John O'Keefe-Odom [jpo3136b]

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Web Programmer.
JSP, ASP, PHP, Java, SQL, C, VB.NET, Javascript, HTML and CSS.
MySQL, Sybase, C99, C#, jQuery, Regex, Lex, Yacc, UNIX Shell and Android.
RATT: Radio Automatic Teletype, Apache, Apache Tomcat Servlets and Jars, Sockets in Java and C.

Writer & Photographer of Moving Mirrors: Intermediate Principles of Landscape Photography with Film.
Still Photographer for The Steps, a noir web series.
Grant Recipient, for photography, CreateHere MakeWork, 2009.

Some videos on loading film.

I have enjoyed photography intermittently for about 25 years. I prefer silver films and like to compound my own developers.

I would like to encourage people to apply their education, to be strong enough to allow their fellow man a little flexibility, and to enjoy some small adventures in life.

"Proceed with confidence!"




Gladiola IV

Fountain at Ross' Landing

Molera Point, California

Swim Start, Scenic City Triathlon 2010