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Hello, I am Ricardo, born in Colombia and now living in Germany. I like photography very much.br/br/ I enjoy taking photos, and also love to work with people. Every situation with people is special. Things happen once and never come back. I always try to find the right moment, when people show the true expressions of their personality. When I get started shooting, it’s hard for me to stop.br/br/ I love shooting with natural available light. When I am shooting, all my attention goes into what I am doing. I just really enjoy the moment. I like photos of people and children very much, because they are a source of great possibilities.br/br/ I hope my passion for photography will help me improve the quality of my picture taking. I just started going public with my portraits on photo.net. Suggestions and points of view about my photos are appreciated.br/br/ Ricardo br/a href"http://s03.flagcounter.com/more/7Q8"img src"http://s03.flagcounter.com/count/7Q8/bgFFFFFF/txt000000/borderCCCCCC/columns6/maxflags36/viewers0/labels1/" alt"free counters" border"0"/abr/

Country: DE


Digital Alterations


Country Life and others



Portraits and poses B&W

Portraits and poses






Planet Autumn

Flowers of joy

Season's life - Beginning of Autumn

Bridge of life

Home, sweet home

Sweet dream ..!

Light of life

Cabella Ligure Nr. 1

Cabella Ligure Nr. 2

Cabella Ligure Nr. 3

Flower of snow

Landscape Nr. 1

Cabella Ligure Nr. 4 Door in town

Cat's life

Landscape Nr. 2 Soft fire in sky


Fish of fire in my head

Secret garden

Swan's portrait

Swan's Portrait 2

Samantha Nr.1

Sophie Nr. 1 How are you?

Moment of life Nr. 1

Autumn life - Dark's water

Eve Nr. 1 - Just me

Sophie Nr. 2

Marie Nr. 1

Moment of life Nr. 2 - Just freedom..!

Beauty of life - Autumn

Elina Nr. 1 - Joy

Fire inside

Moment of life Nr. 3 - The joy of the dance

Claudia Nr. 1 - Listen to me

Eve Nr. 2 - Just me

Marie and Sophie Nr. 1 - Moments of life

Angelina Nr. 1 Before the life is going

Moments of Life Nr. 4. Just be myself

Sarah Nr. 1 - All you need is love..!

Sing with me ..!

Joy of the dance

Elina Nr. 2 - Just me -

Moment of life - Freedom -

Angelina Nr. 2 - Just be..! Look in big size..!

Claudia Nr. 2 - Moments of life - Look in big size..!

Best desire of Xmas + New Year 2010 (Better large View)

Laura Nr. 1- Light of life

Laura Nr. 2 - Reflection

Elina- life is beautiful

Moment of life - Time to relax - large view .. better.

Sarah Nr. 2 - Deep in your eyes ...

Sarah Nr.3 Symphony of life. Better in large view

Eve Nr.3 Moment of life

Caro Nr. 1 Radiant joy of life

Nature in SOS- Dedicada a R Rivera and Birte Ragland. Better in large view.

Emma Nr. 1 - Sweet smile ..!

lil' Thu Nr.1 Just me


Caro Nr 2 Radiant joy of life


Jump Nr. 1

Sleeping Beauty


Sight - Katrin Nr. 2



Natural Beauty Nr. 2 (It is better in big size)

Feeling 1

Feeling 2 Joy of Life

Feeling 3 - Natural Beauty

Feeling 4 : Inside the frame

Expression 1 : Woman in red