building in Vietnam

Vietnamese ladies at lunch

cigarette smoke

a rose for a poet

geometry on the river

moving freight


tea harvest in Darjeeling

Cambodian temple

girl in a red chair

masked banana seller on Cambodian lake

Arizona last light

Arizona sunset

Cambodian country wedding

family at a country wedding in Cambodia

portrait of a young lady in Saigon

buying religious objects outside a shrine in Hong Kong

the green spoon

Angkor Wat

ceramic flowers


monks and police

tree at Angkor Wat

paying hommage

praying at the Shwedagon Pagoda


working hard in Vietnam

mother, child, and farm tools

lake shrine in Vietnam

shrine and groundskeeper (Vietnam)

a bridge from nowhere to nowhere

wat arun

Bangkok courtyard of wats


clock-tower 2

clock tower

red bridge


discussions in stained glass


surveying Central Park

cold shapes

barren in February

cold and alone


river bus stop for palaces in Bangkok

downtown looming


purple reflections


seven at the edge

tree with a wide embrace

prickly flower

pink plus



waterfall in Iceland

waterfall and rainbow in Iceland

the scale of a waterfall in Iceland




the architictural integrity of stalks


architectural detail San Fran

snow cakes



too many titles

cold feet

cold Sunday afternoon

Central Park


in the beginning

I want a bite, dammit !!!


one dude and three followers in Dali

cormorant at rest

taxi driver

lake Dali

time out for a picture

ladies at lunch in Hoi An


conversation in Old Dali

childrens' shop in Sapra, Argentina

Shanghai flamingos

skateboarding in Thessaloniki


concentric triangles

drumming up business

red lighthouse

southern Argentina









beauty and the beast

egg man


mirage at thirty thousand feet

public performance

modest tower

life in an abstract universe

camels and desert

lad at a Cambodian wedding

red light



the ties that bind

Icelandic sky

village beneath the clouds and rocky mountains (northern Argentina)

floating trio

trio on water

flower without color


selling bananas

outside a shrine in Hong Kong

entwined bridge

remnant of a theater in northern Greece





lake Li

church in Salta, Argentina


red church

glacier and tree

avoiding the noonday sun

detail of a glacier

mountains above Porto Moreno Glacier


white church in northern Argentina




gaucho in a dusty haze

Colrado canyon




spring wilting


Spring awakening

geometry in a swamp

spring leaves


boats on the Yangtze River




Icelandic landscape

rocky shore of Iceland

a small peninsula in Iceland


paramount in black and white


mother and child

blue on blue on sand

baby seal

stoic stork

turtle pond in pink

strange beauty (land iguana)

turtle wrestling

the blue footed booby

blue footed booby brothers

Galapagos seals

resting albatross

seal and monopod

Galapagos yellow warbler

Andes in orange

Cuzco Cathedral square

school in the Galapagos

snowless Andes

Lima to Cuzco

top of the Andes

Mach Picchu 2

Mach Picchu 1

seals on the rocks

Machu Picchu in black and white

Machu Picchu

locals and non locals in Peru

12500 feet in the Peruvian Andes

Andes silhouettes

a lady in Cuzco

love or friendship between swallowtail gulls

a beer on a balcony in Cuzco

Galapagos heron

hills and mountains near Cuzco

Galapagos red breasted bird


trees and shadows

strange window

Spanish balcony

mountain girl

waiting at the green wall

slimmer than usual

balcony on a white wall in Cuzco

woman with the white hat

mother and daughter

mike madness in Cuzco

stuck in the middle


photos up close and personal

cuzco landing

head shot of a booby in the wildereness

a booby in the wilderness

the landing of a red-footed booby

Galapagos heron

heron on the rocks


eager baby and nodding off mother (great frigate birds)

Incan descendant with pet alpaca in Cuzco

ready for take off in the sun

great frigate bird grooming himself

an oystercatcher and its shadow

turtle face to face

Pacific spike

purple Peruvian

baby alpacas in Lima

dining on a wharf in Lima

blue door and balcony (Cuzco)

flower pot in Lima

flowers from Lima

Cuzco white

ancient Peruvian artifact

large-billed flycatcher on a branch

two boobies on the rocks

marine iguana of the green gloves

Lima ladies

not talking

mockingbird on the beach

orange Galapagos crabs

takeoff or landing

Galapagos owl

not blue or red footed booby, but proud

sitting at a green door

blue feet on black rocks

ducks in the pink

white on black

Galapagos reptile

flower pot

kids from Cuzco

store model

street seller in Lima

shop of hats

sales lady in Lima

young swallowtail gull

an architecturally busy corner of Machu Picchu

two types of photographers



red footed booby taking wing

sitting great frigate

black and white plus

booby in the black


barrio above a hotel

cross eyed reflections

love in Cuzco

he has an eye for you

pink in Peru

church in a small town

early Peruvian hat

street musician in Cuzco

street merchant in Cuzco

Galapagos promontory

horsemen on a Peruvian ranch


mother and daughter from Urubamba

red wall

Cuzco balconies and church

a girl and her doll

Cuzco natives


no staring!!

flowers and friends

lookout corner

slopes of Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu detail


Machu Picchu

above the crowd


blue door 2

corner of Machu Picchu

corner of Machu Picchu



Shaman Shop and Mother Earth (healing with bagels and croissants in the middle of the Andes)

coordinated diving

water ballet of the blue footed boobies

Galapagos pet


small girl, large tortoise

Llama snack


friends or realtives


saleslady in Cuzco

looking outward from Machu Picchu

eye test

sun bathing sea lion

this is a mocking bird mocking......

junior sea lion on the rocks

sea lion love

posing or curious

barking sea lion and friend




hydroponic trees

flowers from Beijing


bad taste record store


buildings old and new

orange and green

dog on the west side

Cambodian pig to market to market


bright orange in Lima, Peru


obedient child



Chinese flower in Li

girl on the Mekong Delta

girl with baskets in Can Tho, Vietnam


old waterfall sliced

embrace me you fool


Lincoln Center Plaza, NYC





pond in fall

light on dark

Japanese autumn in New Jersey


green tree in autumn

fall bark

first snow

the last color in the first snow


a stream runs through it

if it comes out well we'll send it to Holywood



market basket

New York skyscrapers


Antarctic hill

sleeping seal



Antarctic penguin family

antarctica landscape colors 4

Antarctica: snow, hills, and penguins

penguin flapping along

Antarctica penguins and wall of snow

reflections and reality in Antarctica

Antarctica: family squabble

Antarctic landscape from the sea

Antarctica: hill and audience

Antarctica feeding time for penguins

Argentina Buenos Aires Opera House glass

Argentina Ushuaia flower

Antarctica scalloped wall of snow


Antarctica sunset

Antarctica penguins clouds and mountains

Antarctica singing family

Antarctica penguins in the middle

Antarctic glacier

Antarctica large bridge glacier

Antarctica black and white glacier

Antarctica glacier

Antarctic couple

Antarctica lonely Penguin

Antarctica low glacier

Antarctica large cliffs and dark penninsula

Antarctica small glassy ice

Antarctic penguin family

Antarctica yawning Seal

Antarctica sunset

Antarctic sole lonely penguin 2

Antarctica operatic penguin

Antarctica glacial cliff

Antarctica rocky hills and snow

Antarctica lone barren hill

Antarctica small aqua glacier

Antarctica three penguins about to dive

Antarctica small floating crystal

Antarctica penguin on the beach

Antarctica climbing-penguin

Antarctica double sunset

Antarctica family values

China: the Great Wall in the mist

Beijing: workman of the forbidden city

Beijing: a corner of the forbidden city


Antarctica whales

Antarctica yacht

Antarctica whale andcave



Argentina old soldier

winter-trees 2014







Lima, an ancient mall

on the precipice







Iceland: white house and four white birds

Iceland cave and mist

Galapagos: sitting-Booby

Galapagos: headed for the waves

Galapagos: yawning seal and family


New York shredding







spring flood

ducks in flood

spring swamp

dogs without homes 2

dog without a home

New York's latest dwelling

early signs of Spring

black, white, and sad, wanting a home

he knows where he is

code on water

robin on black and white

home town squirrel

Canadian Rockies




India Northern shrine detail

fishing in Vietnam

flowers in Lima

seal in blue

Antarctica striated hills

Antarctica jumping penguin

lone zodiac and ice flow

parallel lines

still life with candles



bouquet in grey

Lawrenceville benches

Saturday flower

architecture on the river

China theatre with intermission


distances from Antarctica

red crystal bottle

old ivory on old porcelain

Ushuaia reflections

Ushuaia derelict ship 2014

Penguins on a rocky bed

window in Mumbai (Bombay)

bird on blue

boy with string

old man sitting

great Wat in Bhutan

entrance to the Golden Temple plaza

two lads in Mumbai

flower merchant in Mumbai


returning from school


small island in India

casual in Mumbai

Mumbai smoker


hawking medicine on a Mumbai street

man in orange at the gate

lady sitting

street commerce in Mumbai

man alone

The Golden Temple

POTOLA PALACE (where the Dalai Lama used to live)

Golden Temple and bather


Indian teen-aged girl coming from school

still life on the street in Mumbai

guard at an old palace in India

Flight over the Himalayas

temple detail, India

man on the steps in Mumbai

monkeys conspiring

reed boat on a canal in India

saleslady and potential buyer inMumbai

flowers growing in water.

man in boat with pole

pond in India

red in Nepal

golden altar

two men, two vocations

nap time for three

woman in orange

grey haired man at work

woman in red

King George and Queen Mary Gate in Mumbai

a man and his dog

selling a green plant

basket and bridge

working below

man with orange flowers

ready to wash

young man cooking or doing chemstry

Pakistan -India border

children playing in Mumbai

young man at prayer

two young men, two cell phones, and one old gardener

man with yellow turban

indoor and outdoor markets

white tempieto

jewelry store

reading the news at a shrine

dancing monk

white sculpture

lady with basket

basket of flowers

feeding time in Antarctica

India: boats along the shore

catching fish Indian style

shrine at the top of the stairs

monkey on the rail

colorful couple

washing clothes in the river

Mumbai street architecture

two ladies talking

colorful reflection in Kerala, India

clothing store in India

laundry lady in India

spice shop in Mumbai

for holy dipping

actor in India

blue turbaned diner

kitchen for the masses

playing with onions

weaving in India

young family by a river in India

student on break

checking makeup

flower maket

fish monger in India

young fellow in Mumbai

wheels in Mumbai



man with a yellow turban

two generations in Mumbai

thee Indian students on the way home from school

outside a temple in Mumbai

Indian collonade

older man in Mumbai

two friends in Mumbai

small factory

gardening on a roof

toy train for adults

Pakistan border sign

pidgeons on a light roost

apartments in Mumbai

million pidgeon shrine

student in Mumbai

dyers' shop

two hard workers

visitors at the Golden Temple

four kids in Mumbai

concert at the Golden Temple courtyard

praying in the courtyard of the Golden Temple

hall of pillars

two men dining

lighting lamps at a shrine

manual art

card game on the street

bronze lady

from a museum

pond and flowering tree


Ushuaia mountains



mountains from Ushuaia, Argentina

temple top India

India: temple complex

dome cluster


crevices #2

reflecting pond

pink on a branch


empty lodging


museum art

hanging well

Indian city hall

Indian soldiers headed to Pakistan border crossing ceremony

Indian scholar reading

man at the blue door

campus in the snow

pigeons at a shrine in India




ivory horse and rider

gilded bronze

walking through a museum MOMA, NYC

reflecting vase

Buddha statue


kids in India leaning out of a window

drummer on the street


kids in India leaning out of a window

guard at a shrine in India


temple complex in India

5th Avenue photographer

she has an eye out for you

waiting for the water bus in India

snow on the island

lonely penguin

two shrines in the rain



man reading his paper at a shrine in India

street fellow with computer and dog


Antarctic island

front of a house