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I was always awed by photographs. Last year (May 2003), i got my first good digital camera, the Canon Powershot G2. It has been a very good journey from then and i have been loving every moment of it. This site is in my opinion the best there is on the internet today. I have found a lot of friends, teachers, and very new photographers to teach what little i know and learnt. The one under utilized feature of this site is that of the presentations. I made a presentation -

'A S o u t h I n d i a n W e d d i n g'

some time back and i would love to hear your comments and feedback on it. My dream is to own a Digital SLR with a few good zoom and prime lenses, one day i will have one :). Looking forward to learning a lot more and enjoying myself here :).


p o r t r a i t s / p e o p l e

a n i m a l s / p e t s

f l o w e r s

i n s e c t s

v e g e t a b l e s & f r u i t s

s u n r i s e / s u n s e t / s k y / c l o u d

n a t u r e / g r e e n s / l a n d s c a p e s

o b j e c t s / o t h e r s

n i g h t s h o t s

e x p e r i m e n t s . . .

b l a c k & w h i t e

A S o u t h I n d i a n W e d d i n g

R e f l e c t i o n s O f K o d a i k a n a l

Bharatanatyam - A Dance Form

Chennai Open Tennis - 2005

Babies / Children / Kids

Our Daughter Manya


green leaf

a caterpillar

a white hibiscus

cat looks up

lady carrying coconut leaves near the field

storms brewing

spot metered watermelon

vertical close shot of a pigeon

an austrian coin with a dew drop on it

3 dew drops on a leaf

ant on a flower

blues peep

pollens of a hibiscus up close

aksahadai and kungumam

... and there was light!

steffi, cousin, karthik's dog

pleasing orange flowers

sunset with a coconut tree as a silhouette

yellow white flower

orange hibiscus up close

pink hibiscus up close

curious spidey

color light works

a bright pink flower

my first shot at a silhouette

my mothers eye

cutie pie

cuties eyes

cutey pies

dance dance

a different angle for a portrait

mother cat and kitten

deer and its skin

dive back

fly inspired by mark plonsky


bottoms up

paddy field at ganapathi agraharam

diwali fireworks

street streaks

mera bharat mahaan salad


water drops on cob web

a bangle up close

orange flower

one pound stacked and hidden find it.

denim b&w

watch strap up close

sunset with a blue sky

shy sun!

tooth pickers

earth shadowed

LOOOOOONG & short of it




cradle of love

its a small world

a brown bee

eclipse simulated

rainbow umbrella version 2

hand art - henna

'The Bride'

'The Bridegroom'



'Bride and Bridegroom'

'Kashi Yathrai'

'An Emotional Mother of the Bride'

'Cleanse Thy Feet'

'Kanyaa Dhaanam'

'I Do'

'ThiruMaangalyam & Koorai Pudavai'

'Tying the knot'

'The Expression Says It All'


'A Smokin Nude'

'Look into my eyes...'



'What do you see??'

'Lake Reflection 1'

'Lake Reflection - 2'

'Lake Reflection - 3'

'Misty Lake'

A green pattern

'Yellow Yellow...'

'Boat taoB'

'Natures Bells...'

'Pier and the lake'

'Pier & Lake black and white'

'Green Peace'

'Lake Art on Canvas'

'Pear Leaves (pun intended)'

'Red Sperm Whale??'


'M a j e s t i c'

Diwali Fireworks 2004


Bharatanatyam is a dance form in South India (Tamilnadu) and is a very graceful dance form.

Blue Satin

Paradorn Srichapan serves at the Chennai Open on Saturday.

Naughty Vashisht

Moya serves to Paradorn

Blue Bangles

Blue Bangles...

Kavya Karate Pose

Kavya Crying

Kavya awed

Kavya Pokka Vaai

Kavya eyes for her mom

Kavyas Nose & Mouth Up Close

Kavya peaceful sleep

Kavya Fingers

Kavya Solid Sleep

Ramya Oonjal

Nail Biting Kavya

Kavya - Mommy, where are you?

Kavya - Queen Victoria

Ramya Muhurtham

Arya - Do Not Disturb

Kavya - Camera Friendly

Kavya - Beauty Smile

Kavya - Yaaaaaaawn!

Kavya - Oooooo

Kavya in awed wonder

Just after my birth

Peace personified

Shocked Surprise !!

The Future is Technology

Kodaikanal Landscape



Drooly Manya