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Over the hill bum, and ardent pursuer of mediocrity.

Welcome to my small space. Take it easy, have a frappuccino (that's how Lou Ann told me to spell it) and tell me why my photos are so bad. It shouldn't take long.

Some of the photos posted here are for particular purposes, and so all will not be masterpieces.

If you see a masterpiece, it must be some kind of joke, no doubt posted by someone who had nothing better to do than hijack my space.


Stuff that doesn't go anywhere else

Maine Stuff

B & W stuff


Washington DC

Once Upon a Time


Home Sweet Home

A Few Portraits

Flowers, etc

Sooner Centennial special



Cold Drink?

Corea by the Sea 1

Old Glory at the Washington Monument

Ocean Fog

Picnic Table

Meet the Ocean

The Mill

The Mill


The Wall & the Monument

Autumn Red

Once Upon a Time 2

The Hot Dog Stand

Once Upon A Time 3

Seamen's Church Institute


1938 Ford Truck Classic

1959 Ford Classic

Icy Poinsetta

Home Sweet Home

Oklahoma Red

Mr. Higgins formal portrait

Somebody's Mom

Tulips and the Temple

Which Way?

Through the Window in Winter

1962 Chevrolet Corvair

Constance with Hat

Constance 1

Jetti - 100% Maine Coon

The Station

Who lives here now?


Melissa and Steve


Another warbird - Russian Yak-3 I believe

Nathan & Lindsey 2

A Little Sad

One Foot Where?

1953 Cadillac Classic

1953 Cadillac Classic

1955 Mercury Classic

1955 Mercury Classic B&W portrait

At the Office

Water and Shelter

Water windmill

Yes, Yes, one more sunrise

Just a White Rose

The Office

WWII Transport Classic

1938 Chevy Pickup Classic

A Warm Place

He's still there

In the hand of a child

White Rose

On the Beach

Reading by the sea

Wild Maine Blueberries

Eastport - Late Afternoon

Bringing Her In

Eastport in Late Afternoon

Bringing Her In


Pop Bottle Rocket

Eastport Harbor

American Falls - Niagara

American Falls II

Flower Garden

Erect and reflect

OKC Reflections 2

Picture Window

Synchronized Painting

Corea by the Sea 2

Margaret Todd

Losing your marbles

A Little Dinghy

Just a Little Dinghy

glass reflections

Korean War Memorial

1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk Fin

Margaret Todd at Bar Harbor

U.S. Capitol 2

The Capitol in fall

It's the Berries

Dangerous Crossing

which way? 2

So What? 2

OKC Bombing Memorial

Since 1995, people have left memorials in this fence, remembering those who were lost in the OKC bombing.

A view of the front of the Murrah Bombing Memorial, including the memorial fence.

Time Wounds

East Side of the OKC Bombing Memorial

On the Murrah Bombing Memorial Fence - OKC

Wagons Ho

Country Wagon

Old Cabin wall, circa 1870

Melissa and Steve

Red Flower

Red Sails

Wreath on the Wall

Flowers at Niagara

Thunder Bay

Snow on the Pine

Lawn Treatment

West Quoddy Head Light

Remembered - B&W

Korrean War Memorial

Dome of Fireworks

Fire Strings

Rock-Bound Coast

Alegiance at three months

As I was Saying...


Margaret Todd at the Bar Harbor Inn

1955 Chevy Tail II

1957 Chevy Nomad Classic


Moon Rising

Ready for the fight

Isaac's Family

The Burning

Just a Country Girl

West Quoddy Head - at the point

You Just Had to be There

Nap Time II

Rocky Rainbow

Need a Light?

Through the years

Ford Roadster Classic

Full Moon

1929 Ford Touring Classic I

1929 Ford Touring Classic in B&W

1956 Chevy Classic

1929 Ford Sedan Classic

Kaleb - or Winston Churchill?

Thumbs Up

Can't see the forest for the ...

The Oasis

Meet Me in St Louie

Lindsay, Nathan, and Kaleb

Warehouse Window

Ice at the Airport

"All unattended bags will be removed by Airport Police," - or by this guy.

Need a Cold Drink?

Airport View

Winston 2

I Don't Want to Lose You

All Aboard - with reservations

Firing Pin

Growing Up


Beware High Voltage in Low Places

Under the Bridge

Constance and the Hat

The Bentley Classic

1964 - A Very Rusty Year


Mothers' Day


One Sister

Just a Rose

Handle with Care





Royal II

Where'd I put them keys to my pickup?

Well, some people didn't have to work today.

Just like a staircase

Surf's Up

Union Pacific Steam Locomotive #844

Union Pacific #844 Steam Locomotive

Union Pacific Steam Locomotive #844

Steel Wheels

Original 1860's Chuck Wagon leading 2007 Chisholm Trail cattle drive through Oklahoma.

Texas Longhorn in the 2007 Chisholm Trail Cattle Drive.


Chuck Wagon

Don't let 'em down here

1951 Chevy Classic

Saddles in waiting

Fired Up

Grain Elevator from the past

No Tax Left Behind

The Last One

White Elk - Indian Scout

Just Us

Happy Birthday


Kingfisher COOP

This is Abby

The Girls


1956 Studebaker President

1956 Studebaker President

Light by Rose

Ford Maverick - with muscle?

For You

Campobello weir

Your Father's Mercury

61 Chevy

Just an Old-Time Chevy

Lubec, Maine

Country Home