Tony DeFilippo

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Photography was my biggest interest throughout highschool and into college. Somehow it took a back seat for the next 7 years as I figured out 'what I want to do when I grow up'. In Sept '08 I bit the bullet and bought my first dSLR (D80) and haven't looked back since. I live in downtown (SE) Washington, DC and if there is any theme to my photography its the amazing and constantly interesting city around me. My dog, my camera and I go out exploring just about every day and that is the main source of new images. I've been thrilled with the technical expertise/opinion I've found at pnet, and the sharing/comment/critique I've found on Flickr. Happy shooting!

Country: US


Walking distance from home


Sunset, building under construction in SE DC.


Clear skies 1, Smokestack 0...

Broken bricks in SE

Old Navy Yard building

Light post outside U.S. Treasury