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Well lessee now. I like to take pictures. I love digital because I can burn film with absolutely no cost. On a good day we're looking at 150 to 200 images. Anyway, I think you have to take lots of pictures to get to the point where you think about light, shadow and esthetics and the technical stuff is secondary. The mind sees and the hands just bring the camera up, set it and shoot it. I don't post much on PhotoDotNet anymore. I noticed that when I got good enough to get paid to pick up my camera the wannabees would really trash my work, my model, my horse, etc. I talked to other men and women who get paid to click the shutter and they said congratulations Bob, when you really start doing good work the hackers at PhotoDotNet will hate you. So go ahead, tell me what you really think, the only thing I put on PhotDotNet these days are snapshots. Flame on, if it makes you feel good about your sorry self.