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I am a Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines based former pro photographer. I enjoy all outdoor photography as well as informal portraiture. I will photograph most anything if I can see an interesting image as a result.p As you will see from my portfolio, I try to add my own style whenever appropriate, and always try to perfect any genre in which I work. p I am always looking for Fashion, Glamor and Portrait models that are willing to work together with me to create some images that we can both be proud of.brYou may contact me at: a href"mailto:DaBar@photo.net" DaBar@photo.net/ap biThank you for taking the time to view my work./i/b p bDave Barstow/b ppb "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed." - Albert Einstein/b pa href"http://photo.net/photos/DaBar"View My Portfolio Here/appPlease visit my Blog at: a href"http://davebarstow.wordpress.com/"Dave Barstow's View/app a href"http://s03.flagcounter.com/more/jYgb"img src"http://s03.flagcounter.com/count/jYgb/bgFFFFFF/txt000000/borderCCCCCC/columns9/maxflags248/viewers1/labels1/pageviews1/" alt"free counters" border"0"/a

Country: PH


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Eye of the Lion

Forest Fire on Pine Mountain

Strikes near Cornville Arizona

Distant Lightning from Thumb Butte

KABOOM! Severe storm over Rimrock Arizona

Fire in the sky - Rimrock Arizona - Cropped and color temperature adjusted.

Gates Pass 04-12-02

Gates Pass 04-22-02

Gates Pass 04-12-02

Alex - Background added (replaced with brightened version)

Gates Pass 05-12-02

Distant Storm

Squall Line Over Mingus Mountain at sunset. The lights along Route 260 from Camp Verde to Cottonwood/Clarkedale are in the foreground. Please Rate & Comment.

Sherry - "Mischief"

Mountain Lion Looking (Cropped)

Just me in the bathroom mirror. Any photographers in the Tucson area want to help me make a good one?

Looking South just after sunrise from about 30 miles North of Asheville.

Just before sunrise from about 30 miles North of Asheville.

Tiger Lily, along the parkway South of Asheville.

Double Rainbow. Looking into the valley just outside Asheville to the Northeast.

Lisa, an old friend from the 60's.

Heron on a sea-wall in the Florida Keys.

Yours Truly - in a fallen tree.

Fractal Leaf



Spacetime Warp

Lightning over Catalina, Arizona. Sodium vapor sky-glow from Tucson.

Rainbow near Pusch Ridge.

Dusty Distant Sunset.

Distant Dusty Lightning - Cleaned-Up Version. Blurred bushes on horizon removed.

Reflective Silverware - 02

Another one on the North side of the Catalinas.

Saguaro Lake - Added a "lake" to Saguaro National Park, West Unit.

Cholla Skeleton

Late-day light on the mountains

Desert Sunset from near Park Link Drive.

Sonoran Desert "Spiney Owl" which is a truly endangered species. ;-)

Mount Lemmon Highway - Tucson, Arizona

Tucson at Night - A sea of jewels

Yellow Blossom Close-Up

Backlit Grass at Texas Rest Area.

Pretty in Pink - Rest Area Beauty

Looking NW from Mt. Lemmon Ski Area. Tucson, AZ. Version 2

September storms from Mt. Lemmon looking toward Oracle Junction, AZ.

Pattern on slowly flowing water in a small brook off Fossile Creak Road. This location is about 14 miles from Camp Verde Arizona.

View of the famous Red Rocks from Schnebley Hill Road outside Sedona Arizona.

Looking towards Sedona Arizona from Schnebley Hill Road.

Sunrise over the mountains just North of Asheville, NC.

Verde Valley Sunset

Crepuscular Rays with 50% horiz. compression

Lightning - A Narrower Perspective

Sunset 50% Horiz. Compression

This is Arizona????

Volcanic Sky - Arizona

Prelude to a Stormy Night

Fairy Dusters


Prickley "Mickey"

Park Link Road Sunset - Horiz. Compressed

An Old Scene Revisited

Trying To Storm

Vermont Farm

"Aspen" Fire - North side of the Catalina Moutains

"Aspen Fire" as seen from a residential street in Oracle, AZ which is about 40 miles North of Tucson. The fire is about 15 miles away. The smudge in the top-center is a dust cloud in the Milky way.

The fire moves over Pusch Ridge to the West. This is the view from between Oro Valley and Catalina, or about 20 miles North of Tucson on highway 77.

Tucson, Arizona - "Aspen" Fire This is a view of the Sabino Canyon area from E. Sunrise Drive. The fire is now threatining many very expensive homes and a treasured recreation area as well as communications facilities and a large observatory complex.

Tucson, Arizona / "Aspen" Fire - Another view of the Sabino Canyon area from E. Sunrise Drive.

Tucson, Arizona - Section of the "Aspen" Fire in Sabino Canyon on the outskirts of Tucson.

A close-up of the shot from my front walk. This is the "Aspen" fire near Tucson, AZ.

"Aspen Fire" - Tucson Arizona - This was the first day just before the fire went through Summerhaven.

Multi-strike Capture - Colorized

Desert Storm at Sunset #3

Cropped & Fine-tuned Version of full-frame shot.

Reaching for the Sky

Northwest Tucson from Ina Road

Southwest from Tucson Mountains

Tucson Foothills Illuminated

Strikes near Reddington Pass and East Tucson

Mountain Monsoon

Storm over The Old Pueblo

"Fire In The Desert"

Tucson Light Show

Desert Discharge

Tucson Light Show - crop 2

Gate's Pass in Siloette - Looking East

Downtown Tucson at Night

Rain at Night - City Light

Lightning on the Santa Rita Mountains

Thor's Paintbrush

Fog in the Valley - A rare sight in Arizona.

Pusch Ridge Compressed

Over The Ridge

"Bow Shock"

"Hyperdrive 1"

Chaotic Discharge - Catalina, Arizona. Looking South toward Tucson.

Monsoon Sunset - Tucson, Arizona

I've Been Framed!

First ever B&W shot with my Fuji S2.

Flamenco Dancer - Bare Bones

Smoke Art #1

Smoke Art #2

Order & Chaos #1

Order & Chaos #3

"Curves & Curls"


"Quad-Color Smoke"

"Complex Beauty" - To many, a cigarette burning in an ashtray is an ugly thing. But, how beautiful the smoke can be!

"Smoke Dreams #2" - A Composite Smoke Image

"Fuming Mad" - Seems appropriate for cigarette smoke...

"Immersed in Art" - A self-portrait

"Esophagus" - Like an x-ray...

"Smoke Screen in Red"


"Smoke Dance #1"


"Pyrolution" A composite assembly.

"Blow'n The Blues"

Another B&W of Myself - "Lifelike Huh?

First "Product Shot" in my home studio.

New "Product" shot in B&W.

"Tri-Color Smoke"

"Fleur De Smoke"

"Bad Hair Day" - Or perhaps "Bean Sprout." Naming this was not easy...

"Medusa and Monkey"

"Lilly Art #1" - Created as source for a jigsaw puzzle.

"Sinous Rythm" - Figure in Smoke

"The Observer"

"Emergence" - Derived from a smoke image.

"Sinuosity #1"

"The Fire Within"

"Fire Flower"

"Lovely Lindsay"

"Smoke Pattern in Color #2"

"Smoke Pattern in Color #4"

"King of the Castle"

"JIM - A Man With Music In His Soul"

"JIM - A Man With Music In His Soul #3"


CD Cover Ver. 2

"Lighting Experiment #1"

"Alien X-Ray"

"Eye of the Vortex"

"Sandalwood Sensual"

"Split Infinity"

"Duck Dream" - The "Art" of Smoke

"Womb Raider" - Fantasy in Smoke

"Cotton Candy"

"Reaching Out"

"Erotica" - Visions in sandalwood Smoke



"VIPER" - An Incense Smoke Image

"Sandalwood Vision"

"Spun Gold"


"Mother and Child"

"Born of Fire"

"Spectral Smoke"





"Ostentatious Avian"

"The Dreamsmith"

"Smoke Blossom"

"Blown Away"


"Ribbon Candy"

"Chasing Bait"

"Remembering the 60's"

"The Flow of Time"

"Disturbed Ascent"

"Folded Light"


"Play of Light"

"Symphony of Motion"

"The Twist"


"Sensual Flow" - Patterns in Rising Smoke

"Life in the Abyss" Incense Smoke in a New Light

"The Guardian" - Visions in Incense Smoke

"The Guardian," in Relief

"Fire Flower"

"Contortions" - Abstract in Incense Smoke

"Les Arcs De Lumière" - A Pattern in Incense Smoke


"Vivid Dream" - A Fantasy In Smoke

"Transitory Dreamscape" - A Fantasy In Smoke

"Smokers Cough" - A Bit of Dark Humor

"Piggyback Ride" - A Fantasy In Smoke

"Lost Dreams" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Windy Day" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Keeper of the Flame" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Entanglement" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"An Angel's Visit" - A Composit from a studio background and a Smoke image.

"Le Garçon" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Dream Flight" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Chaotic Interlude" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Flow of Color" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Encounter" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Pound Puppies" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Flamboyant" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Pastel Passion" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Ricky the Rat" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"The Encounter" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Full of Fire and Fury" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Dream Lovers" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Watch the Birdie" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"The Lookout" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Surf" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Hine-i-tapeka" - Polynesian goddess of the fire in the Earth - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Shades of Life" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Passing Judgement" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Spun Gold" - A Fantasy in Smoke

Experimental Self-portrait

Smoke as Art - Embosed Parchment

Smoke as Art - Bovine

"Uplift" - A derivative work from an original smoke image entitled "The Offering."

"Flowing Gold"

"Flight of the Imagination"

"Tide Pool"

"Runaway" - Derived from a smoke photo

"The Scolding" - A smoke photo montage

"A Pooh of Smoke" - A "Negative" Smoke Photo

"Smokey Colorspace" - A Negative Smoke Photo

"Danse des plumes de fumée"

"Old Mesilla Through A Wall"

"A Window on Mesilla"


"Veiled Activity"

"Convoluted Thinking"


"Shredded Veils"

"Mother and Daughter Sprites"

"Unfolding" 06-26-04


"How I Get The Colors"

"The Enfolding" - A Smoke Photo Negative

"Dog, Dreaming of Flight"

"The Explosion" - A color-reversed smoke photo


"The Sculptor" A smoke photo - Inverted colors,

"Sandalwood Spirits" - A smoke photo, colors inverted

"Bowing to the Winds of Change" - A Smoke Photo

"Life In The Swamp"

"Looking Back" - A Smoke Image

"Fall-Out" - A Smoke Photo

"Tropical Phoenix" - A Smoke Photo

"Fractal Dimensions" - A Smoke photo. - Features in the flow patterns suggest a fractal relationship. My interest in the sciences sometimes manifests itself in my art.

"Oops" - A Smoke Photo. - A negative image of smoke with a black background. The color is from the lighting.

"Mesilla Mariachi"

"Tempest in the Desert v2"

"Edge of Oblivion" A Smoke Photo (composit)

"Garden Spirit" A smoke photo (Comp.)

"Sub-Rosa #2" A smoke photo (Comp.)

"Spirit of the Wood" A smoke photo(Comp.)

"Burning Rock" A smoke photo. (Comp.)

"Ritual Vision" - A smoke photo. (Comp.)

"Metamorphosis" - A smoke photo (Comp.)

"Entanglement" A smoke photo (Comp.)

"Togetherness" A smoke photo (Comp.)

"Ceasar" A friend's dog

"Wizard's Work" A derivitave smoke photo

"Dragon Fire" A modified smoke photo

"Dragon Fire - Ver. 2" A composite smoke photo

"Dragon's Dream #1" A composite smoke photo

"Dragon's Dream #2" A smoke photo composite

"Dragon's Dream #4" A composite smoke photo

"Edge of Oblivion" A composite smoke photo

"Edge of Oblivion - mono"

"Out Of The Embers" A composite smoke photo

"Underworld" A composite smoke photo

"Cosmic Encounter"

"The Spawning"

"Gravity Well 1"

"Fire Spirits"

"Tagger's Tantrum"

Street Scene near Downtown Butuan

Trisikads - Public Transport

Beach Scene, Looking Toward Butuan

Rice Field, Barangay BonBon

Working in the Rice Field

Bananas In The Yard, Yummy BBQ'd

"Puppy Love" - Mikko with young puppy

"Fresh Fruit"

"Street Food"

"Traffic Jam"

"Deep-Sea Creature"

"Smoke Bouquet"

"Flames Of Passion 2"

The Birth Of Violet

Internal Conflict

Spectral Blend

Vultures in the Night

Assault on My Psyche, A self-portrait

Shrine to Smoke

Fire of the Imagination


Dreams Impaled By Life

The Orator

Alien Bird & Egg

Marriage of Smoke and Color

macro of droplett on a leaf

Abstract Palm Scar #1

Abstract Palm Scar #2

Water On A Wire

Ring Of Fire






Three Great Singers - Retro-ZAX Resto Bar

My Wife and I with two of our 'entertainer' friends.







Unseen Art #1

Unseen Art #2

Unseen Art #3

Death On A Dinner Plate

Son et lumière

Wood Frog 1b


"The Artifact"

Creatures In The Smoke

Bubble In The Pleiades



Fires of the Imagination


The Fires Within





Warp Drive LOGO

Accreation Disk

Fabric Of Time


The Supplicant

Gift From "The Tree Of Life"

The Crew At Bigby's



Bound Abstraction

The Path


The Portal

Through A Glass Wall

Scattered Light


Window Ornament

The Visitor

Inner Orb - Just Imagine

Peeled Ornament

Primary Playground

Portrait Of "The Leader"

Rhino Rider

Out Of The Embers

Interrupted Colors

Abstract Cactus Blossom

Spawn Of The Volcano

Face-To-Face Meeting

A Thorny Issue


Paint Spill

Home Cooking

Soup, At The Cafe Of Dying Dreams



Cable Duct




"Astronomical Origin"

The Drain


Mammoth Dreams

Cat Toy

All Strung Out



From The Magic Garden #001

Dragon Fire Returns

Grand Opening in the Magic Garden

Alien Algal Life

Ebb & Flow

Icon From The Temple Of The Mind

Going For The Gold

From Out Of The Planter

Tools Of The Trade

Bees Beware

Junction Box

A Flow Of Color

"Fractalius" - The Fly

Tropical Rain In The Magic Garden


Fire In The Magic Garden

From The Magic Garden 4

Grass In The Magic Garden

Termite Territory

Alien Engineering

Radiator Repair

Lechon In Cagayan De Oro

Crux Cactus

Cactus Patch

Jetway To Infinity

Consuming Flames

Burning Plastic

Smoke and Sparks

Life's Path


Prickley "Mickey" #2

Cavernum Sanctorum


Life Lines

From Out Of The Smoke

Colors In The Magic Garden

Photonic Crystal, A Visualization

That's ENOUGH With The Paint!


That Is NOT The Path Home

Bird Bones

Drop On A Wire - Take Two


Hemispheric Habitat

Wall Plaque On Blue Bricks

Embossed, Painted Wood

Fetal Form

Feeding Time In The Roots

DANGER - Use Extreme Caution

Dungeon Disco

Gold Smoke - Green Wall

Smoke, Mirrors And Masks

Coughing Smoke

Cagayan De Oro "Beach Birds"


Deep Dive

Blue Vortex

Re-Integration of a Lost Soul

Mirror Of The Mind

Chat-Chat Portrait

Wash-Day At The River

Nautilus Moored

Table-Top Trip

The Red Zone


Frayed Confinement

The Bauble


Dancing The Light Fantastic

Smoke Creature Encounter

Knot Right

Bell Continum Transit


Noise Pulse

Bee Bubble

Strange Sphere, Take Two


Time's Toll 2

Floral Fantasy


Emotional Crisis

The Nest


Feral Cat

Mask By Mother Nature

The Gem


Bar-B-Q Gear

End Of Earth

10 PISO Coin

Coco Fiber Revisited

Recon - First Contact

What A Tangled Web We Weave

Countertop Crater

Smoke And Light

Higgs Boson


Knot Moving




Garden Tile #1

Mystery Shoe

Universe Of The Mind

PISO Plunging..

Neo Genesis

Tree Bark Abstract - Steps

Remember ''Wounded Tree''

Fallen Branch, Rising Sun

The Vault


Golden Gallery 2

Ya Can't Please Everyone, 3-3 & 4-4

Hologram In The Golden Gallery

Earth-Fire Godess


Glass Egg Fantasy

Chaotic Flow Tracing

Eye of the Lion, Abstract

Hong Kong Airport Sculpture

HK Aprt. Bus Term. Ramp

Cold Trapped


Chroma-Swirl Tile #2

Command Performance


Escape From Hell

Duckweed Dreaming

The Magic Orbs


DO NOT ENTER - Electrical Hazard

Color Canon


Stone-Face TransformationTriptych

Wonder In The Wood

Fractal ''Carving''


Night Blossom

Gold Smoke On Purple Panel

Nara Tree #1

Nara Tree #2

Nara Tree #3

Nara Tree #4

Nara Tree #5

Nara Tree #6

Nara Tree #7

Nara Tree #8

Nara Tree #9

The Toad

Nara Tree #10

Wood Knot Twist

Bonsai On Acid

Spider In Free-Fall

At The LimKetKai Mall

Two of my treasured friends... The Park Cafe

SMILES, In Spite Of It All...

Flight To Freedom

Pseudosaur Fossil Egg In Acrylic

Cool Kids - Night Market on Divisoria

FRIENDS - The Cafe De Pugon

A Wonderful Lady - The Park Cafe

SMILES - They brighten life

Two TERRIFIC People - The Park Cafe

Stress Fracture


LEAP - Into Your Future...

Ghost Of A Vanished Dream


"The Lurker" - Hidden In A Countertop

Palm Tree ''Art''

Attitude - A Close Encounter

Story Knot Told

Dynamic Perception

Hello Kitty!

Nereus And The Nereids

The Grand Poopah

Smoke Juggler

The Lattice

Illusory Effect

Smoke & Embers

Vapid Whirlpool


Waiting... Again

Coffee Works Wonders


Resting Place

Worlds Within...

Worlds Within... Take Two

Night Visions

A Heart Of Gold...

Last Gasp

Smoke, Rampant

Apparition In The Night

Dye Works Disaster

Gator Attack!


"The Baths"

"Chromation" - Tempest In Colorspace

"Gravity Waves"

"The Salamander Comander"

"Disco Dreams"

Dancing at ''The Ashtray''

"The Prisoner"

"Ravages Of Time"

Thistleonius Aqueous

"Exo-Planetary Pool" - Abstract from a flower photo

"Spring Thaw"

"A Breath Of Color"

"Erosive Degeneration"

"Sidewalk Puddle"

"Mirrored Memories"

"Pyroplastic Panic"

"Gate To The Magic Pool"

"Philippine Island Beauty"

"Spelunk Ka-Plunk"

"Romancing The Moon"

"Wood, Watcher and Nymph"

"Flooded Flower"

"DANGER - Open Drain"

"Pool In The Crystal Cave"

''Electric Embrace''

''Frozen In Time''

"Lightning On The Lake That Never Was"

''First Rays After The Rain''

''Taal Volcano, Philippines''

''Emerald Moment''

''From Water, Wind & Fire...''

''A Rustle, A Splash, Silence...''

''Graffiti Graveyard Monument''

''Smoke Dance on Golden Pond''


''Reflections In Glass - Altered''


''What Falls Here...''

''Artistic Tantrum''

''Clean-up In Alley Three''


''Rainy Day COLOR BLAST''

''Melting Pot Of Memories'' - Re-work of a previous image

''Cavern of Dreams''


''Plant, Pipe & Pavement''

''Things Are Looking Up''

''Forgotten Fires''

''The Totem'' - An Icon

''Like a Splat Out Of Hell...''

''Surfing The Caldera''

'DaBar's' Ghost

''Back-Light Blossom''

''The Liquid Kiss''

''Wind In The Weeds''


Highway Patrol Friends

LimKetKai Mall

My Landlady and Her Daughter

Photogenic Filipinas


''Back-Light Blossom - Round Two''

''Pizza In A Bachelor's Sink''

A Splash Of Color, A Puff Of Smoke...

''Blocked Exit''

''ART'' Neurons

''Broken Toys''

''Acrylic Overdose''

''Smokedown Man''

''The Blood Shield''

''Happy Scab''

''Smokehouse Doorbell Button''

''The Examination''


''The Meeting''

''Transformed Tiles''

''Islands In A Spill''

''Space In A Splash''

''Visual Dimensions''

''Parts Unknown...''

''Wet Walk Home''

''The Evidence Bag''

''Dining Oversight''

Table, Wall and...

''Close Approach''

''Stranger In A Strange Land''



''Smoke On The Water''

''Guardian Of The Swamp''

''Water Sprite''

''Ghost In The Bathtub''

''Love Nest''

''Mardi Gras - Tunnel-Of-Love''

HK Airport - Dynamic Lighting

Home Again - Hong Kong

Manila Control Tower - Abstract

Behind The Bolide


''Petal Fall''

''Rainy Day At NAIA''

''Behind The Bolide''

''Ghosts Of Past Transgressions''

"A Sense Of Dread..."


''Ancient Embroidery''

''Tile Textures'' - A Design Experiment

''In The Pumpkin''

Incoming Lyuponovs

''The Smoke Scrubber''

''Light Lunch''

''Profligate Propagation''


''Sierpinski Island''


''Watch Your Step''


Kendōka (剣道家)

''Two-hundred Pisos!!! What do you think I am...''

''Left Brain - Right Brain''

''Flooded Tomb''

''The Grafittist''

''The Desert - Between Day & Night''

''Global Warming- 2200''

''Coffee Cup Handle''

''Exploring Mars''

''Reflecting On Reflections''

''Nemo's World''

Mutation - Worms Respond to ''Growling''

''Savor Cagayan De Oro''

''Golden Orb Of Eros''

''Fractal Flight''

''Io Ejecta''

''Found On The Floor''

''Al Fresco Dinner Date''

''The Inferno''

''Melting Metal Mesh''


''Rogue Reflection''

''Quaternary Coffee''

''Gheko On Ice''

''In A Canyon Creek''

''Tine After Tine''

''The Basin'' - From Ancient Rome Perhaps...

''In A Snake's Skin''


''Metallic Art 001''

Rock Art - ''Sun Fish''

''Benthic Beauty''

''The Burden - Psycho-Trash''

''Unidentified Floating Object''


''Blown-Away By Words''

''Accident At The Glass Blower''

''Happy Filipino Gheko''

''Flood In The Rain Forest''

''Attack Training''

''Ghost Rider''

"The Pharaoh's Gift"

''Chromatic Aberration''

''Shallow Dive Beneath A Burning Ship''

''The Alien Elevator Shaft''

''Elemental Blend'' - A composite image...

The ''Fish'' in My Coffee

''The Merger''

''Transformed Sunset''

''Desert Sunset - Ocean Dreams''

''Desert Storm, From The Cougar's Den''

''The Seed''

''Floral Fantasy''

''Tenori-On - Electronic Music''

''American Mountain Lion''

''Incipient Instant Coffee''

''Laid To Rest'' - A Crumpled Tissue

''Portal To Another World''

''Sunset Reef''

''Elk Bone''

At The 'Arizona Seashore'


''Frightened Of The Dark''

''The Gold Gnome''

''The World In A Coffee Cup''

''Tesla's Ghost''

''Bombed In Paradise''

''Schrödinger Dichotomy''

''Schrödinger's Gheko''

Collecting River Sand

''Raptor Rage''

''Coffee Shop Blues''

''Even Shadows Sit And Wait''

''Café Tropicana''

''The Huntress''

''The Poverty Line''

''The Forest Is Watching''

''Relief In A Cup Of Coffee''


''A Spooky Night At Bigby's''

''Target Locked''

''Kinky Love''

''Master Of His Realm''

''Elemental Blend #2'' - Earth, Wind and Water + Reality and Imagination

''The Happy Busker'' - Reflections On Life

''Gloabal Warming - Weather Gone Wild''

''Polar Ice Shelf'' - Weather Gone Wild

''Mountain to Mother Earth -' Can I Be A Volcano...''

''Monsoon Storm - Wild Weather''

''Do I See FOOD?''


Pusch Ridge Compressed - Take Two

''Bark Bound''

''Brainstorm In Color-Space''



''The Inspector''

''SMOKEY - The Smoke Eater''

''Solidified Smoke''

''Guarding The Pharaoh's Pool''

''Mass Confusion''

''Behind a Good Man...''

''Gift From Mother Nature''

''Paris Street Market, 1637'' - An Amazing Find

''Life Hangs On''

''Feral Cat - In A Cold, Hard World''

''In All Its Glory''

''Fire Sale''

''Electrifying Experience''

''The Union''

''The Spirit Of San Miguel'' - Beer Spill on a metal tabletop.

Is it PIZZA, Or...

''Why I Love The Philippines - People Like These...''


''By An Exoplanetary Pond''

''Looking Up''

''Desert Storm - Last Blaze Of Glory''

''Resplendent In Red''

''French Image''

''Double-Helix Pentagon''

''A Peeling Apparition''

''Sleepy Sunday''

''Father and Son Team''

''He Would If He Were Not Wood''

''The Only One Of His Kind''

''What A Child Sees''

"Looking Back" - A Petroglyph?

''The Victim'' - Food for thought...

''Espresso Americano''

''Bottomless Cup''

''BGR - Big Gyrating Rainbow''

''Coffee, Camera and Light''

''Holiday Leftovers'' - Re-Make of `Vultures In The Night'

''A Moment Of Glory''

That Famous ''Filipina Smile''

''Tile Meets Stone''

85° F - Christmas Day, Philippines

''Mother, Infant and ...''

''Tile Detail - Philippines''

''Watch The Birdie''

''The Butterfly Effect''

''Flight Of The Imagination''

''Caffeine Rush''

''Crucible Of Creation''

''The Dervish Dance''

"Romancing The Full-Moon"


''Virtual Transit''

''Abstract Mandelbrot Set''

''Fractal Topology #2''


''Aqua Verde''

''Martian Lifeform'' or ''Fun With Fractals''

''Martian Microbe''



"Marlene, Seated"


''A Magical Place'' from ''Allariz'' by Juan Riera

''Immune Response''

''Turbulent Convergence''

''Mandelious Follious''



"Earth, As You Choose To See It"


''Song Birds''

''Philippine Tropical Art''

''Bacterial Blues''

''Chorus Line''

''The Smokettes''

''Incident At Area-51''

''Strangers In A Strange Land''

''I Look Like WHAT!''



''Slag Island''

''The Genesis Of Cognitive Clarity''

''Smoke Rampant''

''Working In The Dark''

''The Sunset Band''


''The Smoke-Rider''

''The Grand Entrance''


"Smoke-Stained Glass"

''Reflections On The Creative Spirit''


''Surreal Shower - Wet Smoke''

''Night Flight Of A Smoke Sprite''

''Anatomy Of A Smoke Cloud''

Smoking Abyss #2

''Tunnel To The End...''

''The Apparition''

''In The Kryptonite Crypt''

''Courting Dance''

''Complex Fluid Dynamics''

''Duck Yolk''

''Pastel Passion''

''Laughing At Lucy''

''Hanging-Out At Smokey Joe's''


''Martian Aqua duct''

''K for Kludge''



''Born Of Fire''

''Now That is FAT!''

''Passage Of Time''


''Beneath Exoplanetary Waves''

''Eye Candy #1''



''Pipe Dream''

''I Wood If I Could, Wood Hue''

''Deterioration Blues''

''Retro ZAX - Clay Tablet''

''Peculiar Perception''

''Safari Coffee''

''Falling Sky - Running Dog''

The Box Of Time

''Ancient Jewel''

''Flight Of The Hummingbird''


''Wildfire - Six Degrees Of Freedom''

''At The Séance''

''Blown Away''

''Caldera Lake Sunset''

''Difficult Choices''


''Wooden Plaque''

''Warp, Woof and Wonder''

''Floating Mosaic''

''Shadow Of DaBar'' - Internal Reflection


''The Open Pit''

''Accidental Art'' - The Mortar Joint



''Mesmer's Brain''

''The Origin'' v2

''Flight Of The Frisbe''


''Welcome To Hell''

''Convective Conciousness''

Brass Anaconda

''The PIT''

''Material Blend''

''The Flower Show''

''Vitrified Smoke''

''Ghosts Of Machu Pichu''

''Smoke On The Terrace''

''Earth, Wind And Smoke''

''Smokey The Dog''

Water-Blistered Paint and Stains

Usok lahi - Smoke Clan

''Washing Of The Seven Veils''

Gold Object - Blue Orb

''The Chill Of Reality''

''Floating Smoke Sculpture''

''Power Flex''

''Sunset Shrimp Boat'' - As a Painted Plaster Panel





''The Light Fantastic''

''Rock World''

''Apparition From Out Of The Sea''


''Coco Berries''

''Pinoy Instant Coffee''

''The Guardian''

''Ice, Water, Glass And Air''

''Flower Power''

''Young Papaya, Flower and Buds''

''Laguna Rock Revealed''

''The Other Side Of The Fence''

''Entering The Dream Zone''


''Contact Pods''

''Mathematical Abstraction''


Fractal Basin Abstract


''Fresnel's Flying fractal''

''Fractal Basin Abstract - Monochrome''

''Frustration At The Foundry''

''The Observer''


Could You - Would You - Imagine...


''Vitreous Vision''

''Ceramic Smoke''

''Image Etched In Ice''

''Last Gasp''

''Cool-Down'' - Cold Glass Beer Mug

''Aspen'' Fire From Oracle 06-22-2003

''Roswell Wreckage''

''Serpentine View''

''Maybe Dead... Maybe Not''

''Alien Aquatic Life''

''Heavy Metal - Hot Glass''

''Riderless Dressage''


''The Escape''

''Reflective Resonance''

''The Navel Of Infinity''


3D objects in a gray bowl

''Visual Indulgence''


''Fighting The Fires Of Change''

''Great Balls of Blue''

''The Incinerator''

''End Of A Heart Of Gold''

''DaBar's Studio''

''On The Edge Of Reality''

''Smoke Chromasphere''


''Microbial Life'' - Dedicated to Dr. Didi Baev

''Worlds Of Imagination''

''BREAKOUT!'' - An expanded version of "Worlds Of Imagination"

''Caribao Eggs''

Thinking About Time - full-screen 16x9

''Symbol Of Power''

''The Pit At The Back Of The Mind''

''Collision With The Future''

''Alien Artery''

''Bing - Bang - Ball''

''The Amulet''

Space Gallery #1

''Unidentified Flying Smoke Object'' - UFSO

''Jewel Of Atlantis''

''Photography, Outside-The-Box'' - Re-Make

''A Twist On The Bules''

''Veiled Mystery''

''Smoke - Inside and Out''

''Focus - In The Face Of Confusion''

''Reflections In An Ashtray''

''Blue Wings''



''Ghost In The Gallery Of Smoke Art''

''The Mysterious Alcove''

''Queen Of The Pond''

''Shaman In The Roots''

''Meteoric Descent''

''Reflecting On Earth''

''Optical Orgasm''

''Optical Orgasm - Extrapolation''

''Intel Mission''

''Rings, Balls And A Wall'' - A Ray-tracing

''Photography, Outside-The-Box'' With Frame

''Focal Point''

''Pixels Gone Wild'' - A Mixed Image

''In An Alchemist's Dream''

''Orbital Money Machine''

''From Within The Crystal Ball''

''Close Scrutiny''

''Four Steps''

''On The Prowl''

''LumiFish'' Through The Lens

Empirical Optics 101B

''The Gates To Beyond''

''Ancient Admirer''

''Gallery Of The Mind''

''Reflective Introspection'' - A Suggestion For Anonymous Raters

''Penetrating Point''

''Crystal Collector's Cave''

''The Sensuality Of Mathematics''


''Hot Tamale''

''The Fungus Factory''

''Wet World'' - The Beginning

''Frightening Future - Fading Past''

''TOKAA'' - Lizard Warlord

Missle's Eye View - Strike Three

Asymmetric Optics

''Breaking Tradition''

Through The Dragonfly's Eye

Through A Monocle, Abstractly

Clown Car versus Car Crusher


''The Brick Kiln Gallery''

''Chamber Of The Orb''

''Cool Now... Hot Later''

''Frilly Fractal''

The Making Of A Ray-Traced Scene

Media Manipulation

Sensuous Shapes - Viscous 2

Prime Position Perspective

Flora Digita

''Palace Playground''

Launch Pad - Flights Of The Immagination

''Cowboy Dreams''

USV Hanger Bay

ZPE Field-Flier - Flight Test Prep

''Fountain Of Reflections''

''Lava Light" - Reflected

''Smoke & Mirrors''

''Fruit Compote''



''Smoke & Mirrors #2''

''Smoke & Mirrors #3'' - ZPE Vortex

''Sands Of Time - Winds Of Change''

From Imagination To Exploration

''The Doorbell''

''Sea Creature''


''Put The Storms Behind You, And Smile''


''Fractalis Matris'' - Fractal Mother

''Rainy Night At The Hive''

''The Impossible Object''

''The Land Of Never Was''

''Monument On Io''

''Fractal Vortex''

''Aztec Wristwatch''

''Infinite Art''

''Grate'' Art

''Fantasy Fractal Fern''

''That Bubbly Feeling''

''Emergent Beauty''

''Complex Newton's Solution''

''The Lunacy Of Love''

''Möbius Staircase''

''The Love Light''

''Turmoil In Tucson''

''Gastric Upset'' - cropped from `Turmoil In Tucson'

''Alley At The End Of The World''

''Worlds Within''


''Folium Vultus''

''The Barrier At The Edge Of The Galaxy''

''Planck Limit''

''Music To Warp Your Mind''

''Layers Of Malice''

Milano Pasta Fabbrica - Stabilito 1879


''Mystery In Marble''

''Dragon Hearts''

''The Melt-down Of Memories''

''El Llamas De Codicia''

''The Horns Of A Dilemma''

''Dubai Development''

''Liquid Illusion''


''Entangled In The Tropics''


''Battered Bat Sign''

''Flamboyant Fandango''


''Dance Of The Dervishes''

''Aural Overload''

''Behind Closed Curtains''

''Wet Ride''

''Dawn Of A New Life''

''Bloodstained Memories'' - In Memory Of Those Who Have Vanished...

''The Art Of Mathematics'' #1

''Escheresque Viaduct''

''Shower Impressions''

''Mixed Meta-Materials''


''Creatura Facticius''

''Old Vermont Country Home''

''Flamme Nautique''

''Stained Passage''

''Power Stroke''

''The Heart Of India''

''Layers Of Psycho-Deception''

El Cacto Masacre - En Gris

Jello - '' A La Newton''

''Earth-Sky Convergence Zone''


''Pastel Perfusion''

''Superman's Secret Spa''

''Stephany, Sweety and Me''


''In-fall Zone''

''Something Fishy In The Forest''

''The Fabric Of My Name''

''Nature, Al Fresco''

''Spinning The Light Fantastic''

''Smile On A Rocky Road''

''N-Dimensional Rift''

''Alien Organism''

''Genesis Of Twins''

''Bouquet Des Rêves''


''The Leaf''


''Sensualità Felina''

''Dissolution'' - Of His and Her...

''Nacido en la Isla de Fuego''

''Tourbillon De Chevrons''

''Cross-Cultural Blending''

''OH NO, Sir David''


no_logo - final

''Shoe-CAD Catastrophe''

''Something Fishy''

The ''Julia" set as a 3-D Light Painting

''Order & Chaos''


Computational Plasma Dynamics

''Origami Ghost''

''A Thorny Issue''

''Cloud'' Computing

Alien Lymphocyte

Stirring Things Up

''Lure Of The Sirens Call''

''Ships That Sail The Sea Of Dreams''

''Complex Choreography''

''Visions In The Sky''

''History Of Time''


To Jump Or Run...

The Two ''Buddies''

Nuclear Power


''Whale Tale''


When Pigs Fly - Battle Damage

Very Strange Attraction...


Relic From ''The Dark Side''

''Superconductor Quench''

''Silly Scillium Symmetry''

''The Other Side Of Infinity''


''From The Crucible Of The Mind''

''Sculpture From The Edge Of Sanity''

''Post-Doc Teething Ring''

''Pandora's Egg''

''Julia Set - Exploded View''

''Surfing The Solar Wind''

''Magnetic Anomaly''

'' The Copepod''

''Twisted Vision''

''Symphony Of Layers, An Ode To Lorenz''

''Lotus Glass''

''Knot Simple''

''Unstable Apparition''

''Cross-Cultural Connection''

''Twisted, Not Tangled''

''Manifold Pathways''

''Confined To Infinity''

Moby Moon

''Mutual Attraction''

Disfunctional MRI

Glass ''B''

''The Entrance...''

Stereo Ear-Trumpet

''Dominance Of Order''

''The Rendering''




''The Starting Point''


''Escape Of The Dream-Bidet''

''Nereids In The Night''

''Mystery Monument''

''Special Delivery''

''Cyber Sapiens'' - The First Step...

''Shrouded Structure & Disc''

''Infinitely Complex Twins''

''Deep-Sea Denizen''


World Of Wonder

''The Spark Of Light''

The ''Art'' of Order and Chaos

Mold Failure At Crocks®

The Will Of The Whisp

Asleep In The Deep

Driven To Abstraction

Bow Down


Convoluted Thoughts

Spirit Of The Web

The Infinity Gate

Internal Conflict

Sinuous Swipes

A Green & Purple People-Eater

The Mask Of Chaotica

Coincidental Construct #2

Coincidental Construct #1

The Cobra

Coincidental Construct #10

Pfilipino Pflying Pfantasy

Overwhelming Attraction

The Bare Bones Of An Equation

An Origami Moment


The Tapestry Of Cognition

Shoe Fetish - For those who enjoy...

Escape From Reality

The Shape Of Fear / Panic Attack - Thanks Gail...

Thoughts In A Thicket

Time For Play, On The Sea Of Dreams

The Toy

Inside The Quantum Realm

The Magic Bracelet

Hot Metal

The Orca Adventure

Cherenkov's Particles

THAT Is A Jelly Donut


Lost, but still alive

Last Gasp, Before Jump To Warp

Acoustics - As Art

Butterfly Bride

Bridge Across Time

Born In A Wormhole

Directed Energy Weapon

Deep-Space Dreamscape

In The Swamp - A Tail Of The Light Fantastic


Hop and Skip


Orgasmic Cycle

''The Art Behind The Artist''

Rush To Somewhere

Behind The Screen Of Light

Flash In The Void

Bi-directional Flow

WOW - What A Ride!

Architectural Asteroid

Golden Opportunity

Eighteen Minutes Of Silence... Answered

In The Wishing Well

''Filipino Christmas Eve''

The Dagger Duel




''Psycho Shadows''

''The Final Scene''


''Orbits Of Life''

''Wound-Up On Wine''

Which Path To Take...

Womb Zoom

Party In The Honey-Pot

Insection {Please View Larger}

Manifold Destinys

Oceanic Playground

From Trash To Treasure

MOM! There's A BUG In My Ice Cream!

Death Of A Warrior

Sandstone Expression



Stellar Genesis

Information Flow

Birds Of A Feather...

Lenticular Bubble

''The Capture''


Where Woodland Fairies Sleep

''Living In The Dead Zone''

''Catch Of The Day''

''Clouds Of Complacent Despair''

''Window Of Opportunity''

''Into Every Life Some Rain Must Fall''

''The Flames Of Dissolution''

''Cognitive Entropy''

''An Insider's View''

''I'm Invisible...''


The Way Through Chaos - Focus On The Future

Within The Magma Chamber

Angular Ambiguity



Optical Elusiveness

Mission Deployment

Me-Chi Mindform

Visions of Pahoehoe

Blown Away

Chaos Country Casting

Chaos Country Roads

Inside The Chromasphere

The Soul Of Felis Plasmis



The Forest Den Of A Wandering Mind

A Raft Of Feathers

Cugman Fire 03-11 #001

Coffee Daze

Seaside Scene From The Psyche

Wharf-Rat Wonderland

At The Root Of The Problem

Sparks Of Creation

Bubbles and Bows

Heart Remnants


After-Bath Scratch

Pixel-pusher's Recycling Bin

''The Last Laugh''

'Reach For The Stars'

'The Star Of The Philippines'

Tracks In Time

'Foot Cramps'

Star Bound Migrants - 2441

Surreptitiously Surreal


The Cradle Of Discovery

Limbic Attractor

'A Flight-Of-Fancy'

'African Origins'


'From The Kuiper Belt'

'The Pandora Effect'

'The Cosmic Chase'


'The Next Millenium'


'Voluntas Orbis'

Cosmic Clockwork


'Alien Chrysalis'

'Bubble-Bath' Nebula - Things that never were

'Monet' Mouse

'Lenticular Constraints'

'Matrix Of The Mind'

Schroedinger's Cat And The Quantum Foam

Window On The Multiverse


Galactic Nursery

'Fearful Flight'

'Alternate Paths'



''Deep Space Dawn''

''Fortuitous Lab Accident''

Arrow Of Time - In Stone And Steel

''Computational Eye-Candy''

''Object In Question''

''Phantom Of The Parlor''


''The Tangled Web...''


''Fall Color-Burst''

''The Offering From The Future''

''Matrix Of Memories''


''Gallery In The Wood''

''The Mask Of Mephistopheles''

''The Future On A Platter''

Open Orbs


''Ring-World Cluster''



''Fiesta - Death In The Crossfire''

''Glow Worm''

''Center Of Attention''




'Green & Gold SHOUT'


'The Red Flame'

''Looking At You - Blue''

Neanderthal Nest


'Faeries In The Garden'

'Shutterbug Nest'

'Deep-Space Memorial'

'Flor Espejo'

''Night-Wings'' - Close Call

'Broken Promise'

'The Eagle'

'Curvacious Connections'

'A Matter Of Gravity'



''Love Of Color''


''Scotty's Nightmare''


''Hole At The End Of Time''

''Rendered Asunder''


''Universal Mysteries''

''The Pulpit''

'Game Zone'

'Strange Reflections'


'Where The Action Is'

''Chroma Crystal''


''Gossamer Wings''

''Packrat Playpen''

Demon or Deity?

''Inward Bound''



'A Philippine Dream...'


''Flames Of Passion''



''A Work-In-Progress''

''Abstract Tomography''



''The Fish-bowl Nebula''




''Priority Mail''


'Breaking The Box'


''World View''

''Flames et les braises''

''Oculus Vicissitudo''

''Ant Colony - Scent Trails''

''The Fall Of Royalty''

''Internal Worlds''




''The End Of Glass Optics''



''Cinderella Dream''

''Wave Of The Future''



''Lovers Leap''

''Fragmented Thinking''



'The Protector'


''Baja Moonlight Ballet''

''Lair Of The Pods''

''Collapse Of An Empire''

''Extended Family''


''Demise Of A Wild Idea''


''In Tune With Stones''

''Propulsion Failure''

''P. Netium Abstractium Virus''

''Projection Hologram''

''Shattered Beauty''


''Urban Lure - Urban Loss''

''Pixels At Play''

''Tangled Tesseract''

''I am NOT in-the-mood...''

''Land Of The Eclipsing Sun''


''Dustbunny Necklace''

''The Chaos Of Conflict''

''The Winds Of War''

''Approaching The End''


''Dreamscape #2''

''North-African Night''

''The Mind's Eye - Freedom''


''Oblate Envelopment''

''Vlad's Carnival''


''Quark-Gluon Condensate''

''Opus Ovum''

''The Rays Of Birth''

''Children Of The Stars''

''From The Fog Of Creation''

''Cradle Of The Cosmos''

''Merlin's Urn''

''Cirque des lumières''

''Tube Runner''

''Ring-Dancer #2''


''Random Thoughts''

''Entre l'art et l'artifice''

''Ambiguous Orientation''

''Swamp Gas''

''Thelon (Akilinik) River Mosquito''


''Subcutaneous Cavern''



''The Merger''

''Under-Sail On The Solar Wind''

''Massaging The Magic''


''Alien Biosphere''

''Family Ties''


''From The Edge Of Vision''

''Liquid Of Life''

''La fleur fragile de l'amour''

''Secrets Of The Emerald Valley''

''Habitat Construction - Galactic Farside''

''Holiday Greeting''

''The Shipwreck''

''The Urge To Explore''


''Space Junk - Alien Origin''


''The Life Within''

''Mystic Flying Ring''

''Touching Infinity''

''Play-Of-Light'' #2

''Escape From Reality''

''Creating Confusion''

''Like Father, Like Son''

''Inside The Event Horizon''

''Flatulator Assembly''

''Exodus Of Secrets Behind Sealed Lips''

''Close Encounters Of Another Kind''

''The Angels Kiss''

-Transparent Spacecraft-

''Loony Balloony''

''Letting The Chips Fall...''

Radiation Hazard - Disabled ROV

''The Joining Of Yin And Yang''


''Deep In A Methane Sea''

''Graveyard Of Galaxies''

Inside The ''Mother-ship'' - Of Pierre's Aliens

''The Words Of Man Are But A Shadow''


''Dream Sailing''

''Quantum Clock''

''The Eyes Of Abstraction''

''The Quest For Success''


''Looking For Love''

''Strange Association''

''Debris Field''

''Abnormal Optics''


Organic Art #1

Organic Art #2

Organic Art #3

Organic Art #4

Organic Art #5

Organic Art #6

Organic Art #7

Organic Art #8


''Sleepless Cafe Blues''

''Open Circuit''


''Another Dimension''

''Fight, Flight, Fear Or Curiosity...''



''Mars Meets Venus''

''Manifold Multiverses''

''Brane Hemorrhage''

''The Sweep Of Time''

''Fluid Fun''

''Where No Man Has Gone Before''

''Shedding The Shackles''

''Warp-Drive Failure''

''Gong Song''

''ART, And The Ravages Of Time''

''The Art Critics''


''KARMA'' - The return...

''Lionfish Tale''

''The Seed''

''Holiday Hallucination''


New Twin-Tower Hotel - Going Up!

Where Are You Now...

''Active Avoidance''


''The Spin-Doctor''

''3D Photo-tomography''


''Alien Coprolite''

Mathématiques Bouquet


''Auroral Disturbance''

Does The Universe Blow Bubbles...

''The Opening''

''Something Fishy''

''Locus Pocus''

''Escape From The Honey-Trap''

''The Gift Of Life''

''Spider Eggs''

''Proto-Planetary Protection''


''Bursting From The Box''

''Corporate Culture''


''Over The Edge''

''Filipino Fish''

''Alien Angels''


''Pine Knot Tears''


''Primordial Soup Stain''

''Le Nautiluis électrique''


''Flight From The Light''

Tentative Touch - Take Two

''Inertial Dissociation''

Synaptic 'You'

Close Encounter - By Committee

''A Hole In The Soul''

Tentative Touch - Take Three

''Wimothy Weary Wabbit''

''Protozoic - Abiogenesis''

''Perilous Journey''


''Esoteric Entity''


''Optical Aberration''

''Odd-Ball Out''

''Singapore Sling, Slung''

''Quantum Carnival''

''Enigmatic Alien Artifacts''


''Manifold Paths''

Welcome To 'Intra-Galactic Art'

0430 at Manila Airport Lounge

0430 at Manila Airport Lounge - Abstract Art

Disco On The 'Wild Side'

''Push A Button - Any Button''

''Breaking Free''

''Glowing Gastropod''


''Pfrolicing Pfotons''


''View-Port'' - for a 'Mind-With-A-View'

''Introspection'' - Inside the mind...

''Maternal Instincts''

''Asian Icon'' - (Please View LARGER)

Backyard Buds-N-Blossoms

Detritus On A Patio Roof

Power-plant Pipes

''Antique Feet''


''Lure Of The Underworld''


''Harvesting ZPE''


''Lost Civilization''


''Enter Another Realm''

''Machine Dreams'' - Mech Mossie, Cyber Skeeter

''Escape Hatch, Up Close''

''Magnetic Outburst''

''Interdimensional Transfer''

''A Gift From The Future''

''A Gut Feeling''

''Deceptive Perception''

''Here and There''


''Thin-Film Frolic''

''Boxes And Bows''

''Escape Of The Phoenix''

''Ghost Moon Rising''


''The Flames Of Passion''

''Hearing The Birds''


''A Sound In The Night''

''Intersection With Infinity''

''Two Faces Of Julia''

''Shards Of A Life Once Lived''

''From Here To There...''

''Web Of Deception In The Hive''

''Found In A Martian Geothermal Vent''

''Sowing The Seed Of Life On The Stellar Wind''

''Dominanza Di Cupole''

''The Cough''

''Probing Barriers''

''Stress Relief Spectacle''

''Orbitunistic Orbitude''

''Morocco 2110''

''Smoke & Mirrors''


The ''Blow-Hard'' - Lost Face

''Cataclysmic Collapse''

Neurotomy #001

Neurotomy #002

Neurotomy #003

''Very Heavy Metal''

Neurotomy #004

Neurotomy #005


''Wet-Work Watcher''

''Wet-Work Watcher'' - v2

''Ignition Point''

''Berry Burst''

''Urn Of Irrational Ideas''

''A Fall Of Gifts''


''The War-Starter''

''Within and Without''

''Topological Transformation''

''Abstract Ceramic Panel''

''Dreamland Toy-Box''

''The Nightmare''

''Cometary Parasite''

''Fields Of Dreams''

''Shattered Symetry''

''Piece Of Mind''

''The Hole At The End Of Time''

''An Object Of Interest''

''Clean-Up Crew''

''Spacial Transformations''

''The Mass-Driver To Infinity''

''Support Structure''

''Sprites On The Lily Pond''

''A Wild Ride...'' [Please view LARGE]

''Intersecting Planes''


''Mixing The Devil's Brew''

''Blue and Gold Gels''

''On The Way To Wonder''

''Trout-Turbine Failure''

''The Web Of Insanity''

''From Beneath The Crucible''


''Facing Fear''

''The Shrouds Of Mystery''


''Come Fly With Me...''

Partie dans la rue par des feux rouges

''It's Full Of... Relics!''

''Foam Forms''

''Cedula Scalpendo''

''Signs Of Activity''

''Trash, Or Treasure...''

''Looking Out''


Bi-Color Leaves



''The Fog Of War''


''Temptari Dormientis Mentem''

''Free Spirit''

''At the edge of reality''

''Transfiguration and Transposition''

''Available Opening''


''Bit-Byter Bird''

''Egg-craft - Nano-Factory''

''To Catch A Falling Star''


An 'Askal' Raskal

''Harrowing Experience''


''Mass Spermicide''

''Social Dynamics''

''Making An Impression''

''The Last Warrior''

''Sanctum Luminus''

The Last Hole... Ever


''Roller-Coaster Ride''

''To Curse Or Recurse...''



Meta-Synaptic Melange




''Making The Stuff Of Dreams''

Outpost At The Brink Of Extinction

No Way Out

A Burning Passion


Cogitatione Lyceum

Spin Cycle

Manifold Dimensions

Fun With Fluids

Alien Ovum - Parthenogenesis

Branches In Coffee

Legs In 3/4 Ratio

Uplifting - To Eighteen Floors

''Ring-Field Folly''

Multifarious Panoply

Casting Spells

Casque Haute Couture

Alien Artifact - Not Quite Dead

Aquatic Symmetriplex

Hobbitat - 2525

Particle Clustering

The ''SNIPE'' of Hunting Fame And Fable

Dangerous Delivery

Monte Pitagora

Crucial Question - Conflict or Collision

Hello Pierre!

Hobbitat - 2525 Version 2, as a painting

Abstracting The Mind Of An Abstractionist

In The Eye Of The Beholder...

Of Fires And Frying-Pans


Joy Riding

Creative Thoughts

Mysteries That Lie In Wait

New Cocktail - Chinese New Year!

Birds-Nest Soup-Bowl

Aligator Fight On A Moonlit Night

Something About Aging...


Wormhole Collapse

A Tale Of Wind And Rebar

Walkway Roof

Bottom Of An Overpass

Crossing Boundaries

What The #@%& Is THAT!

Visual Vitamins

Blink - Wink - Wonder

A Question Of Chirality

The Twentieth Hole

Trail Of Broken Hearts

Question from the future... What ARE Those Things!

The Wak-Wak's Lair


Sweeping Strokes

Ghost From The Dark Side

Within The Rabbit Waren

Single Point-Of-Failure

The Conflict

Magic In The Glass - (View Larger Please)

Letting The Chips Fall

Asleep In The Swamp

The Grand Opening Of Wonder

Sub-Basement Surprise

The Shock Of Birth

And You Thought They Were Green...

Embracing The Past - Fighting The Future

The Origin Of 'Orbs'

''Mythotomy'' - Seeing The Truth

Artifact On Another World

Turbulent Genesis

The Swirl Of Emotions


''The Butterfly Effect'' As Art

When A Pet Mouse Dreams...

Dark Altar

Balance Of Power


Random-Walk For The Eyes

Exobiology - Algal Mats

The Mantis Project

Asian Bird Painting

Illumination Of The Darkness


Benoit's Bow-Tie

Can You Hear Me Now...

The Flaw In Supersymetry

The Edge Of Illumination

Fire Flow


Cellular Biology Blues

The Birth Of Stellar Quadruplets


Cracking The Egg Of Entropy

The Arc Of Exploration

Crystal Shards

Inside An Alien Craft


The 'Event'

Destruct Sequence Activated

You May NOT Do That!

Pearls From The Sea Of Dreams

The Methane Seas Of Titan

Gravitational Projection

Casting A Spell

Lost In The Fire At Alexandria

A Shattered World

`BOTS At Work Near The Heliopause

An Encounter With The Kerr Metric

Biomorphic Beauty

Envisioning Abstract Art

Harmonic-Ratio Modulation

The Worm

The Mote In The Eye Of The Machine




Discordant Note

Launch In 3 - 2 - 1 -

Peace Offering


Reflective Convolution

Daddy, Daddy, A UFO just crashed into the barn!

Interstellar Mitosis

Blue On Blue

Glowing Sea, Gibbous Moon

The Interruption

A Break In Unity

The Void

The Spirit Of Stagecraft

Deorum Astrolabii

The Fractured Fringe Of Cognition

Bio-Attack In A Far Distant Sea

Petrified Poop Painting

The Eyes Of April

Through The Spooking Glass

Balloon Sculpture

Exponential Budding

Illusory Spaces

Surfing Tines

Termite Damage

The Flames Within

Intragalactic Communications Clutter

Cosmic Jewel


Smoke Break

The Fire And The Icy Heart

Flirting With The Plasma

Plasma Bass

The Purple Pools Of The Pleiades

Alien 'Plumbing'

Ribbons And Bows - Everything Goes

Poached Easter Egg

Flowering Colors

Treasures In The Toy-box

Blue Shell Ballet

Hot Copper

New Ovum From The Corpus Luteum

Tiling For Titans


Ad Sanctuarium Impetum

Radio Frequency SETI - A Difficult Task

Clam-Dance Calamity


The Mint Mess

Escape From The Mandelbrot Set

'The Final Cut'

Fuel-Tank Rupture In Space



Quadrature W3D

Vision In The Mist

The Honey-Trap

Fusion-Drive Failure


Blind-Sided... And Barred

Strange Encounter

Space-time Disturbance

Romancing The Machine

Embedded In Chaos

Serpens Fractalius

POP! Goes The Bubble

Deliberate Descent

We may be In Harm's Way...

From the Mindanao Deep... Via the imagination

Who You Look'n At

Full-Spectrum Fantasy - Bigger IS better... for viewing...

The Last Road-Trip

Maintain Focus In The Face Of Distraction


Don't Call Me 'Chicken'... Turkey!

Starbuck's® Patio Pop-Top - A PHOTO!

Quantum Non-linearity

Ejection Of Mass

Hooked On Curves

Schrödinger's Wormhole

Antique Anachronism

Tubular Turbulence

Surgens Senescence

Nippon wa mada Nippondesu - Japan Is Still Japan

Thoughts Of Time Dilation

Embryo Of The Phoenix


Chaos At Chiron

Vault Of Veils

TREASURE - Alien Tech

Dragon Rampant


Foundry Of The Gods

Rain-Sound Rhapsody

'The Seed'

Plasma Play

Bar-Hop Flop

The Belch

Natural Healing

Contrarias Opiniones

On The Shores Of A Distant Galaxy

Photon Phantasia



Star Voyager

City At The End Of Time

Mastery Of Gravity

Dream Path

Confrontation With Fear

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Dreams Of Roses


Bird Land


The 'Spark-Of-Life'

The Lost Soul

Cloud & Clarity

A Matter Of Anti-Matter

Escape From Normality


The Seed Of A Thought

'Party' Leaf


Ring For A Nephil's Bride

The ''Enterprise'' Enigma

Reaching For The Sun


Nocturnal Passage



Chaos In The Cosmos

''Mental Dross''


On Display


In A Wheat-Field - In Kansas???


Valle Confusio


The Failure Of Rational Thought


Nebulous Neuromancy

Shiny Bubbles

Striving For Praise

''Trouble At The Still''


Discovery At The Dig

Manifold Lives

Obscure Origins

First Kiss

Spectre Of Violent Death

Rowdy Rainforest Revelry

Turbulent Territory

Visual Vitamin 'C'

Shell From Another World

The Lizard Crown

The Waystation

The Ramp To Anywhere

Arm Of The Kraken


Tumbling Ring Things

Tower Of Power

Earth Next

''Ruin At The Edge''

At The Edge Of Eternity


From Across The Sea

At The Galactic Gallery Opening

Under Construction

Pearl Pagoda

Enigma In Lunar Orbit


Revenge Of The Luddites

The Wonders Of Exploration #3

Lost Outpost

Close Approach

Playing With A Storm


Spore Release

BioMechs - Have Palps, Will Couple

The Red Lantern


Within The Temple Of Tau

The Seed Of Wonder

Emergent Forms

Spider near my table

Moonlight Wakwak Mystery

Metalic MetaSculpture

Dreaming Of Mars

Earth Sheild

Outpost at Wolf 359

Temple of 'The Way'

Galactic Wanderer

The Great Egg Escape

Melted Metal

Ghostly Globe

Night Flight


I - Ching Challenge


The 'Galaxy Rose'

A New Idea From The Cognitive Cloud

What If...

A Rare Opportunity

The Auger

From A Different Perspective

A Cry In The Night

Artefatto della Fantasia


Feline Dream Scene

Fantaspace 'Pumpkin'


Reflections... On 'Self'


Questions Abound...


Cephalopod alio ex orbe

Flower-Ship Seed Ejection

Reflections On Reality

Self-Portrait September 12, 2012

Probing Plasma

Sonic Assault Coffee Break

A Pause In Time

Extragalactic Collision

Catch A Falling Star

Psychotic Episode

The Shopping Spree

Gallows At The End Of Time

Frozen Emotion - Dishwasher's Dream (Please View LARGE)

Aetherial Embrace

My Virtual Urn

The Metalweaver's Magic


The Power-Core

Something Bugging You?

Art Of Ancient War - Please View LARGER

Playground For The Mind

Escape Now! Please View LARGE.


Mispercieved Reality

Societal Pressure


Cry In The ''Killing Fields''

The Arival

Chroma Soup

Attack Of The Tomes

Armour Upgrade

Jewelers Bench

Name This Image... I can't...

Soon To Be A New Home For Humanity

Accidenta Aztecha

Seychelles Dreaming

Bite Of The Love-Bug

Earth, Wind, Fire & Ice

Surfing The Warp


Blood, Sweat and Beers

'Moderne Asiatique'


'Who, What, When, Where'

'Three-Part Harmony'


'Arachnid Abstraction'

'Birth Of A Biosphere'

'There Be Wonders Here'


'Who, What, When, Where'

'Temporal Transit'


'Nature In Balance'


'Benthic Ballet'

'ExoMech Mayhem'

'The Enigma Nebula'


'Pondering Plasmic Perfection'

'Tactical Focus'

'Temporal Tableau'

'Unanticipated Interactions'

'Rest Stop'

'Contrarian Composition'

'ST Warp In A Gravity Well'

'Deep In D2O'

'Crushing Concerns'


'Through The Warp Bubble'

'Terrier Terror'

'Dream Swan'

'Geographos 140422'

'Violent Encounter'

'The Sorcerer's Ghost'


'Reaching Out'

'Self-Organized Swamp Gas'

'Four Levels Of Focus

'Clash Of Intolerance'

'Layers Of Perception'

'Phage Algorithm'

'Encompassing Complexity'


'Birth Of A Worm-hole'

'The Show-Off'

'Unintended Consequences'

'Patient Penance'

'The Power Of 3'


'Firefly Feast'

'Awash In Color'

'No Room For Error'


'The Fall'

'The Depths Of Belief'

'With Nefarious Intent'

'The Real Asian Tiger'

'A Small Beginning'

'In The Night Sky'

'Asian Dream - Back Home'

'Art de l'asile'

'Last Tear From A Broken Heart'

'The Kiss Of Creation'

'How Does Your Garden Grow'

'Late-Night Bar-Fly'

'Intragalactic Extrovert'

'Transhuman Self-Image'

'Eek We've Been Framed'

'Cirque de l'absurde'

'Homo Incipiens'

'Anomaly In Reaction Chamber Two'

'Foggy Thinking'

'Spatial Attraction'

'Beware The Veils Of Tradition'

'View From A Comet'

'Brain Game'

'Irrational Reality'

'The Sleepers'

'Deep-Sea Secrets'

'Nanobot Assembly'

'Lost In The Lake Of Time'

'Mango On My Mind'


'Breakfast In Blunderland'


'Aliens - Hyperactive'

'Naga Nightmare'

'A Frozen Future Perhaps'

'ALPHA First'

'Party Time'

'Meta-contextual Metaphor'



'Exploration Ship'

'Getting It Together'

'Sailing Daze'

'Kleinian Sea-Dream'

'Order Of The Torian Empire'

'Cognitive Superposition'

'The Spirit Of Mystery'

'Illusory Perception'

'Teran Listening Post SH-4'

'A Child's Summer Dream'

'Howdy Stranger'

'The Origin Of Ideas'


'The Fall Of A Fallacy'

'Hybrid Bio-Nanotech Traveler'

'Carnival Ride'

'Escape Tradition'

'Fun With Fluids'

'Deep-Space Nanoassembler'

'Art Afloat'


'Asteroid Artifact'


'Violence In Vitro'

'Well, Well, Away It Fell'

'Deep Dilemma'

'POP - It's The Shaman'

'The Ring Bearer'

'Trade Routes'

'Blasted By Blue'

'Life's Baggage'

'Apathetic Ambivalence'

'Reach For The Sun'

'Down Deep, Where The Secrets Are'


'The Amusment Ride Of Life'

'I Am ZOR, You May Enter.'

'Timeline Of Data Storage'

'The Visitation'

'Transhuman Scout and New World'



'Mechanisma - 2'


'Carved Object'

'Beach Watch'


'Burp From The Visual Cortex - ss1'

'Sunset Mesa'

'Embracing Art'

'Embracing Art - Physics - Biology'

'The Bow Before'

'Another World Beyond'

'Cyborn Spindle Ship'

'Delayed Billing'


'Ark World'

'Return Of The Creator'

'Ancient Brain'

'EPR Bridge Portal'

'Mystery Of The Deep - The Pill'

'Flashes Of Inspiration'

'The Gold Box'

'Transhuman Future'

'In The Secret Canyon'

'The World Within'


'It's Full Of DaBar'

'Looking At Negative Entropy'

'Lapis Liquidus'

'Fantasy Fungus'

'Snailing Away In Cyberville'

'Battletech - 2065'

'Dreams Of Past Dogfights'

'Moonlight Dining'

'Perplexing Perception'


'The Crumbling Crust Of Mythology'

'Galaxy Seed'

'Tepid Teapot'

'Dragon-Fire Snack Pack'

'Dropped Metaphore'

'Magnificent Mollusk'

'A Bit Of Biosphere'

'Bump In The Bay'

'Steam Punk Monitor'


'Arizona Night Flight'

'Basket By The Creek'

'Future Disturbia'

'Lost Temple' - New 'Earth'



'Archeoptic Enigma'

'Spirit Of Soi 69'

'Holliday Time In The Village'

'Gold Asteroid - Strike Test'

'Brass Elephant Spoor'

'Construction Scrap'

'Lake View 2121'

'Summer Splash'

'Prickly Heat'

'ICE 99'

'Pasta Twist'

'Full Sensory Immersion Virtual Reality'

'Look Ahead'


'Eye Out - Ear Open'

'Three-Way Spinoff'

'Necrotic Navel'



'Hooks and Loops of Life'

'The Chase'

'Abandoned Dreams'

'Dreams Of A Future Pet'


'Life and Sentience Of A Different Kind'

'MOM! Come Quick! There's Something In The Tub!'

'Inter-dimensional Intrusion'

'No Bull'

'The Daemon'

'Rogue Rock'



'Passion Fires'

'The Meltdown'

'Glass Salad'

'Your Sigil Sir'



'Functional Fashion - 2115'

'Universal Forge'

'Risen From The Rust'

'The Flow And Formation Of Memories'

'The Cost Of Conflict'


'Just Drifting Along'

'The Links That Bind'

'The Gate To The Void'

'The Table'

'The Opening'

'Chica Doodle Done'

'Enigmatic Alien Device'

'Of Sins Once Dreamed'

'Where The Future Takes Humanity'

'Luddites' Dilemma'


'Coral Reef Confrontation'

'The Pointer'

'The Fall'

'Epitaph Of An Angry Bird'

'The Night Flight'

'Layered Textures'

'Your Mind Is You'

'Reach For The Ring'


'The Tradition Trap'

'Encounter In The Lake

'New Chip Off The Old Cedar'

'Brûler Regrette Passées'

'Kleinian Quandry'

'Flickering Flames Of Passions Past'

'A Corner Of The Mind'

'Movement In The Mist'

'Distortion Of Reality'

'From The Dark Forest'

'Prehistoric Aviator'

'Embryonic Image'

'Under The Lily Pads'

'Asian Attitude'

'Between Had And Want'

'Motion Mystery'

'3-4-6 Spherical Array'

'Man-In-The-Moon' Meets 'The Cosmic Clown'

'A Gift From Ra'

'Minor Drive Damage'


'Blood Relations'

'Aquatic Eye'

'Clouded Canvas'

'Twisted Logic'

'The Happy Abstractionist'

'A Burst Of Bubbles'

'Line Of Descent'

'Forbidden Fruit'

'Quantum-gravitic Galaxy'

'Opening At The End Of The World'

'Lurking Malware Menace'


'Probing The Edge'

'Balloon Bash'

'Holliday Hot-Tub'

'Las Cruces Wall-Art'



'Freedom Of Thought'

'High Fashion'

'Rockinghorse Rodeo'

'Down The Wormhole'

'Lenticular Pastel'

'A 2-D View Of A 4-D Object'

'A Pink Figmoid'

'The Creation Of Reality'

'Deep-Space Dump'

'Order To Chaos'

'Like A Woman'

'Contracted Canvas'

'Lemme Outa Here'

'Things That Go Sqoosh In The Night'


'The Depths Of Deception'

'Futuristic Figment'

'A Moment Alone'



'I Think, Therefor It Is'

'Hypertube Transit'

'Stages Of Birth'

'Soft Colors - Coarse Canvas'

'He Saw Me!'

'The Head-Butt'

'The Masque'

'The Spirit Of The Curator'

'Impact Shock'

'Cavorting On Canvas'

'Botanical Bits'

'Spatial Recreation'

'The Razor Tree'

'The Tantrum'


'Damn Bug Spray'

'Under The Sofa'

'Superconducting Slinky'

'Family Flight'

'Cosmic Clockworks'

'Bubbles Burst'

'Straw Drawing'


'Older Than Sol'

'Ploof, AET-102 1960'

'Paths Of Probability'

'New Life'

'The Secret Sigil'


'Springtime Fun'

'Digital Art - 101'

'Dream In Pink'

'Mellon Colada Memory'

'Manifesto Over Manila'

'Orange Drop'


'Symphonic Symetry'

'Decorative Detritus'

'The Free Handout'

'Leaping Leptons!'

'Treasure In The Dark'

'New Puppy - Home Alone'

'False Hope'

'Visually Plastered'

'Old Montana'

'Fallen Tears'

'Breath Of The Volcano'

'A Mark On The Canvas'

'The Blower Blast'

'Oriental Trinket'

'The Next Step'


'Reading Leaves'

'Consciousness Transcendent'


'The Flames Of Desire'

'Sense Of Touch'

'On Full Alert'

'Visualizing M-Theory'

'The Final Passage'

'Breakaway Art'


'Well hello there...'


'Lava-Bomb In The Sea'

'Beer Bash'


'The Drunk's Last Stunt'

'Dimensional Disturbance'


'Noise Removal'

'Chasing A Dream'

'On The Way To M-31...'

'Neural Orgasm'

'Busker Bird'

'Temporal Echo'

'Family Circle'

'Beach Life'



'Gold Melt'

'Lakeside Blood Borer'

'The Aquarium Incident'

'Attention Seeker'

'Convergent Probabilities'


'Summer Breaze'

'Looks Like Trouble Ahead'

'Hot Pursuit'

'THE Pearl'

'The ''MAXIMUS'' Career Launcher'

'Origin Of Matter'

'The Ugly Face Of Greed'

'Wanna Play'

'Within The Wreck'

'First Eye-to-Eye Contact'

'Flavors Of Summer'


'The Bird And Bear'

'The Owners Arrive'

'Random Intersection Of Realities'

'On The Sunny Side'

'Ownership Spat'

'Bikini Bits'

'Strange Space'

'Play Escape'

'Fools And Fireworks'

'Seed Of An Idea - 150708'

'The Winds Of Change'

'Derivative Differential'

'Directions In The Desert'

'Probe From The Multiverse'

'Planes And Branes'


'Twists And Turns'


'Night Lights'


'Layered Reality'

'A Taste For Art'

'A Meal For The Mind'

'Somatic Topology'

'Beam Burst'

'Alien Embryo'

'Mind Flight'


'In The Wizard's Eye'

'Hard and Soft'

'Fantasy Blossom'

'The Last Bar Breakdown'

'Life Beneath The Sphinx'

'A Moment Of Magic'

'The Home Invasion'

'Graphice Biologica'

'Paint In The Wind'



'Space-Time Blender'

'The Lost Lesson'

'Seeds Of Wonder'

'Alley Antics'

'Transhuman Avatar'


'Wall Decor'

'The Drop Of A Hint'

'Visual Hook'

'Too Lucid'

'Cool In The Keys'

'Tomb Tableau'

'Cognigraph' - 150919a

'Cognigraph' - 150920a

'Cognigraph' - 150921a

'Cognigraph - 150921b'

'Pele's Protest'


'There Be Dragons Here'

'It's a......PUPPY....'

'Homo Extensis'

'Noches Perdidos'

'Perplexing Passion'

'Cognigraph - 150925a'

'The Victor'

'Cognigraph - 150929-a'

'Worlds Away From Here'

'Cognigraph - 151001-a'

'Cognigraph - 151001-b'

'Shredded Hope'

'Cognigraph - 151002-a'

'Cognigraph - 151004-b'

'Hanging By A Thread'

'Cognigraph - 151007-a'


'Cognigraph - 151009-a'

'Cognigraph - 151010-a'

'Far View'

'Far View Detail'

'Visit To A Rogue Planet'

'Invasive Modification'


'The Ups-n-Downs Of Life'

'Sharp Focus'


'Brute Force'

'Now What...'

'So That's A Shadow'

'Treasures From Another World'

'Table-Top Tempest'

'Warped Space'

'Oils On Water'

'Cognigraph - 151025-a'

My Ghost - a preview...

'Holiday Season'

'Cognigraph - 151028-a'

'Emotional Attachment'

'Gedanken Experiment 2116'

'Cognigraph - 151101-a'

'Cognigraph - 151101-b'

'Love-Light Lit'

'Mantis Dancer'

'Cognigraph - 151104-a'

'Cognigraph - 151106-a'

'The Shattering Of Percieved Reality'

'Glowing Compost'

'Cognigraph - 151112-a'

'Insidious Menace'

'Happy Hydrogel'

'Cognigraph - 151116-a'

'Cognigraph - 151116-b'

'Cognigraph - 151117-a'

'Cognigraph - 151118-a'

'Cognigraph - 151118-b'

'Cognigraph - 151119-a'

'Cognigraph - 151119-b'

'Cognigraph - 151120-a'

'Cognigraph - 151120-b'

'The Cave and the Quark Echo'

'In The Sea Of Enceladus'

'Cognigraph - 151122-a'

'Cognigraph - 151125-c'

'Decent Into Order'

'In The Mind Of A Child'

'Natural Forces'


'Cognigraph - 151224-a'

'Cognigraph - 151226-a'

'Street Preacher'

'From An Old-Soul'

''Jungle Fever''

'Ancient Asteroid Surprise'

'Arizona Encounter'

'Power Spectra'

'Diva del Nido'

'Drawn To The Light'

'Reflecting The Present - Remembering The Past'

'Memory Overlays'

'Sentient Energy'

'Galactic Scout'

'As I See Myself... Today'

'Adopt An Alien, Please...'

'Deep Beneath The Nile'


'Neo-Asian Art by DaBar'

'BiMorph' - 161123

''Cognigraph - 170213-1a''

'Cognigraph - 170218-1a-st'.jpg

'Cognigraph - 170227-1a'