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I bought a digital SLR in January 2008 - my first ever high(er) end camera. For now photography is strictly a hobby, but I'd eventually like to sell some images.

For now I pretty much enjoy taking pictures of anything in front of the lens, although in order to get serious about it I'm sure I'll need to find a niche or specialty. I'm sort of zeroing in on that, but so far I've taken a particular interest in wildlife photography & critters, high-speed and stop action images, night and timed photos, and High Dynamic Range processing. My goal is to be able to create fine art caliber prints, and/or to produce images that might cause the viewer to do a "double take" on something they might already have seen a thousand times. With HDR, I'd like to be able to portray scenes in a dramatic but (reasonably) realistic way without getting into the surrealistic or impressionistic look. I've learned some good things so far, and am a little overwhelmed at what's left to learn.

Along those lines, I'm especially interested in being able to "mingle" with the hot-shots, get some tips & pointers, and especially some constructive criticism. (Always nice to hear "great shot" of course, but more useful to hear "you might try doing xxx...") As I get better at this, hopefully I'll be able to return the favors.

When I'm not busy trying to be a photographer, I might rather be occupied as a pilot, runner, skier, computer geek, devotee of good music and outdoor enthusiast - with varying degrees of success.


High Dynamic Range

Single Photos


Hocking Hills, Near Old Man's Cave (HDR)

Alum Creek Dam Sunset (HDR)

Drops on a Leaf

Water & Ice I

Water & Ice II

Water & Ice III

Thorns in Ice