Paul Garland

I went to Austin High in El Paso, Texas, & moved to California right after high school. Went to El Camino junior college, then later graduated from UTEP in 1971 with honors. Worked on a master's degree, then to avoid going to Vietnam I joined the U.S. Army to be at 3rd Armored Div Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. I was there for almost 3 years. Bicycled and backpacked a lot in the Swiss Alps. Had some good times, saw some of the world, and grew up a little. After that I went to law school at U.T. Austin for a while, raised a family, got elected to a minor political position in El Paso, had 3 great wives, owned a Corvette then later a Prius, became a scuba diver, got my private pilot's license including multi-engine and instrument ratings, and lived in the Cajun country of Louisiana for a few years. For 15 years I worked as the general manager for an American food company in Europe where I met many close friends including "Mad Dog" Ed Gadet. I really enjoyed living in Europe. I'm now retired, and to quote from Martin Luther King, I'm finally "free at last, free at last." I've moved out to the wonderful high desert in the Southwestern city of El Paso, Texas USA. Currently I mostly use a Nikon D300, D40X, P80, and L18. In the recent past I had a D40 and a D80. I also have six Nikon 35mm SLRs which I basically don't use any more. I've got a GPS on the D300 and use the D40X to take Gigapans on the EPIC 100.