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I love wilderness adventure and taking my camera along for the journey! You can contact me at buckforester@yahoo.com


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Kayaking Mono Lake

Lost Coast Sunset

High basin in Granite Park, John Muir Wilderness

Afternoon clouds on Royce Lake #2 (to show perspective, my tent is in the lower right corner)

Is that a cairn? Mt. Whitney climb.

You can't get there from here.

Rest Stop, Mt. Whitney

And you call this fun?

Heidi cooling off at Bear Paw Lake, John Muir Wilderness

Lunch at Bear Paw Lake

Eastern Sierra Sunset

Sequoia Trunks, Grant Grove

Indian Paintbrush, Teton Wilderness

Looking Down on Bear Lakes, John Muir Wilderness

Bear Paw Lake, John Muir Wilderness

Heidi on summit of Graveyard Peak, High Sierra

Miter Basin, Sequoia National Park

Vee Lake, John Muir Wilderness

Leanne Marie at St. Mary Lake

Heidi and Sierra in gale force winds, Desolation Wilderness

Heidi in front of the Minarets

Hiking Towards The Great Western Divide, Sequoia National Park

Early morning atop Shepherds Pass, Sequoia National Park

Rainbow-Golden Hybrid, High Sierra

Upper Kern River Basin, Sequoia National Park

Milestone Basin (unnamed lake)

Reflection Lake, Kings Cayon National Park

Northern Sierra Scene

Soldier Lake, Sequoia National Park

Tufa Cactus, Mono Lake

Mono Lake Evening

Miter Basin, Sequoia National Park

Ready to unload

Heidi & Sierra stand guard

Dogwood blooms

Heidi and Sierra waiting on shore while I kayak

Lonely Tracks, Lost Coast

Driftwood Face closeup, Lost Coast

Wild Iris, Lost Coast

Poppies near my camp, Lost Coast

My footprints in the evening, Lost Coast

N.F. American River

My campsite on the remote Lost Coast, CA

Black Sands Beach Sunset, Lost Coast

Black Sands Beach Sunset, Lost Coast

Rocky sand detail, Lost Coast

Burney Falls, CA

Trees and smaller falls below Burney Falls, CA

Kayaking Ahjumawi Lava Springs

Sunflower, Ahjumawi Lava Springs

Forest Floor Ferns, Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Falls over the Merced River

El Capitan over the Merced River

I can almost touch the water!

Camp on Royce Lake

Day 6 and still no trees, sorry dogs! John Muir Wilderness, CA.

Morning In Tehipite Valley, Kings Canyon National Park

Yucca Plant, Tehipite Dome

Tehipite Dome

Snow Plant, Kings Canyon National Park

Hidden petroglyphs, Tehipite Valley

Kayaking inlet of Wright's Lake near Desolation Wilderness

Heidi tryin' to keep up

Kayaking Wright's Lake

My Campsite, Thousand Island Lake

Lake Ediza Morning Reflections

Ediza Creek before it enters Lake Ediza

Heidi and Sierra cooling off paws

Heidi and Sierra in the Minarets

Ritter Reflections

Sun sets behind the peaks in the Minarets

Creek near my campsite, early morning

Shadow Creek above Shadow Lake, Minarets

Flowers in the Minarets

Shadow Creek, Minarets

Heidi apparently not too impressed with the view behind her!

Garnet Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Lake Ediza shoreline meadow

Pleasant Paths - Minarets

One Nation, Under God

Creek in high basin under Mt. Ritter and Banner Peak

Creek under Banner Peak, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Pond under Mt. Ritter and Banner Peak

Another view of pond under Ritter and Banner

Wildfire smoke enhanced sunset over Muriel Lake, John Muir Wilderness

Muriel Lake post sunset glow

Looking southeast over Muriel Lake, post sunset

Shooting Rays, Muriel Lake, High Sierra

Thunder Clouds Brewing Over Muriel Lake

Alpenglow touching Muriel Peak

Muriel Lake, late evening

Flowers line the meadows, Muriel Lake

Cloud Reflection, Muriel Lake

Heidi finds the scenery delicious!

Heidi & Sierra take a breather along the trail while climbing Piute Pass

Making our way over Piute Pass, John Muir Wilderness

Flowers, John Muir Wilderness

Flowers on the way over Piute Pass

Indian Paintbrush, Piute Pass Trail

Ruby Lake, early morning

Outlet of Ruby Lake, early morning

Heidi and Sierra explore Ruby Lake

Sun rises over ridge, Ruby Lake outlet

Shadows... if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Pond on the Mono Trail Pass Trail

Pioneer Basin, early morning

Evening at Pioneer Basin

Bluff View, Pioneer Basin

Camp View 1, Pioneer Basin

Camp View 2, Pioneer Basin

Flowers Near Camp, Pioneer Basin

Advancing Sun, Pioneer Basin

Post Sunset, Pioneer Basin

Heidi in Pioneer Basin

Cool Photo Of A Supernova! :^)

Wow, check out those stars! :^)

Starry starry night... Bear Creek Spire! :^)

Magical Morning, Pioneer Basin

Pioneer Basin, Lower Lake

Maud Lake Morning, Desolation Wilderness

Sunset Reflections, Maud Lake

Ridge near Piute Pass trailhead

Ponds just under Piute Pass

Another view of ponds under Piute Pass

Heidi and Sierra near Doris Lakes outlet

Messy Camp (as usual!), Lois Lake

Creek above Lois Lake (Marc fishing where creek enters lake)

Flowers alongside creek, Lois Lake

Evening view of creek above Lois Lake

Perfect Reflection, Maud Lake

Waterfall and Flowers, Lois Lake Inlet

Marc soaking in the view looking west from Rockbound Pass

Lois Lake Waterfall

Waterfall Above Lois Lake

Racing Clouds Over McClure Meadow

Odd Cloud Over McClure Meadow Ridge

Evolution Creek In The Morning, McClure Meadow

Jim lines one up in Little Lakes Valley

Serene Morning

Heart Lake

Evolution Lake Evening

Descending Into Evolution Valley

Refreshing The Soul

McClure Meadow, Mid Morning

Break Time, Descending To LeConte Canyon

Jim Descending Into LeConte Canyon

Feeling Small

Evolution Creek Cascade

Late Afternoon, Outlet of Evolution Lake

Lower LeConte Canyon

Jim and I at Muir Hut

Colby Meadow Storm

Farewell Sunset

Small cascade, Evolution Creek

Jim fishes Evolution Lake

Tarp Shelter, McClure Meadow Campsite

Helen lake

Sun Breaks Through, McClure Meadow

Clearing Storm, Piute Pass

Evoluton Lake

Let there be light!

Evolution Lake, Mid-day

Bridge Over Piute Creek

View of Evolution Valley from outlet

Fire Aftermath, Monitor Pass

Jim Hiking In Evolution Valley

Outlet of Evolution Lake

Wayward Tree, JMT

Mid-Morning, Evolution Lake

Jim Hiking Lower Goddard Canyon

Morning - Evolution Outlet

I love this place!

Joyous Feeling, Piute Canyon

Storm Over Piute Pass

Jim analyzes approaching storm

A View To Remember

Vista Break, Ascending Bishop Pass

Rocky foreground, Evolution Lake

Back at camp, McClure Meadow

Small golden from Evolution Lake

McClure Meadow, Kings Canyon National Park

Jim Hiking Along Evolution Lake

Small Cascade, Evolution Creek

Goddard Canyon

McClure Meadow Afternoon

Cascade on Evolution Creek

Evolution Valley View

My brother and his kids at our camp

Sierra greets the morning

Ellery Lake, Mid-morning

On the trail

Devil's Bathtub

Example of GND use

Heidi on trail to Piute Pass

Dog Yakking

Heidi and Sierra impatient on the shore while I yak

My tent literally on the trail

Heidi and Sierra on the Lost Coast

Heidi and Sierra on the Lost Coast

Lost Coast

Remote Beach - Lost Coast

North Lake Aspens

Tufas, Mono Lake

Pink Morning, Mono Lake

Tufas At Mono Lake

Tufas, Mono Lake

Storm Clouds Over The Sierra

Canoeing Mono Lake

Mono Lake (9)

Storm over Lake Tahoe, CA

Mono Lake by day

Silver Creek

Sierra Crest near Mono Lake

Pre-dawn colors, Mono Lake

Hawk Swooping, Mono Lake

Swooping Hawk, Mono Lake

Tenaya Lake, Yosemite

Sand Tufas, Mono Lake

More Sand Tufas, Mono Lake

South Tufa, Mono Lake Evening

South Tufa, Mono Lake Evening (cropped version)

Tufas against the Sierra Crest - Mono Lake

Saddlebag Creek near Tioga Pass

Ellery Lake, Tioga Pass

Mono Moonset

Sand Tufa, Mono Lake

Convict Lake, late fall

Mono Craters near Mono Lake

Sage Brush - Mono Lake

Late evening, Granite Park - High Sierra

Post Sunset Glow - Granite Park

Unnamed Ridge, Granite Park

Wide angle - Granite Park

See, mom!?! You raised me right.

Seven Gables over Vee Lake

Mt. Humphreys at sunrise

Near the outlet of Upper Pine Lake

Royce Lake #2

Clouds over Royce Lake #4

Honeymoon Lake, John Muir Wilderness

My tentsite on Vee Lake, post sunset

Sun reflects off Seven Gables

Aspens on Bishop Creek

Fall Colors, Bishop Creek

Royce Lake Sunset - High Sierra

Indian Paintbrush 2

Maud Lake, Night Shot ;^)

Morning shot of outlet at Evolution Lake

El Capitan over the Merced River

Yosemite Valley at sunrise

Yosemite Falls over the Merced River

Lost Coast Evening Camp

El Cap Mist

Lauri Silhouetted Against The Lost Coast

Lauri Backpacking Black Sands Beach, Lost Coast

Solitaire Bird, Lost Coast

Stormy Afternoon, Yosemite Valley


Thorofare - Upper Yellowstone River

Hiking Above Ruby Lake

Lower Eagle Falls, Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

McWay Falls, Early Evening

McWay Falls, Extended Exposure

Copper Creek, Kings Canyon

Copper Creek, Cedar Grove

Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon Sunset

Lower Eagle Falls, Extended Exposure

Banner Peak Clouds

Our Campsite At Lower Pioneer Basin Lake

Center Peak Over Upper Bubbs Creek

Mossbrae Falls, Upper Sacramento River

Full Moon Star Trails, Near Bishop Pass

Is it Nap Time Yet?

Second Palisade Lake, Mid-day

Heidi and Sierra Checkin' Out The Views

Resting Under Temple Crag

Glacier Melt Water, Second Palisade Lake

Mossbrae Falls

Temple Crag Over 2nd Palisade Lake

Tempe Crag Before The Sun

First Morning Rays, Temple Crag

Second Lake, Mid Morning

Magenta Sky, Temple Crag

Retreating Dawn at Second Lake

Craggy Tree, Second Lake

Unnamed Lake south of Granite Basin

Lake Basin View

Bench Lake

Remote Waterfall

Lake Basin View

Mid-Morning, Lake Basin