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From the time I was a young child, I recall being in my Dad's darkroom, watching images magically appear on what was once plain white paper. If I looked way, way up, images always seemed to be dancing on clothespegs in the glow of a red lightbulb above the door. I do not recall my Dad ever being without a camera. Over the years Dad has built quite a Collection. Dad gave me my first Camera but a Canon A-1 and a few lenses purchased from Dad, introduced me to better image taking. When I purchased my first computer in 2004, Dad also urged me to buy my first Digital Camera. Suddenly things were much easier I joined PN in August of 2008. Here, I have met many encouraging people forged wonderful friendships. Not only is PN a very affordable and excellent Forum to share your Images, a 'wealth of information' can be found on this site. And if along the way, a friend or two is made, what more could one ask for My Dad remains a great influence and help with my Photography. While still a 'Newbie', I know I am part of a very large and talented 'family'.

Country: CA



2009 Wooden Boat Show


Family Times

RIBFEST !!! Peterborough, ON, Canada 2010 and 2011



2014/2013/2012 MACRO FLOWERS

Some of my FAVORITE Images



2014/2013 ABSTRACT

2014/2013/Earlier FINE ART

2014/2013/ 2012 MACROS INSECTS

2014/2013 INSECTS


2012, 2011, 2010 & Prior ABSTRACT

2012, 2011, 2010 DIGITAL ALTERATIONS

2011, 2010 & Prior MACRO INSECTS

2011, 2010 & Prior MACRO FLOWERS

2013 & Prior Nature, Wildlife, Birds




2015 MACRO




2006 CRUISE & Altos de Chavon


2018/2017 RECENT



Old World Doorway

Dark Intruder

Castillo De San Cristobal

In Defence of Cristobal

Redemption at Altos De Chavon

Back From Mexico

Home Sweet Home

Scavenger Hunt

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...

Did You Hear That?

Lili Was Here

Raindrops and Sunshine

Ahh!! The Sounds of Summer!

Summa Time..Summa Time..Sum Sum..Summa Time...(view larger)

Peaceful Co-Existance

There Are Strangers In My 'House'

Journey Quest (View Larger Please)

Delicate Pinks

Simply "LIGHT" Series - 02 Original

Longing For Spring

'Chippy' and I


Sweet 'Maggy'


Grids & Insecurity - Today's News

Fuscia Delight

Fuscian Influence

Harmonized - (enlarge)

Won't You Take Me To...Funky Town - Won't You Take...

No Worries - Toghther, We Can Work It Out

Perfect Imperfection

Won't You Take Me To Funky Town - Won't You Take Me To.... (View Larger)


Chippy And I

Old World Meets New


Oh Yea Babe-I'll Light Your Fire

Where's My GPS?????

Country Cabin

Written in Stone

"Not Another Three"!!!!

Soaring Over Old San Juan

"Beauty and the Beast"


Empty Eyes....Can You Still See Me...???

Past Lives

Beauty Lingers Still

Another Stroke of the Master's Brush

The Beauty in My Neighbor's Front Yard

Poppy- (on the lighter side)

Evening Snack

STEPP'in OUT - Catch Me If You Can

My Day At The Spa !!!

An Old World Point Of View

Afternoon Surprise

Dessert Anyone???

Another Version...Soft and more Conservative

Hearts On The Line


Old World Doorways II - Altos De Chavon

Entrance To Altos De Chavon


Ballerina Girl

We Come In Many Colors....We Bleed in Only One

Flowers For Mom

Treasure Hunting

Bristol Ruby Weigelia & Dappled Willow

Ladybug, Ladybug, Please Fly Away Home

Beautiful Columbine

"Just a Poor Wayfaring Stranger"

Summer's Sweet Nectar

Courtyard - Altos de Chavon

There's a Stranger In My House

....and they still use Steam Engines....!

2009 Port of Newcastle - Wooden Boat Festival (pls. view larger)

'Corky' Rosan - Owner of the Slim Princess, a Phil Bolger Design(view larger plse)

The Marinna - Version 2 (plse view larger)

"Corky"....chatting aboard his "Slim Princess (pls. view larger)

The Menina (pls.view larger)

The Menina - (pls view larger)

Beauty on the Bluffs - (Plse View Larger)

Outward Bound Echinacea

Summer Bells

In Defence of Cristobal

Baby Come To Me

Asian Lady Beetle - (Plse View Larger)

My Jungle......Out There

A Dedication In The Name of Creativity

Can You Feel The Beat? - (enlarge)

At The Edge of The Bluffs (Can Be Viewed Larger)

Someone Pleassseeee Tell Me What Kind of Spider This Is!!!!

Long Way From Home


A Bit of Spring In The Fall

In The Presence of Beauty

On Any Ordinary Day...I'll Be Waiting

Peaceful Caress

Blue Skies in Old San Juan

Spring Columbine

Takin' Care of Business

Other Worlds

The Courtyard

Dance With Me

Celebration of Color

Morning Dove

Walking On Air (View larger Plse)

Miniature Beauty

Past Meets Present

Delicate Fuscia

Shauna in High Key (atop the Ferris Wheel--6Flags Darien Lake)

unpredictable....still (can view larger)

Vibrant Fuscia

Caught in a Trap


There's A Place In The Sun

Celebrate Life

Dark Horse Ride (can be viewed larger)

Flowers From The Heart

Stolen Moments (view larger plse.)

Never Compromise (plse view larger)

Dark Horse Aparition (View Larger)

Primitive Prayers (View Larger)

His Colors In My Garden

Old World Doorway - Castillo San Cristobal

Guardian of the Flame

Waiting in the Garden - (view larger_


Floral Tapestry

Spring's Kaleidoscope of Color - (view larger)

This Ain't No Ordinary Chives

Eyes In The Sky

Memories I Shall Treasure

Springs' Treasures

Beauty in the Layers

Iris Infatuation

Preoccupied with Peonies (can be viewed larger)

Feeling Small in A Very Large World

Moments of Reflection

Happiness - The Natural Flower of Duty

I'm Here........Still

The Lonestar Cafe

A Meeting In The Middle (enlarge)

Sheer Beauty - (View Larger Plse)

UNCERTAIN in a Not So Certain World (enlarge)

A Forgotten Kind Of Love (view larger)

Garden Gerberias - (View Larger)

Sass Jorden Rocks On ! Ribfest 2010


WE BE Smoke'N NOW !! (view larger)

"Secret Recipe? SMOKE & SAUCE Man..."

"Yes Sir, We Got Rack O' Ribs, Pork Pull, Chicken From My Barby..."


Welcome To My World - Jus' Servin' It Up ! (Annual Ribfest 2010)

Angels - They Are Everywhere (view larger)

humility (view larger)

Help Wanted (View Larger Plse)

Cicadas (View Larger)

Liatris Waltz

Acoustic Moments

Just Believe (View Larger Plse)

Dancing On A High Wire

Transitions (Plse View Larger)

Love Glows Brightly (View Larger)

"Beam Me Up Scotty !"

Hibiscan Delight

Monsters Ball

Icelandic Ribbons (View Larger)


Lazy Hazy Days of Summer - (View Larger)

Not Your Ordinary Flower

Cabin Fever


PAUSE & REFLECT (View Larger)

Ranunculus - (view larger)

Summertime Garden Visitor

Dreaming.....Still....(View Larger)


Clematis Swirl - (View Larger)

The Maestro

Ontario Maple Sugar - (view larger)

Random Thoughts

An Evening In Paris - (View Larger)

Visions DO Come True



Have You Had Your Milk Today?

Wind In My Sails

Deep Purple Persuasion - (view larger)


Lazing Beside the Pond

Sass Rocks On At Ribfest 2010 - (View Larger)

State of Mind

Longing For Spring

All Things Are Possible

Flower Tips N' Baby's Lips - (View Larger Plse)

Buckhorn Denies Fall's Request


Water Dancing - (View Larger)

Passion Iced Over - (View Larger)

Riding High On Winter's WONDERLAND

JUST BREATHE ! ! - (enlarge)

PUPPIE LOVE - (View Larger)

BIG WHEEL Keep On Turn'in



Distant Tribal Voices - (View Larger)

New Directions - (View Larger)


A Mother's Watch


The Boys of Summer - (View Larger)

Mi Girl - (view larger)

Jus Fish'in With My Dad - (View Larger)

Picker's Dream - (View Larger)

Nature's Fingerpaints

Thinking Of You Mom

Always In My Heart Mom - (view larger)


Rock'in Through The Ages

In The Heat Of The Night

Remembering Stories of Adventure

Your First Mother's Day In Heaven

Magnolia - Birth

Happy Abbey - (View Larger)



Soft Signs Of Spring

Joy Within A Simple Flower

Happiness In The Garden - (View Larger)

Perhaps They're Tears From Heaven

Just Resting

A Rose From Years Gone By

Garden Party

Tuilip Ribbons

Lost In My Garden

The Colors Purple

Iris Trilogy


Delicate Findings


Where The Wild Ones Dwell

Our Summer Friends - (view larger)

Bee - Tween You and I

Crabby's B.B.Q. Shack - Chopp'in As Fast As I Can

Boss Hogs - 'Man I Love This Job' !!

The Boys Are BACK In Town !!!

I Work Hard For My Money !!

Crabby's Team Happy At Work

THE LONE RIBBER - (View Larger)

Just A Little Hot Out Here !!!

SMOKE GETS IN MY EYES - (view larger)

Suddenly a Cool Breeze at JACK THE RIBBER

FLYING FREE - (view larger)

Beauty and The Beast - (view larger)

Wasn't It Fine.....Wasn't It Good...

Echinacea - My Summer Friend

Lovely Living Quarters

Summer's Sweet Nectar - (View Larger)

Can't take My Eyes Off Of You - (View Larger)

Sleep Well Sweet Prince - (view karger)

Went To A Garden Party - (view larger)

Went To A Garden Party

Peace In The Garden - (view larger)

Tripp'n Acoustic

Is It Just Me, Or Is It Getting Hot Back Here? - (View Larger)

Down By The Pond

Hearts Connected - (View Larger)

MIDNIGHT ROSE - (View Larger)

Dining Alone

Still Here, Despite The Storm - (View Larger)

Similar Features - (View Larger)

Meeting The Most Unusual People at 'Ribfest'

A Friend In The Woods

Casablanca, Oriental White Lily

Tribal Voices

A Summer Memory

Colors of Summer

Last Of Summer's Nectar - (View Larger)

Lost Treasure - Lost In Time


Day Tripp'N Dreams

Love, is all you need - (View Larger)

Just A Wee Bit Of The 'Mystic' - (enlarge)

Echinacean Lullaby

Summer Daydreams

Just My Imagination

Rangoon Fever ??? - (enlarge)

Jellyfish - (enlarge)

Red Tailed Hawl - (enlarge)

Primitive Princess - (enlarge)

Lovely Lone Lotus - (enlarge)

Sea Urchin - (Enlarge)

Today I Dream - Tomorrow Can Wait (enlarge)

Gardenia's Last Hour - (enlarge)

Of Ants and Aphids - (enlarge)

Bee-Side Myself

Someone's Watching Me (enlarge)

Fond Memories

Take My Picture - Please?

Lost Within The Layers

Some Of My Favorite Things



Sad Eye

Merging Of Minds

Patterns In Glass

Another Time, Another Place

Midnight Swan Song - (enlarge)

Stepping Out - (enlarge plse)

Just An Illusion

Rebecca Awakens

Sunday Afternoon Stroll (enlarage)

Dwelling Place

Reckless Hearts (enlarge plse)

FLY (?) (enlarge)

Drifting To The Underside - (enlarge plse)

Scrapyard Poppy (enlarge plse)

Dance With Me ? (enlarge plse)

The Flower Of My Heart (enlarge plse)

Afternoon In The Garden - (enlarge plse)

Brunch - (plse enlarge)

Garden Meditations - (plse enlarge)

UNINVITED - (plse enlarge)

Rose Reflections - (Plse enlarge)

A Welcome Sight - (enlarge plse)

Hallelujah - (enlarge plse)

Nature's Paintbrush - (plse enlarge)

Great Jubilation - (plse enlarge)

RIBFEST 2011 - The Sadies in Concert !

Imagine - (enlarge plse)

C'est Dommage - (enlarge plse)

I'm so Pretty ! - (enlarge plse)

Where Are We Now ? - (enlarge plse)

Sex And The Single Fly - (enlarge plse)

And She Weeps

Making New Friends - (enlarge plse)

If Only - (enlarge Plse)

Underworldly - (enlarge)

Tribal Imaginations - (plse enlarge)

Dining On Leftovers - (enlarge plse)

The Sadies - Live in Concert - Peterborough Ribfest 2011

I Picked These Just For You Great-Gran

Bottoms Up !

Nature's Paintbrushes - (enlarge plse)

And The Beat Goes On - (enlarge plse)

Con-FUSCIA Comtemplations

Hearts On The Line - (enlarge plse)

Our Comings and Goings - (enlarge plse)

Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone - (enlarge plse)

Mom! We're Really Flying !! - (enlarge plse)

Everytime You Go Away - (enlarge plse)

September Haze - (enlarge plse)

Disturbing Dreams - Other Worlds? - (enlarge)

Chloe - Saved From The Mill - (view larger)

Lovin' Mom

Pick Me !!!! Please ? (view larger)

One of Man's Best Friends - (view larger)

Everything Old - (view larger)

Finger Painting - (view larger)

Kaleidoscope - (view larger)

Garden Hearts and Memories - (enlarge)

Creature Feature - (view larger)

One Wild And Crazee Girl ! - (enlarge)

Where Do We Go From Here (larger)

Tropical Escape - (enlarge)

Just Below The Surface

And I Wish You, LOVE - (enlarge)

Celebrating Colour - (enlarge)

The Colours That Are Summer - (enlarge)

Happy Boy

Wuv My Spidey Hat - (larger)

Lost In Time - (enlarge)

No Place Like Home - (enlarge)

Time To Get Out Of The Sun! - (enlarge)

Peace In The Garden - (enlarge)

Hot Fun - Summa' Time! - (enlarge)

A Soft Sigh Of Spring


Memories And Old Lace

Woodland Visitor - (enlarge)

Almost Blind, But Oh So Loved

Father's Day 2012 - (enlarge)

Daytripping Finds

A Matter Of Trust (2) - (enlarge)

Still There - (enlarge)

Old Love Letters - Straight From The Heart - (enlarge)

My Bags Are Packed - So Ready To Go - (enlarge)

Which Path To Follow? - (enlarge)

Archived - (enlarge)

Tiny Dancers

Tropic Escape Hibiscus - (enlarge)

It's Not Always Baby Steps - (enlarge)

But I'm A Real Hard Worker!!! - (enlarge)

My Abbey - My Friend

Right Where I Belong

Let It Snow! - (enlarge)

Bearded Iris

Happy Birthday Mom

Sky Drops ? - (enlarge)

Empire Uprising - (enlarge)

Friday Nite & The Natives Are Restless !! - (enlarge)

Abbey, My One Eyed Dog - (larger)


Friend or Foe ? - (larger)

Times of Trouble - (larger)

Freezing Rain Warning!!! - (enlarge)

Shroud Of Winter

Autumn Fly - (enlarge)

Living On The Edge - (enlarge)

Mirror Mirror - (enlarge)

Palatial Hearts - (enlarge)

Little One - (enlarge)

A State Of Grace - (enlarge)

Summer Evening In The Park - (enlarge)

Many Pleasures of Fall - (enlarge)

Spring's Soft Sigh - (enlarge)

Surf and Turf

Spring Beauty - (enlarge)

Tiny Spider - (enlarge)

Clementine Rose Columbine - (enlarge)

Spring Mirage - (enlarge)

Mixing Up The Magic - (enlarge)

Believer's Hearts - (enlarge)

LILYAM - (enlarge)

Giant Stamens!! - (enlarge)

"After Eight" - (enlarge)

APHIDS ! - (enlarge)

Blessed - (enlarge)

Ladybird Pupa - (enlarge)

Smoke, Candles, and Young Girl Dreams - (enlarge)

Only In My Dreams

Wonderland - (enlarge)

Waiting - (enlarge)

Who Am I ?? - (enlarge)

Bright Sunny Day

An Air Of Secrecy In The Garden - (enlarge)

From The Old Album - (larger)

Angry Sky-Tornado Warning - (enlarge)

Tired Bee - (enlarge)

Always In Training - (enlarge)

Peaceful Moment - (enlarge)

Secrets In The Garden

Making A New Friend - (larger)

In Praise of Color - (enlarge)

Surrender - (enlarge)

The Days Of Summer - (enlarge)

Eye Of The Beholder

Celebration - (enlarge)

Dedicated to Mike & Betsy Palermiti - (enlarge)

A World Of Their Own - (enlarge)

Life Is A Beach ! - (enlarge)

Broken - (enlarge)

Proceed With Caution!! - (enlarge)

HYPNOGOGIA - (enlarge)

Lizzey - (enlarge)

Interesting Day At The Beach

RILEY - (enlarge)

Their World - (enlarge)


The Old Lighthouse

Garden Prince - (enlarge)

Primitive Inspirations - (enlarge)

DREAM or VISION ? - (enlarge)

Life Along The Riverbank - (enlarge)

Things Of The Heart - (enlarge)

Shaftail Finch - (enlarge)


Memories - Just Bits and Pieces - (enlarge)

A Perfect Rose - (enlarge plse)

Another World - (enlarge)

My Weary Rose - (enlarge)

Ladybug-On The Move - (enlarge)

Summer Poppy - (enlarge)

Happy Birthday Mom 2014

Lost In Daydreams

Lost In Daydreams (vers. 2)

Sleeping Bee ??

Always Busy - (enlarge)

Delicious Days - (enlarge)

Abbey at 6 Months Old - (enlarge)

Tribal Infusions - (enlarge)

Garden Meditations - (enlarge)

Mallard Mates - (enlarge)

Always A New Day - (enlarge)

Nature's Crossroads - (enlarge)

Surf's Up Mates !! - (enlarge)

Happy 13th Birthday Shaelyn - (enlarge)

Spring Baby - (enlarge)

Bright Eyed Baby - (enlarge)

Good Morning, Sunshine ! - (enlarge)

Soft Place - (enlarge)

Little Deuce Coupe - (enlarge)

Tiny Grasshopper - (enlarge)

Guardian Of The Sunflowers - (enlarge)

Hearts - (enlarge)

Downy Woodpecker - (enlarge)

Crabapples - (enlarge)

Where Have You Been Hiding??? - (enlarge)

Boys N Frogs - Summertime Friends !

Don't Worry - I Won't Drop You - (enlarge)

Summer's Over - (enlarge)

Under The Canopy - (enlarge)

Texting Madness - An Alien Occupation ?

Passion Flower (Version 02)

Longing For The Simple Things

Hearts on Glass

Sunshiney Days - Dedicated to Patsy Dunn

Summer Poppy

It's a Woodpecker!!

WHAT?? More Snow??

Pattern & Colour (enlarge)

Pattern in Black and White (enlarge)

Abstract "Insect Wings" - (enlarge)

Sun On My Back

Tropical Influence - (enlarge)


Storm Approaching - (enlarge)

Abutilon - Flowering Maple

Catching Rays

Remembering My Bailey

My Sweet Girl

Another Era

Remembering My Wonderful Mom

One Weird Spider - Image 1 of 3

One Wierd Spider - Image 2 of 3

One Wierd Spider - Image 3

Someone Is Always Watching - (enlarge)

ONTARIO - Yours To Discover - (enlarge)

And Who Are YOU......? - (larger)

Black Wasp

ITSY... BITSY ... SPIDER - (larger)

Solace For The Broken Hearted - (enlarge)

Garden Friend - (enlarge)

Afternoon Tea In the Garden - (enlarge)

Imagination - (enlarge)

Everything Goes Better With Dill - (enlarge)

Daydreams - (enlarge)

Remembering Mom

Farmland Ontario - (enlarge)

Garden Beauties - (enlarge)

Gentle Friend - (enlarge)

Sasha - (enlarge)

The Sound of My Voice

Spring Haze

A Youngster's Dreams (enlarge)

Feeling Old - (enlarge)

New Home

Just Be There

Riverside Thistle - (enlarge)

The Dove and The Butterfly

Nice Surprise

My Jess - A Wonderful Son

Pussy Willow

Psychobabble - 'Tell You Bout A Dream' - (enlarge)

Destination Unknown - (larger)

Little Traveller - (enlarge)

Lazy, Hazy, Sunny, Summer Days - (larger)

Missing In Action - (enlarge)

The Key - (enlarge)

Summer Pinks for Natasha (enlarge)

CONFUSION - (enlarge)

Tiny One

Time Passes

Her Delicate Nature (inspired by Radu Carp)

Sign Your Name Upon My Heart

Sweet Rebecca

Mystery In The Sky That Night

Blue Mood (enlarge)

Welcome To My Jungle (enlarge)

My Sweet Layla - (enlarge)

Ibis - (enlarge)

Beauty In The Deep

Rhapsody In Light

Little Hitch Hiker - (enlarge)

Sweet Dreams My Love - (enlarge)

Layla and 'Gramps"

Missing Mom During The Holidays

Beautiful Stamens

My Sweet Happy Girl

Happy Birthday Mom

Sweet Hearts

Unusual Poppy - (enlarge)

Almost Walking

I Can Almost Reach It Gran !

Summertime Bee - (enlarge)

Frog In Hand - (enlarge)

Horse N' Buggy - (enlarge)

Sunshiney Days - (enlarge)

Layla - Just Day Dreaming - enlarge

Clematis Bud - (enlarge)

All I Want Is Her Kiss!!! (enlarge)

Water Lily

Summertime Bokeh and Bee (enlarge)


Happy 1st Birthcake Layla!!!

Doc's Place - (enlarge)

Precious Bee - (enlarge)

A Welcome Sight

Jitterbug Ladybug - (enlarge)

Little Black Bee (?) - (enlarge)

Through A Glass Darkly - (enlarge)

Gentle Gerbera - (enlarge)

Busy Worker Despite the Heat - (enlarge)

Echinacean Dreams - (enlarge)

Peterborough Lift Locks and The Canadian Canoe Museum - (enlarge)

Peterborough Lift Lock - National Historic Site of Canada - (enlarge)

Lock Reflections - (enlarge)

The Tower - (enlarge)

Lift Locks (Front View)

Burleigh Falls Island - (Enlarge)

Burleigh Falls - Wild Waters

History's Conversation

Kawartha Highlands Colors - (Burleigh Falls)

Suzie's World - (enlarge)

The Fly - (enlarge)

Solitude at Brookgreen

Bronze Sculpture 1980 "Lane Ganeway" by Derek Wernher

Nature's Paintbrush at Burleigh Falls - (enlarge please)

Icelandic Poppy - (enlarge)

Busy Busy Bee



Beautiful Days

Tread Softly - Bleeding Hearts

Hearts For You

I Love Country

Robert C English and Sons (Dairy Farm)

Just Believe

The Maestro

Hard Worker

Lily's Got The Blues

For The Love Of Benches


Lilac Infusion

Torpedo Flowers



Rubrim Fatasim

Still Surfacing

Old Red Barn

Coneflower Days

Pretty Bird

Cleome - Senorita Rosalinda

Tiny Insect

Love In A Mist (Dedicated to Bill Staniforth)


Beautiful Ladybug

Glorious Poppies

Looking Forward, Never Back

So Busy

Tired Thistles

Pink Poppy