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I am 27 and starte din the photography industry back in the late 90's, over the last 10 years I've use dnumerous cameras, and taken thousands of photographs, with the help of a local photographer I have recently started my own business and will be mostly concentrating on portraits & events, however I'm happy to shoot anything (and usually do, in my spare time) I used a Nikon d300, and currently have a decent collection of lens, my favourate being the great all-rounder, Nikon DX 18-200 VR AF-Sed. The one other thing I have been doing longer than photography is digital work on computers, with old paint programs on the commodore 64, and in the early 90's I began using what was "corel Photo Paint" over the years, *I have self-tought myself many techniques, and have worked with numerous websites and developers producing imagery. These skills are the basis of my Photography, and are a great help in further improving my photographs. My main aim over the coming years is to build a professional portfolio (for the sake of professionalism, I wouldnt use my old amateur shots) And to further improve my portraits, and branching out to shoot more glamour & nudes. If you see one of my Pics, Please Rate and/or Comment as your opinions are what make us better.


Single Photos

Fine Art






The Smoke of Blue

Doggy days

Soaking up the British Summer

Thirsty Work, and Hungry for more

A Little Nectar

Buzzy at work

O.K, I get the message, you don't want to talk to me

Lisa - Portrait

Lisa - Portrait (2)

Model : Jodine, Implied Topless

Jodine: model - portrait

Jodine : model, over the shoulder, implied topless

Exchange of the rings

The Bride with her Bridesmaid

The Groom & his best man

Yes, they're Clothed, But It made you think twice

Rosie 2

Laura - Almost Glam

Laura C, a good Tuesday

Laura - Blue Slit top


Rosie 1 - Great Aspiing model

Rosie 2

Rosie - 3

Rosie -