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Lou Jones is one of Boston's most diverse & inspiring commercial & fine art photographers, known for his courage, creative skill & humanity. He specializes in photo-illustration & location photography for corporate, advertising & editorial clients like: IBM, Major League Baseball, Federal Express, Peugeot, Museum of Fine Arts, Paris Match, KLM, National Geographic, People Magazine, Nike, Price Waterhouse, and Aetna. Jones' assignments have taken him often to Europe, South America, Africa, the Far East & 47 of 50 States. He has been on location at NASA, Boeing, Universal Studios, British Telecom, Mitsubishi & Saab.

Raised in Washington, DC, Jones graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with degrees in Physics. But soon after embarked on a career that would have him taking pictures of headhunters in Borneo & guerrillas in Central America, flying upside down with aerobatic pilots, skulking around opium dens in Singapore, sailing on ancient tall ships & gigantic aircraft carriers & being incarcerated in more foreign jails than can be remembered. He has also photographed twelve successive Olympic Games.

He is equally well known for his moving social commentaries. During the 1980s much time was spent on CODELs (COngressional DELegations) documenting government, military & rebel leaders. The end of the decade had him witnessing Perestroika & the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 1990, the Museum of Afro-American History commissioned Jones to honor women with "Sojourner's Daughters," an exhibition highly recognized by the community. This project led Aetna to hire Jones to photograph their annual calendars through 2008.

Lou Jones is past president of the New England chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers & was a long time member of the ASMP National Board of Directors. He is one of the charter members of the Advertising Photographers of America. Jones is on the board of directors of the Photographic Resource Center in Boston & the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, Massachusetts. He was included in the premier edition of Who's Who in Advertising. Jones is considered by Nikon as one of its "Legends Behind the Lens" & has been featured in the company's advertising & website nikonnet.com.

Lou Jones' images have been exhibited in galleries throughout the world, such as, the Smithsonian & Corcoran Galleries in Washington, DC, Polaroid Gallery, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, DeCordova Museum in Massachusetts, Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York City, Detroit Institute of Arts & Feuerwagner in Austria. He has photographs in the collections of such institutions as the Fogg Museum (Harvard), Wellesley College, Middle Tennessee State University & University of Texas. In 2000 the International Photographic Council (United Nations) presented him with their highest award & the Boston Photography Collaborative gave him their CONTACT award.

In 1997, Jones published his first book, Final Exposure: Portraits from Death Row, which chronicled his six-year odyssey documenting men & women on death rows in the USA & it was republished in the fall of 2002. For this Jones received the Ehrmann Award from the Massachusetts Citizens against the Death Penalty. His second book, travel+PHOTOGRAPHY: off the charts, was published in 2006 and is now in its second printing.


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