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Born 1947, Mexico. Clicking amateurishly since 1959. First camera; Kodak Brownie Six-20. Today trying to express something meaningful through photography with a dilettante attitude and a hindering melee of old and new equipment and techniques. Website virtually neglected, but includes a gallery with some images not posted to PhotoNet.

Country: MX


Odds and ends...

Roger & Frances with Yours Truly

Arantepacua and Quinceo Valleys


Doors & Windows

Large format

1968 Bull fight.

Places, travel pictures.

People I know

People I don't know

Purhepecha nation.

Italy 2004



Fiesta en San Juan Parangaricutiro.

El Rebozo (Mexican Shawl)



Anthurium and other plants.

Abandoned Railroad Station

Traffic Jam Madness

Locks and Bolts


The WALL project (blank walls, not so blank)

Single Photos

Panasonic Lumix LX* Series


Golgotha falls, Cupatitzio river, Uruapan, Mexico.

Rocky shore, Ixtapa, Mexico

Junked signs

Kids toting Halloween lamps ask for a treat during the Mexican celebration of the night of the dead -Nov 1. Janitzio Island on Lake Patzcuaro. Mexico.

A couple drinking expresso in a sunny terrace cafe in Nazaré, Portugal.

Arch. Obidos, Portugal.

Chef Guillaume Morancé

Seeing double. Painter. Montmartre, Paris, France.

Open up...

Charcoal bags.

Windows, refectorium, Mount St. Michel monastery. France.

Storm. Teatro Degollado columns, Guadalajara Mexico.

The candle offering.

Patio and fountain in a public building. Tlaxcala, Mexico.

Chateau de Chambord and lamp. Approaching storm.

Mont Saint Michel Monastery and Presale' lambs. A jaded cliche perhaps, but couldn't help shooting it.

Purepecha woman during the Night of the Dead wake in the cemetery of Janitzio Island, Mexico.


Log Gate.

Mother & son

Mother and daughter

At the beach... Stray dog taking a respite at dusk.

Reflection time... Pátzcuaro Mexico.

Log gate near Lake Zirahuen, Michoacan, Mexico. The week after I shot it, it was replaced by an iron gate. :-(

Guard house in San Juan de Ulua fort. Veracruz Mexico.

4th of July in Ixtapa, Mexico. Although we don't celebrate it, the sky fireworks were fitting.

Sunken boat. Mandinga Lagoon. Veracruz, Mexico.

Ruined adobe wall and wood planks.

Charcoal bags.

Canal boat. Brugge, Belgium.

My friends, photo writers Roger Hicks and Frances Schultz with me in Paris, 2001.

Golden sunset.

Street in Obidos, Portugal.

San Juan de Ulúa fort. Veracruz, Mexico.

VW Autostadt Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Wolfsburg, Germany.

Arches. San Juan de Ulúa Fort. Veracruz, Mexico.

White window on red wall.

The song of the blind.

Wood planks and peeling paint in a ruined building.

Black Pottery. Shot during the pottery fair celebrated in my home town -Uruapan- every easter.

Where have all the children gone?

Old window on adobe wall of an abandoned building.

Goslar rooftops.

Just a foggy landscape.

Just a foggy landscape.

Just a foggy landscape.

Telephone poles in the fog.

Valley shrouded in fog.

Fog in the mountains.

Riding home.

Dusk on the River Neve, Saint Petersburg, Russia.


"Sarapes" (ponchos) in a market stall.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Health. Normally crowded by vendor stalls, this was a rare occasion of a minor national non-working day that left the plaza virtually empty.

"La Cofradía"

"La Cofradía", detail.

"La Cofradía", detail.


Frankfurt Forum

White door.

Vicary door to the Zirahuén parish.


Mexican False gate -called "falsete"- near Lake Pátzcuaro.

Bridge Fernando Espinosa, over the Oblatos Ravine, near Guadalajara Mexico.

Water spring among rocks.

Enamel mugs.

Rocks. Cupatitzio River.

"Water Man". A small trickle of water takes a sugestive form in the photo.

Door to the vicary of the "Cofradia" church. Pátzcuaro, Mexico.

Venetian blind and shadow on the wall.

Side chappel. Tlaxcala, Mexico.

Basket with vegetables.

Cupatitzio River, near its source ("The Devil's knee").


Hector Sr. & Hector Jr.


Barbed wire fences on Lake Zirahuén at dusk.

Red windows. Brugge.

Window with green reflections.

Round window. Pátzcuaro, México.


Barbed wire fences, Lake Zirahuén.

Stone wall.

Three Purépecha women. Cropped replacement.

Portrait of Paty. 1996.

A "rejoneador" (rider bullfighter) gets his horse away from the bull after nailing the beast with a lancet called "banderilla" (small-flag). The excessive distance is not considered very good form.

"Rejoneador" teasing the bull.

Placing the banderillas.

Drawing the bull in.

Taking the bull's charge.

Sometimes the bull gets even -though usually only for a moment. This bullfighter couldn't finish the bull on horseback and had to kill on foot; the bull decided not to go quietly.

Pulling the bull.

Door in Eze Village.

Steep street in St. Paul Vences.

Moscow. Red Square, looking towards St. Basil Cathedral. Sept. 2000.

Villa of the Tzars at Pushkin City.

Entrance to the Bentley Pavillion and Ritz-Carlton Hotel in the background. VW Autostadt (City of the Automobile).

Hannover 2000 World Fair grounds.

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow.

Brugge Canal

Chateau de Chambord.

Flaming Birds of Paradise

Old wood and plant

Windows on ruined building.

Restorer working on the polichrome ceiling of Nurio's XVI century San Miguel church.

The small church at Aranza.

Convent of Santo Domingo

Concerto for Piano and Pacifier.

Old steam engine.

"La Compañía". Old Jesuitic Convent, Pátzcuaro.

Railed cobblestone path in "Barranca del Cupatitzio" Park.

Funeral wreath, derelict door.

Window shutter. Zurumútaro, Mich., México.

Adobe Mondrian.

Veracruz dawn.

VW mechanic servicing a Beetle.

Smug Paulina with folded arms.

The Sunday puff.

Bill and LeRoy Neiman

Father Chano reads the Gospel.

Purhépecha woman at a church portal.

Girls dressed in traditional Purhépecha garb ride on a parade truck.

Los Negritos

Door and paper flags. Cherán México.

No Anunciar means Do not Advertize.

The morning crap.

The applause.

Doña Consuelo 3.

Baptistery door. San Felipe de los Herreros Church.

Woman in a deserted church.

Bucolic landscape at dusk.

Jana Malova, Soprano.

San Felipe de los Herreros.

Apple tree

For our sins...

Maribel Vega


About to descend.

Abstract II (color)

Lake Tahoe seen from the summit of Heavenly Ski Resort at 3100 meters of altitude.


Conciergerie, Seine and Pont au Change. Paris.


Eggs and vegetables

Hill side near Paricutin Volcano, just a few kilometers from my home town.


Sunset at the Acapulco Princess

Kitchen table landscape.

At the market.

Blind beggar asks for alms at a church gate.


Christine & Serge

Blowing 75.

Dreams of Hawaii.

Slumber among the wares.


Hectic moment at an Argentinian restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Reading among the bread.

Accordion player, Bologna.

Coloseum horse.

Window, sitting woman. Rome.

Vatican Museum

Fruits & veggies stall. Venice.

Restaurant window.

Bridge and canal. Venice.

Bridge. Venice.

Street artist

Santo Stephano, Bologna.

Tuscan countryside.

Black Lab in Santo Stephano.

Backstreet Venice.

Tourists, Firenze.

A the footsteps of San Petronio.

Chat at the cathedral.

Black dove.

Bassilica de Santa Giustina, Padova.

Afternoon in the Cathedral

Accendimi (Turn me on)

Con questa faccia (with this face)

Via Veneto smile.


Waiting for a fare.

Shoestore window.

Tourist group, Il Battisterio.

Taking a rest; 'touristing' is tiring...

Sidewalk cafe.

Bicicles on sidewalk.

Red scooter.

Gabor Zajson, musician.

Vuitton for the People.

Man in black.


Via Veneto at dusk.

Singer at Meo Pataca's Restaurant.

Hotel Marte

Parked gondola.

Facade, Venice.

Kids and parrots.


La dolce vita.


Score for a Kitchen Symphony.


This man retired to a fruitful life of photography. I found him selling beautiful 16x20 prints in a park. He spotted my camera and we went talking photos for 20 minutes.

Sunday painter.

Reading man with Napolitan Mastiff.

Piazza Navona

The Pantheon.

Street mime.

Fancy Bottles



Candle vendor.

Trattoria dell Tritone

Big Bug.

Club de Buceo Uruapan diving at "Las Cañadas", Anton Lizardo, Veracruz, Mexico.

The wreck of the Riva Palacio.

The wreck of the Riva Palacio.

The silent gun of the Riva Palacio

Into the light.

Riva Palacio Superstructure.


Street musicians, Veracruz.

Atrium to Santo Stephano, Bologna.


Marimba music

Peanut vendor.


Sax Player.

Land of volcanoes.

Marcela and her sisters.


Crank organ player, Mexico City.


Checking the phone.

Dr. José María García Otero preparing for the incision.

Shaving my groin. Yes, it's embarrassing.


One hour before; admission desk.

Admitted to my room.

This won't hurt, I promise...

Before being carted away. Photo by my significant half.

Gurneys that cross in the corridors...

Interior of the temple of the Lord of Miracles in San Juan Parangaricutiro.

Open market.

Purhépecha family outside the temple

"Pre-Hispanic" musician.

Ersatz Aztec.


Old dancer.


Purhepecha girl.

The devil and the archangel.

The photographer between the good and the evil.

Reflections of old age.

Sweet potatoes and bananas.

Shoo, Scram!

Sunday, October 3.

XVII Century church in Purhépecha town Angáhuan.

XVII Century Church. Angáhuan Mexico.

Dusk. Country road in the hills.

Dusk. Landscape in the hills.

Dusk. Cornfield in the hills.

Purhépecha Rebozo.

The White Rebozo.

Man on horse and feral dog.

Purhépecha woman selling embroidered napkins in a plaza.

This Purhépecha woman (guare or huariti in Purhépecha) offers her beautifully embroidered napkins to...

The multifunctional rebozo can serve as a parcel or makeshift luggage.

Kids getting wet at a public fountain.

Food vendor at a public plaza.

The rebozo as backpack.

Mother and daughter.

Ping, Pang, Pong.


Tuba. Barrio de la Magdalena street concert. Noche de Muertos.

Sax. Barrio de la Magdalena street concert. Noche de Muertos.

Trumpet. Barrio de la Magdalena street concert. Noche de Muertos.

Tending the parish garden.

Flower vendor on a street.

Flower Vendor.

3 members of the Purhépecha Band of San Ángel Zurumucapio.

Street Vendor.

Russian violinist Leonid Kourdoy performing in a mall in Zapopan.

Piggy back...

On the cell.

Child vending fruit on a street.

Cúrpite (Purhépecha dancer, wearing a mask depicting a European)

Cúrpites. Purhépecha men preparing for a ceremonial dance.

Building site, afterhours.


Food Vendor & fountain.

The hammer blow.

Lakeside Grove.

Masked band.

Werewolf Trumpet.

Covered dock. "El agua verde" shore, Lake Zirahuén, Mexico.


This anthurium is a fav subject whenever I need to finish a roll.


Pelicans and Boat.


Hide and seek

Purhépecha woman cooking tortillas.

Cooking tortillas.


Purhépecha woman cooking tortillas.

Siesta in the market.


Golgotha falls, Cupatítzio River. Uruapan, Mexico.

"El Soyate". Near Mazamitla, Jalisco, Mexico.

Golgotha falls #16.


Dance of the Moors

Church at Pichátaro (Michoacán, Mexico)

Placing an offering

"Moro" (Interpreter of the Dance of the Moors)

Sweeping the church.

Phoenix Sounds. St. Thomas, USVI.

The old man, the toy piano and the child.

It's not my problem...

Cleaning the fountain.

Anthurium #3 2006

Anthurium #4 2006




The shades

Untitled landscape.

Roadside dump, burning.

Domestic Landscape #18

Domestic Landscape #20

Avocado grove.

Dreaming of old travels.

Trinkets and tools.

Bridge Fernando Espinosa revisited


Arcade. Aguascalientes, Mexico.




Woman with baby. Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Cruise ship and tender. Sitka, AK.

Snowcap & Rainbow. Inside Passage, Alaska

Float Plane & Cruise Ship. Ketchikan, Alaska.

Green apples and bug.

Green apple and blossom.

Apple Blossoms.

Anthurium Blossom.

Golden Anthurium.

Apple Blossoms (2)

Abandoned RR Tanker.


Junked Tankers.


Cargo Ramp.

Abandoned Station.


Fading into the evening.

Anthurium #18


Woods near Mazamitla, Mexico #42

Woods near Mazamitla, Mexico #45

Woods near Mazamitla, Mexico #44

Woods near Mazamitla #22

Leechees and cherries.


Paricutín Volcano


Charo Díez, PhotoNet honcho girl.

Street Market Scene.


Church door. Tallinn.

Vigeland Sculpture

Roskilde Porch

Skiffs near Vikingeskibsmuseet

No chance of going through this way...

Finally, it seems it's dissolving.

That dumb lady is causing all this!

Getting there finally...

Thanks officer... Won't happen again.


Me officer? I swear I wasn't blowing the horn.

Uh-oh! That mounted cop is staring at me...

OK, lets put this jalopy in gear...

I could chomp this g****m wheel!

I'm not getting out of here...

Yupee! We're moving...

Move, lady, move!!!

That idiot boss is gonna give me hell!

Darn! I'm gonna be late again...

Or this way...

Uh-oh! Seems like a traffic jam again..

Untitled P527

Lake Zirahuén


Moored dinghy & pedal boats

Untitled P618

A tourist girl takes a moment for a quick prayer in beautiful Talinn

Multicolored dresses in a street stall.

Door Lock #215

The eyes have it! A Pacific Sting Ray peeps up maliciously from a sandy bottom in Zihuatanejo Mexico.

Green Moray, Zihuatanejo Mexico.

Rusty Bolt #353

Lock #352

Bolt & Padlock #361

Padlock #385

Padlock #398

Untitled #430

Dead Leaves #434

Dead Leaves on Flagstones #448

Ravine #456

Tuscan Landscape

Seine and Paris skyline.


Sugarcane Hacienda

Sugarcane Plot

Untitled #775


Bicycle, Florence.

St Francis Convent, Guadalupe Zacatecas Mexico

Window. Franciscan Monastery. Guadalupe, Zacatecas.

Franciscan Monastery Cell.

Green Moray Eel and Cleaning Fish

Mayan woman begging for alms at the door of Merida's Cathedral.

Door knocker at the Mérida Cathedral.

San Charbel Markhuf.

Kukulkan Pyramid, Chichen-Itza, Yucatán.

Hacienda Temozón.

Black cat.


Hacienda Yaxcopol

Old generator.

Old henequén (sisal) mill.

Concrete Man

Blank Wall: Abstract 7000112

Blank Wall: Abstract 7000124

Happy face 7000140

Michelin Man

Watch your step,

Gathering firewood.


Abstract #428

Going nowhere.



Roadside garbage.

Michoacán Hills.

Pink muffler.

Wood mushrooms.

Untitled landscape.

Corn field & woods.

Corn Field


Hauling Firewood.



Mexican Saint.


Passionate Kiss




Yet another anthurium (#1135)


Chayote Leaves.

Nurio XVII Century Chapel.

Nurio Parish - XVII Century.

Laundry & Weeds

Cat on open wood stove.

Catechism Friday.

Huatápera Chapel

Bell Tower, Huatápera (Hospital) Chapel. Nurío.

The road to Nurío.

Girl with purple shawl.

Purple Shawl

Blue shawl.

Green & Pink.

Purhépecha Cupboard

Broken window. San Felipe de los Herreros, MIchoacán, México.

Mother & child. San Felipe de los Herreros, MIchoacán.

Old keyhole. Nurío, Michoacán.

Rusty nails.

Rio Marqués

Roadside repair.

Untitled #1676

Google Earth

Black Ice

Bitter Sunrise

Stubborn Life

LSD (Light-Shadow-Decay) ;-)

Tears of Blood

Bridge Fernando Espinosa 2009

Sliding Grafitti

Life & Death #1928

The old woman and death.

The old woman and the saint.

Untitled #1912

Arantepacua Valley #1965

Untitled (Window #2030)

Untitled (Window #2110)

Untitled (Window #2184)

Untitled #2133

Abstract #2142

Keyhole and rust.

Untitled #2143


Landscape with crows #3993.


Untitled p1040905

Presa-del-Infiernillo (Infiernillo "Little Hell" Reservoir)



Untitled P1000439



Untitled P1000022

Día Lluvioso

Red Shovel & Buckets


Havana Street Musicians

Salsa Ensemble Rum Museum Havana

Trumpet Player Rum Museum Havana





Siesta in the market













Market scene


Tamale Vendor





Market scene







Street Scene San Miguel de Allende

Tamale Vendor

Call Center

Parts Dept.



Leopard Moray Eel

Eagle Ray

House in ruins.

Trees in Plaza

Mechanical Shop Intern

Reeds, rainy day.

Homage to André Kertész-(La-Fourchette)-3


Scooter Parking

Shadow on the Wall

Guitar Lament

Borincan Lament

Pared Amarilla con Medidor

Mondrian DSCF0099

Trumpet Player, Rum Museum, Havana, Cuba.