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my earth

my playground

my little dream

my place


.last pray.

t r u e e y e s

if i can

.missing miss.

tell me about me!

the last planet

stone house and my bicycle

after the end .1

after the end .2

three prayers



earth's sorrow

earth's sorrow .2

my little dream

about a woman

a mom's journey

end of water voice

a fairytale dream

town prisoner

the art of broken

roof cloud

dream of peace

the unforgiven way

the clown story

the omen

the omen .2

waiting for mom

waiting in the rain

a tree to remember

the world we live in

nature's vendetta

Noah's Resident

freedom wings

hands tale

blue heaven

drought story

to the land of hope

the land of hope

end of trip

wishes for the sky

a little celebration


second to decide

end of time


finding you

the destination

Pray For Indonesia

finding christmas


dangerous playground

Big Milk

the happy suicide

my secret garden

silent song


the Martyrs

silent witness

after the rain

the story of bridges

the seeker

upside down