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Got involved with photography some 25 years ago but gave up shortly after. Got back into it 4 years ago and it's now full speed ahead! I am very much a lover of nature so most of my photos are taken during my escapades from suburbia and where I can be at ease with myself and nature. All my images are shot in natural light in natural suroundings. Sometimes I move the odd twigg or leaf so I can have better access to my subject but otherwise my images are as natural as they can be. I use photoshop but I am not an expert at it so I restrict myself to just adjusting the contrast, light and cropping. I love travelling and experiencing diferent cultures and my last trip was in August 2008 and to my favourite country, Kenya. Thank you for stopping by and for your comments! Ross







Lady of the night - brugmansia candida


gum flowers at sunset.

jonquils to anounce the arrival of spring but this image was taken in the middle of June

the power within the eyes!! (image was taken at Lake Turkana/Kenya)

taken at Lake Turkana/Kenya

the sun setting over Port Phillip Bay

taken at one of my favourite places on this planet, Masai Mara Reserve/Kenya

taken on a misty morning

taken on a very misty morning

plane trees at the Treassury Gardens/melbourne

nature's own creation...

magnolia blossom



laughing at the mzungu

watching the mzungu

butterflying at sunset

Masai Mara at it's best! endless grass plains, the odd acasia or two and not a zebra in sight!

jonquils to brighten up winter's days

the loving couple at Masai Mara

the loving couple at Masai Mara

Eastern Grey Kangaroos at sunset

Eastern Grey kangaroos courting

Eastern Grey kangaroos - female struggling to break free

Tiger Snake - Notechis scutatus

Tiger Snake - Notechis scutatus

Tiger Snake - Notechis scutatus

the loving couple being afectionate - lion style!

spider waiting for lunch...

on a misty morning

the sun setting over suburbia

a lone acasia tree at the Masai Mara

one of my tiny cacti with it's massive flower

the name of the rose is "double delight"

a lone Maasai Moran riding through the kenyan bush

hiding from the mzungu

just joey - an apricot delight

silver eye - zosterops lateralis

on the forest floor

on the forest floor

turkana jewellery - in this case a screw

turkana profile

bull thistle - (cirsium vulgare)

grasses at sunset

black kite - milvus migrans

a common wombat (vombatus ursinus)having a scratch

the sun rising over the bay

native seed pods blowing in the wind

trapped within

the missing canine

gumflowers at sunset

his shoes

a Maasai Moran

walking away...

exposing the grrub

exposing the grub

having a scratch

calla lily

lady of he night

lady of the night1

lady of the night2

lady of the night3

lady of the night4

lady of the night5

long billed corellas

long billed corellas

grey headed flying fox