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I was born in 1973 and work as an art teacher in a secondary school in Malta. I started my art studies from a young age. However beside painting, another form of art which has always intrigued me along the years is photography. My interest in photography was even more stimulated after attending a ‘Starting Photography’ course at the Malta Photographic Society, which resulted in winning an honourable mention in the final project assignment. This encouraged me to take photography more professionally. I invested in my first digital SLR after finishing this course and continue to participate regularly in the Society’s weekly meetings and competitions. I own a Nikon D80. Moreover, I had the encouragement of some of my friends and colleagues at work who also take this hobby very seriously. Today, photography gives me the opportunity to be more observant and sensitive to the environment that surrounds me. is helping me to enrich my ideas with others who share the same hobby as I am. Finally, I would like to thank everyone who visits my portafolio and contribute with his/her critique. I appreciate it a lot. Thanks.





The Lodge

Ancient Rome

Houses in Valletta, Malta

Classical Entrance

Reaching the skies

At the Convent

At the Vatican Museum

Before opening hours

The Furniture Restorer

At the Train Station

Zurich Train Station

National Gallery, Glasgow


The British Museum

SD1Munich (265)Lr

SD2Munich (6)BWlr

SD2Munich (34)LR