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Artist's Statement I photograph to make personal connections to the land and the water. Each image taken, each image brought into existence as a print, deepens my understanding, my feelings, my bond to places that insistently request my presence. To photograph the outdoor landscape today is an inherently "environmental" act. My aims however are not overtly scientific or political. Instead my environmental stance is both more indirect and fundamental. To be out in the land and on the water— smelling, touching, observing— simply being present over time— is to lay an individual, human claim against their neglect and exploitation as mere, inert raw material or worthless by-product. I strive to make a claim quite different from those of law or property. I strive for a bond of kinship, expressing through repeated contact: you are not divided from me; we are one. I am attracted not only to wild and isolated lands or majestic and powerful bodies of water, but more especially to the marginal and transitional: a suburban creek and storm sewer outlet, a bank eroded by agricultural run-off, a swampy and flooded river delta, a muddy and stinking river mouth, scrub black willow trees that survive on a precariously shifting boundary between land and water.... These are the places that I would like to reclaim— the sullen land, the polluted waters— that call for my presence.


City Memory: a Labyrinth
Magdalen Islands
MFA Portfolio
Swimming Hole Portraits


Tree: Winter Night 2006
A curtain
Another door
Shadow lamp
Double arched door
A door, a stair
Window echo
Dark window
Window through
Bede: 2
Michelle: 2
Rachel on the Magdalen Islands
Ticonderoga Plant on Lake Champlain: Winter Ice Reflections
Lady Bri
Trees along Poultney River
Tree Detail along Poultney River
Leddy Beach Storm Sewer: Fall 2007
Shoreham Run-Off: Winter 2008
Fallen Tree on Burlington’s North Shore: Summer 2006
View of Ticonderoga Plant from Shoreham: Fall 2007
Worship 7
Worship 4
Worship 1
Ticonderoga Plant on Lake Champlain
Dad at Poultney River Swimming Hole # 1
Dad at Poultney River Swimming Hole # 2
Leddy Creek View to the East
Leddy Creek View to the West
Poultney River Bend #2
Poultney River Bend #1
Ticonderoga View from Shoreham #2
Burlington's North Shore
Finger Willow on the North shore
Poultney River Bank Tree
Eroded Bank at Leddy Creek
Drowned Lands from Gallick Farm
Cogman Creek Culvert