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I loved photography since before I can remember. At an uncertain age, my father explained me how to use the photometer in his Voigtlander adjusting aperture and speed. Then I prefered to see the world through the lenses. When I was sixteen, I spent my evenings developing black and white film and playing with paper, chemicals, light and forms. Years later, I had collected some thousands of Velvias, Kodak Tri-X, ... all quite disorganized. It is not that I like digital, but I have to admit that organizing and deleting pictures is a much more natural process through a computer screen. Through photography, I tell my stories, I show my world, I make the weird one that is inside me available to the others. I am sure that several new ways of understanding photography will come in the future. Manuel.


Street Photography


Composition and Color Studio


Country of smiles



It is over!

After classics, life comes out again!

His name is Adam. He lives in Beirut.

Perspective at night

Cute, isnt it?

Beirut Cliffs

Alban Berg Concert at the Roman Ruines

In the mountains with see behind. close to sunset

Old Cedars

Late snow in April

Mediterranean sea

one of the series to ilustrate the concept of "the sublime"

one more of the series to illustrate the concepto of "the sublime", a aesthetics view from the XVIII century

series of descriptive situations

Boat study 1

The fifth session of the Intergovernmental Committee on Water Resources took place from 31 October to 1 November 2002 in the United Nations House in Beirut. The session was inaugurated by Mr. Mohammad Beydoun, Minister of Energy and Water in Lebanon. The aim of this session is to reinforce cooperation among Member States and with ESCWA, and to provide the official framework for the discussion of the water situation at the national and regional level. The objective is to achieve sustainable development and optimum, effective and integrated management of water resources. Representatives of all Member States participated in the session, as did observers representing United Nations agencies, non-governmental organisations from the region and several other resource persons. A thorough discussion was held on the salient issues of water resources management in the region and the possible contribution of ESCWA in addressing these issues.

Stone sculpture in autumn

View from the tower

4:00 am



Girl in the Dead Sea



Four days old camel

Family transportation

Nobody realized that I took the picture, it was "stolen".


Sunrise in old building downtown

Woman's face is in the glass

First try for love while sunset

Sunset fishing

After dark children still have to work.

Beams of light over heads.

Culture shock

Lack of self confidence in developing countries.

Sophisticated games

Ahmad is a dentist in a nomadic community.

Mustafah came to work at the Port of Latakia to get rich as the other thousands of turkish citicens who got rich in the city.

Fatima lives in a Beduin community in Syria.

Jamal lives in Syria and works with his father as a blacksmith.

Last June Snow

Dry sand

Sunset in the big apple

Life in the city

Old train station

Nomades in Hermel

Nomades in Hermel 2

Bedouin child

Mayor in a bedouin camp


Running in the water


Camels in Eufrat river

Castle in Eufrates river

Bedouins in the desert

Spending the night in the valley

Playing cards

Late snow in June

Jumping from the bridge

Fifteen century building


Mosque with fishing boats

Steps up the mountain

Everyone has the right for housing

Cat and ruins


Boy in refugee camp

Natural environment of Nauar tribes

Boy attending a shop in a small village in the desert

Syria as perceived by a bee

Downtown on sunday

Autumm's sky

December trees

Male looking

Exhibition poster

Fishing port

Boy carrying food

Yemeni women in the fog

Yemeni greetings

Another sunset

A portrait of a goat as a young man

Offering candles, flowers and fruits

I was so lucky to find this in my way...

Sunrise mood

Tropical butterfly

Fisherman in Chittagong Hill Tracts